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However, when indexed per million population, the highest job rates were in Nevada Describes e-global library , a virtual library based on the Jones International University’s library that organizes Internet resources to make them more accessible to students at all skill levels.

Highlights include online tutorials; research guides; financial aid and career development information; and possible partnerships with other digital…. Consumer health information partnerships : the health science library and multitype library system. The NILS funded this pilot project as part of an effort to implement a new strategic plan, which encouraged member libraries to form networks to provide reference back-up service.

LHS-Rockford acquired InfoTrac’s Health Reference Center, a consumer health information database, and set up a dedicated workstation near the information and circulation desk.

Referral guidelines were established and the project was promoted among NILS member libraries. Activities were documented in order to track project success in terms of referrals and outcomes. The demonstration project was very successful, and it proves public consumers seeking health information can benefit greatly from this type of cooperative arrangement.

Definition and denomination of occupations in libraries. Full Text Available In the first part of the article, the author presents the modern definition of occupation as defined in the ISCO standard, and consecutively in the Slovenian Standard Classification of Occupations; occupations in the field of library and information science are then placed in a wider frame of information occupations which are present in ali spheres of activities.

The following part of the article is focused on information occupations in libraries , especially on their contents definitions and denominations. Based on the analysis of job descriptions in three Slovenian libraries National and University Library , University Library of Maribor and Central Technical Library ,the author came to the following conclusion: the existent practice in libraries shows that the contents and denominations of occupations in library and information jobs are defined too loosely.

In most cases, the contents of occupation is defined by the contents of the job , while for its denomination the required educational title of the employee is often used.

Therefore, the author proposes the establishment of a work force which would define the contents and design denominations to library and information occupations according to the principles contained in the Standard Classification of Occupations.

Analyzes the implications of electronic book technology e-books on academic libraries. Discusses new business models for publishers, including self-publishing, Internet publishing, and partnerships with libraries as publishers; impact on library services, including cataloging, circulation, and digital preservation; user benefits; standards;….

Library and Education. Full Text Available The psycho-social phenomena generated by mass-media and the new information and communication technologies at the level of the young generations have led to new communication practices that bypass libraries and revolutionized the intellectual labor practices, with texts being rather used than read.

In this context, our article examines the need to increase the library ‘s role in developing the quality of education and research and brings to attention a few possible solutions which include a partnership between various types of libraries and between librarians’ associations and NGOs to facilitate education through library and safeguard reading. The Job Market for Business Librarians: Establishment of conditions for equal partnership with European libraries.

Full Text Available An incidental survey of the annual reports of Slovenian libraries reveals that academic, university and special libraries are not participating in European projects advertised by the European Commission in its framework programs and co-financed through directorates covering separate expert fields, with the exception of one public library and the National and University Library.

The purpose of the present article is to find out an answer to the question about the above described inactiveness of Slovenian academic, university and special libraries which do not take advantage of offered opportunities, and to discover reasons for it. Conditions under which academic, university and special libraries operate are described, as well as their effectiveness in following professional development and in the implementation of the accomplishments of library and information profession in their work-field.

The mechanisms introduced by the Slovenian state for the measurement of the development of libraries and for the implementation of the provisions to ameliorate the conditions are described. Proposals for more active mutual participation and cooperation of Slovenian academic and special libraries at home and in the frames of Europe are presented.

Library Employment Sources on the Internet. This article presents a list of online resources for library job seekers. Full Text Available This article uses data obtained from a content analysis of job advertisements to explore the questions of 1 what types of non-traditional jobs are available for library and information science LIS professionals and 2 how can LIS students and professionals take advantage of non-traditional job opportunities.

Two groups of job advertisements were used in this investigation: advertisements from LIS-targeted job boards two library school job boards and two library association job boards and Government of Canada internal job postings. These two sets of job postings were selected to compare the competencies in job postings targeted to LIS graduates the LIS job board advertisements and job postings that were not targeted to the LIS community the Government of Canada job advertisements.

