PAPINEE was created to educate, inspire and empower today’s children, the commanders of the 21st century, to lead forward responsibly. Our Vision is to provide parents and educators the tools to give children ‘The World’ and teach them to Respect all around them, to Connect all together, and collectively Protect our planet.

Let PAPINEE help you guide your child’s dreams of exploration with our incredible animals and stories; Learn, Laugh & Love them while sharing WHIGZ™. Let them know that the universe is theirs to conquer…


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WHIGZ™ (WORLD HISTORY IMAGINATION, GEOGRAPHY, ZOOLOGY) is PAPINEE’s proprietary pedagogy. Its primary focus is to educate children in the area of the ‘humanities’ and connect this with creativity to broaden their never-ending horizons.



From Strix’s adventures in London to the top of the Empire State Building with Odo the Deer from New York, children travel the whole world with the PAPINEE animals. Through learning cultures and customs, PAPINEE gives children the world.


From Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen, to Strix’s Tudor-era-inspired design, history is embodied in the characters’ design, persona, and adventure.


Through giving kids an outlet and the tools to create their own stories, PAPINEE encourages children to use their own imagination to dream, and broaden their horizons – empowering them to think differently about the world and everything around them.


From the grey London skies, to the heat of the Savannah, children learn geography as they travel through different cities and landscapes together with different PAPINEE animals.


Children learn the latin binomial names of animals through PAPINEE character names like ‘Strix Varia’, for Strix the Owl, and species-specific character traits, like how each animal lives and interacts with his/her habitat.

The Animals

Storytelling Kits

Find the perfect PAPINEE storytelling kit for any occasion.

For each PAPINEE product purchased, you’ll be sending an Inspire Kit to a child in need.


From taking over China’s most known shopping center in Shanghai to dominating Knightsbridge in London, PAPINEE hosts installations, experiences, and projects and all over the world with some of the most well-known, global brands.

PAPINEE works with partners not only to bring the magical world of PAPINEE to life but to share it with children who are in need of a little magic, the most.

We’ve connected some of the leading companies in the world such as HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Four Season Group and Sultan Galleries with Make A Wish Foundation, Changing Young Lives Foundation, Society for the Protection of Children and many, many more – connecting companies and organizations to work together towards a better tomorrow for all


Join our community of Storytelling Volunteers & inspire children in need

PAPINEE strongly believes in giving it forward – we match every purchase of a Storytelling Kit with a donation of a Storytelling Inspire Kit to a child in need.

But it’s more than just donating supplies; PAPINEE has its own storytelling system, working with volunteer storytellers worldwide, training them and giving them the tools to educate, inspire and empower the kids that need it most.

We encourage all to volunteer: from families who have purchased their own PAPINEE Storytelling Kits to educators, corporates, students: we pledge to help you, help the world, through storytelling.

Where ever you are in the world, send us your story. Tell us where, with whom and why you want to run a volunteer storytelling event.

Our Partners

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