Educational storytelling kits for children


Papinee believes storytelling can change the world and everyone can be a storyteller. Papinee Storytelling Kits provide adults with the tools to: EDUCATE children about the world, from zoology to cultural geography to history and international diversity. To INSPIRE tomorrow’s global citizens about adventure & discovery. And to EMPOWER our future leaders to dream, create and work towards making their visions come true.

Travel to Mexico with Monkey Chief Vani-Zuma
Travel to Mexico with Monkey Chief Vani-Zuma

Each Storytelling Kit contains our incredible toy animal, a beginner story book, colouring activity & instruction cards with teaching prompts and a storytelling instructional training guide. As of now we have 8 storytelling kits, check out the rest in our store today.

Visit New York with Deer President Odo
Visit New York with Deer President Odo

We have consulted child development experts, toy specialists, writers, child psychologists and more to ensure our kits are the best in the world. Our heirloom toys are also made to withstand rough play and are created with superior fabrics & materials that reduce allergy stimulation.

Fly through London with Owl King Strix
Fly through London with Owl King Strix

Papinee believes in giving it forward so for every Storytelling Kit purchased, we donate a Storytelling Inspire Kit to a child in need through our Volunteer Storytelling Movement so that every child is educated, inspired and empowered to reach their dreams and goals.


Why we do what we do

Our Story

Papinee began with a mother who wanted to give her son the world.

Unfortunately her ill health restricted her ability to travel and so she converted their living room into the Pyramids of Giza, the Savanna’s of Kenya, Mount Fuji, the Taj Mahal and would take him to incredible lands with the most fantastical animals through imaginative storytelling and play.

And every Sunday they visited local children’s homes and orphanages where the mother would storytell to the children who needed hope and love most. She created a word that represented that each one was brilliant and incredible and at the end of every storytelling Sunday she would hug and whisper this magical word in their ears,

‘You are my PAPINEE’

Are you a parent who wants to give your child the world or wants to host a Volunteer Storytelling Session in your local neighborhood? Let us know, we really want to get involved! Email us at:

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These beautifully embroidered, brightly coloured toys are works of art in their own right created to reflect the rich culture of the individual animal’s country of origin and inspired by history, geography, zoology and culture.

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Heirloom Quality

In creating the most incredible quality toys and kits in the world, we work with all kinds of specialists in child development, education, psychology, color specialists and more. Everything PAPINEE is heirloom and we endeavour to give you and your loved ones the best. From fabrics that reduce dust accumulation, to making sure the toys can withstand rough play: our Storytelling Kits are timeless.

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Inside the kit

Each kit contains a toy animal, a story book, colouring cards with teaching prompts for kids at different ages, as well as an instructional storytelling guide for parents. Papinee’s Storytelling Kits give parents the basic tools to embark on this journey with confidence, creating rich memories they will treasure.


Join our community of Storytelling Volunteers & inspire children in need

Papinee strongly believes in giving it forward – we match every purchase of a Storytelling Kit with a donation of a Storytelling Inspire Kit to a child in need.

And we do more than donate a kit, Papinee has its own storytelling system, working with volunteer storytellers worldwide, training them and inspiring them to educate, inspire and empower kids that need hope most. Taking the kids to different lands with animals and stories, playing with them, showing them compassion and giving them the tools to dream about a beautiful future.

We encourage all to volunteer: from families who have purchased their own Papinee Storytelling Kits to educators, corporates, students: we endeavor to help you, help everyone else, through storytelling.

Where ever you are in the world send us your story. Tell us where, with whom and why you want to run a volunteer storytelling event.

Papinee Experiences & Pop Up Amusement Parks

From taking over China’s most known shopping center Xintiandi with a 520 meter sculptural installation to dominating Knightsbridge London by taking over all 24 windows of Harrods; Papinee hosts installations, experiences, projects and thrives on partnerships. Having worked with HSBC, Financial Times, Louis Vuitton, amFAR, Society for the Protection of Children, Gucci, Mandarin Oriental Group, Sultan Galleries, Van Cleef & Arpels, Four Seasons Group, Lane Crawford, Pearl Lam Galleries, Make A Wish Foundation, Changing Young Lives Foundation and much more, we at Papinee find the social enterprise in every organization and work towards a better tomorrow for all.

Everyone loves Papinee…

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