An analysis of these groups of job advertisements demonstrated that both samples focused mainly on transferable competencies. Due to the emphasis on transferable competencies, the analysis of job postings from the Government of Canada job list revealed that there are many non-traditional opportunities for LIS graduates. A typical LIS professional could apply for 51 or This individual may be able to apply for an additional 40 or This supports the argument that there are numerous opportunities for LIS professionals in non-traditional jobs.

The exploration of commonly requested competencies can be used to guide LIS job seekers to craft their resumes and CVs to address the competencies requested by potential employers. Problems militating against job satisfaction among librarians in The research work examined the problems militating against job satisfaction among librarians in academic libraries in Niger State , Nigeria.

The aim is to identify the problems associated with job satisfaction among librarians in academic libraries in Niger State. Full Text Available AIM: This study aimed to determine the problems regarding business life and the level of job satisfaction of the employees in the Hacettepe University Library.

The questionnaire forms were given out in January and taken the day after by the unit chiefs. The basis problems with regard to working positions are reiterative jobs , causing backache, working continously sitting, with regard to working and working place conditions are dust, monotonous job and few payment. The frequency of unsatisfaction with their jobs is more in the Beytepe Center Library employees compared with the Clinical Medicine Center Library.

It is determined that the frequency of unsatisfaction with their present jobs and working places is higher among the participants young than 40 years compared with the participants who are 40 years or older than 40 years. Among the participants regarding reiterative jobs as problems, the frequency of unsatisfaction with their present jobs and working places is more than among the participants not regarding. Job loss and broken partnerships : do the number of stressful life events influence the risk of ischemic heart disease in men?

We found no indication of dose-response relationship between number of events and risk of IHD. We did not find that the risk of incident IHD varied with the number of these stressful life events Better Pay, More Jobs. Reports the results of the survey of library schools that investigated salaries and job placement. Highlights include status of graduates; average starting salaries; discrepancies between salaries of men and women; and views of graduates regarding the placement process and their library school preparation.

Community-led cancer action councils in Queens, New York: process evaluation of an innovative partnership with the Queens library system. Community-based participatory research CBPR has great potential to address cancer disparities, particularly in racially and ethnically diverse and underserved neighborhoods.

The objective of this study was to conduct a process evaluation of an innovative academic-community partnership , Queens Library HealthLink, which aimed to reduce cancer disparities through neighborhood groups Cancer Action Councils that convened in public libraries in Queens, New York.

We used a mixed-methods approach to conduct 69 telephone survey interviews and 4 focus groups 15 participants with Cancer Action Council members. We used 4 performance criteria to inform data collection: action or attention to sustainability, library support for the council, social cohesion and group leadership, and activity level.

Focus group transcripts were independently coded and cross-checked for consensus until saturation was achieved. Members reported benefits and barriers to participation. Thirty-three original focus group transcript codes were organized into 8 main themes related to member experiences: 1 library as a needed resource, 2 library as a reputable and nondenominational institution, 3 value of library staff, 4 need for a HealthLink specialist, 5 generation of ideas and coordination of tasks, 6 participation challenges, 7 use of community connections, and 8 collaboration for sustainability.

In response to the process evaluation, Cancer Action Council members and HealthLink staff incorporated member suggestions to improve council sustainability. The councils merged to increase intercouncil collaboration, and institutional changes were made in funding to sustain a HealthLink specialist beyond the grant period. The study determined relationship between job satisfaction and library staff job commitment in federal university libraries in the North-Eastern Nigeria.

Four objectives, two research questions and two hypotheses guided the outcome of the research. Survey research design was used to investigate a sample of library Collaborates in developing and writing proposals for donors;; Participates in The partners, Open Oregon State and the Oregon State University Libraries and Press, aimed to reduce the cost of course materials for students while ensuring the content created was peer-reviewed and employed multimedia capabilities.

This initiative sought to showcase existing and emerging disciplinary strengths of the University thus creating unique course content that could be shared globally.

This article briefly describes the U. It demonstrates how this unique partnership has developed, covering barriers and benefits, and what the future could hold for new projects. This study examines the evolving roles and responsibilities of entry-level academic reference positions, as stated in recent job advertisements posted on the American Library Association’s Job LIST Web site and other sources.

Findings from a content analysis of these advertisements indicate that current entry-level reference positions in academic…. This paper explores the forces that support the proliferation of the flexible work arrangement called job sharing. Moreover, the paper will illuminate the need for integrating learning and practice as a way to develop and support job sharing partners, or “Partners in Practice” PiPs.

The author puts forth a model derived from learning in…. The authors discuss the digital nature of this collaboration, which…. The article describes a partnership between two of the libraries at the University of California, San Diego UCSD through which two staff in one library worked part-time at the other during the summer of in order to maximize staffing efficiency among the units, as well as to realize professional development-related goals for the staff….

Careers in focus library and information science. Careers in Focus: Library and Information Science, Second Edition profiles 19 careers for professionals interested in this field. Job profiles include:. Fourth quarter report, September This report is produced by the Program Office on a quarterly basis and provides information on the progress, operations, and project management of the partnership.

Second quarter report, Fiscal Year Like other disciplines, organizational and technological innovations have influenced the standard philosophies of librarianship. These innovations have changed the basics of information retrieval and delivery in libraries. As a result, library authorities are demanding competency-based job performance. Nonetheless, there is a scarcity of research…. Discussion of public libraries , the Internet, and the World Wide Web focuses on development of a Web site in Washington.

Highlights include access to the Internet through online public access catalogs; partnerships between various types of libraries ; hardware and software; HTML training; content design; graphics design; marketing; evaluation; and…. The small library manager’s handbook. The Small Library Manager’s Handbook is for librarians working in all types of small libraries.

It covers the everyday nuts-and-bolts operations that all librarians must perform. This handbook, written by experts who are small librarians themselves, will help all small librarians to do multiple jobs at the same time. Research evaluation support services in biomedical libraries. The paper provides a review of current practices related to evaluation support services reported by seven biomedical and research libraries. A group of seven libraries from the United States and Canada described their experiences with establishing evaluation support services at their libraries.

A questionnaire was distributed among the libraries to elicit information as to program development, service and staffing models, campus partnerships , training, products such as tools and reports, and resources used for evaluation support services.

The libraries also reported interesting projects, lessons learned, and future plans. The seven libraries profiled in this paper report a variety of service models in providing evaluation support services to meet the needs of campus stakeholders.

The service models range from research center cores, partnerships with research groups, and library programs with staff dedicated to evaluation support services. A variety of products and services were described such as an automated tool to develop rank-based metrics, consultation on appropriate metrics to use for evaluation, customized publication and citation reports, resource guides, classes and training, and others.

Implementing these services has allowed the libraries to expand their roles on campus and to contribute more directly to the research missions of their institutions. Libraries can leverage a variety of evaluation support services as an opportunity to successfully meet an array of challenges confronting the biomedical research community, including robust efforts to report and demonstrate tangible and meaningful outcomes of biomedical research and clinical care.

These services represent a transformative direction that can be emulated by other biomedical and research libraries.

Canadian nurse practitioner job satisfaction. To examine the level of job satisfaction and its association with extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction characteristics among Canadian primary healthcare nurse practitioners NPs. A descriptive correlational design was used to collect data on NPs’ job satisfaction and on the factors that influence their job satisfaction. A convenience sample of licensed Canadian NPs was recruited from established provincial associations and special-interest groups.

Data about job satisfaction were collected using two valid and reliable instruments, the Misener Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction Survey and the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used to describe the results. The overall job satisfaction for this sample ranged from satisfied to highly satisfied. The outcomes of this study will serve as a foundation for designing effective human health resource retention and recruitment strategies that will assist in enhancing the implementation and the successful preservation of the NP’s role.

Research on readiness for job creation through one’s own agribusiness startup. This paper examines the problems of jobs , employment, staff hiring in the agriindustrial complex, job description and requirements, theoretical and practical job cost indicators, and the willingness of our people to create new jobs by starting up their own private agribusiness. The results indicate a chronic lack of private funds necessary for every new business as well as the inevitability of borrowing.

Potential entrepreneurs know the advantages and the disadvantages of solo and partnership Surveys public libraries in Canada and a IFLA conference regarding use of Internet for multicultural library services. Librarians identified if, and how the Internet is currently used. Key strategies in training, communications, global library partnerships , and funding need to be considered for a global implementation.

The partnership between an academic library and book suppliers is crucial for the timely and correct delivery of materials for use by customers. This article describes the relationship that exists between the University of Botswana Library UBL and its book suppliers. The process of supplier selection and evaluation used by Science and technology are widely recognized as major drivers of innovation and industry e. Rising above the Gathering Storm, While the focus for education reform is on school improvement, there is considerable research that supports the role that out-of-school experiences can play in student achievement and public understanding of STEM disciplines.

Libraries provide an untapped resource for engaging underserved youth and their families in fostering an appreciation and deeper understanding of science and technology topics. Designed spaces, like libraries , allow lifelong, life-wide, and life-deep learning to take place though the research basis for learning in libraries is not as developed as other informal settings like science centers. The overarching goal of the project is to reach underserved youth and their families with informal STEM learning experiences.

The project includes the development of two STEM hands-on exhibits on topics that are of interest to library staff and their patrons: Discover Earth and Discover Tech. In addition, the project will produce resources and inquiry-based activities that libraries can use to enrich the exhibit experience. Additional resources will be provided through partnerships with relevant. Workplace demands for high skills, adaptability, and continuous learning require public-private partnerships to develop effective training systems.

Partnerships should serve the interests of all stakeholders, establish skills and certification standards, and create infrastructures for access. Innovations in scholarly communication have resulted in changing roles for authors, publishers and libraries.

Traditionally roles are disappearing and players are actively seeking or reluctantly assuming new roles. Library roles are changing as they become involved in building and indexing electronic e- repositories and support new modes of e-research. A library -run service, the SPIRES particle physics databases, has not only weathered, but also lead, many of the transitions that have shaped the landscape of e-publishing and e-research.

This has been possible through intense and in-depth partnership with its user community. The strategies used and lessons learned can help other libraries craft cost-effective roles in this new environment. At most colleges and universities, there are a number of small, nonlibrary collections across campus, such as those found in student centers or academic departments.

Historically, at American University, partnership with these collections was done through absorbing them into the main library collection.

Recently, however, the Library has seen…. Commuting from Electronic Cottage to Virtual Library. Although telecommuting has been found to increase productivity and morale in business environments, libraries rarely consider it.

This article discusses telecommuting’s potential impact on contact with users, length of employment, job descriptions, budgets, management style, communication, and workflow.

This option may help libraries retain older…. Nursing educator’s satisfaction with library facilities. This study examined nursing faculty perceptions of the importance of adequate library facilities and their satisfaction with them. Library facilities ranked highest in importance among all job characteristics studied, with faculty who had been most productive in terms of publication assigning the highest value to them.

A moderate level of satisfaction was found. Faculty most satisfied with library facilities were those teaching in large schools of nursing with graduate programs and open organ Developing an Open Access, multi-institutional, multilingual, international digital library requires robust technological and institutional infrastructures that support both the needs of individual institutions alongside the needs of the growing partnership and ensure continuous communication and development of the shared vision for the digital….

Mobile Nav Footer Links This project seeks to foster learning partnerships between Canadian and Latin American research and To achieve the purpose of this study, four hypotheses were formulated to guide the study.

Ex-post facto research design was adopted…. Academic partnership in NLS resource design: a European case study. This paper describes the library work package of the European Unions Telematics for Teacher Training project, which links the Libraries and Education and Training sectors.

Its two major deliverables, a user needs analysis report addressing networked learner support in European partner institutions and development of an online course for librarians, are discussed in terms of professional development opportunities for partnership between academic and information staff. Influence of job satisfaction, need achievement and team work on This paper presents the findings of an investigation on how job satisfaction, need achievement and teamwork influence work performance of staff in academic libraries in South West, Nigeria.

Descriptive survey research design was used with a total population of librarians and library officers working in 12 libraries in Rapidly growing within academic libraries , library data services have often been focused on assessing research trends and building partnerships outside the library.

There are distinct benefits, however, to using data audit methodologies created for these external assessments of researcher practices inside the library as well. In this article, we…. Applied Educational Research and Evaluation.

After reviewing the current movement toward job enrichment, a system was designed for the technical services department of the Mercer County Community College Library. The Library Work Order Processing System, as tried between January and March, , was designed to permit each worker more variety of jobs. The technical services department was…. Full Text Available We present Longbow, a lightweight console-based remote job submission tool and library.

Longbow allows the user to quickly and simply run jobs on high performance computing facilities without leaving their familiar desktop environment. Not only does Longbow greatly simplify the management of compute- intensive jobs for experienced researchers, it also lowers the technical barriers surrounding high perfor-mance computation for the next generation of scientists and engineers. Longbow has already been used to remotely submit jobs in a number of projects and has the potential to redefine the manner in which high performance computers are used.

Cross-campus collaboration for library website design and management can be challenging, but the process can produce stronger, more attractive, and more usable library websites. Collaborative library website design and management can also lead to new avenues for marketing library tools and services; expert consultation for library technology….

Full Text Available This study explores; the library needs of students and tutors of Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU, utilization level of the library facilities and resources, the problems in the use of library , and suggestions for improvement of library facilities for students and tutors. Data collected from students and tutors belonging to 15 different regional offices showed that students and tutors needed library for various educational purposes, the regional libraries were not being used much, and both tutors and students were facing various problems such as unsuitable library timing, long distance between library and their residence, non availability of latest journals, non availability of required material, lack of temperature control in the library , insufficient study area, lack of latest books, and inadequate staff.

For improving library facility at regional level, the students and tutors suggested to; provide more books and journals, expand library timings, arrange library facility at workshop venues, make arrangements to advertise the resources and services at the library to the students, provide computers and internet service, provide trained staff, and arrange partnership with other academic libraries.

A Review of: Roman, S. Do public library summer reading programs close the achievement gap? Children and Libraries , Winter, Full Text Available Objectives — To explore summer reading partnerships between public libraries and school libraries , and the impact on student achievement in reading. Design — The design is mixed methods: tests, interviews and surveys. Setting — Eleven US sites involving school and public library partners.

Subjects — A total of elementary school students entering fourth grade that met specific criteria. Parents, teachers, school librarians and public librarians were also included. Methods — This study occurred over a three year period from It was designed to explore the research question central to a study by Barbara Heyns. An advisory committee, with representatives from each partner agency, developed evaluation questions and established the objective selection criteria for participants in the study.

In spring of , students at participating sites were given a pre-test using the Scholastic Reading Inventory, and also provided with special summer reading logs developed for the study, to be used during their subsequent participation in the public library summer reading programs. In fall of , the same children were tested on the Scholastic Reading Inventory. In addition, surveys of students, parents, teachers and library staff were. Library schools and institutions of higher education must be prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly multicultural population.

They must be committed to affirmative action initiatives and the recruitment and retention of minority library students, and to motivating, networking, and providing job opportunities. The study results are as follows. First, satisfaction with educational curriculum was higher in students than librarians. Second, both students and librarians regarded workplace based practical training as employment requirements and also evaluated certifications and academic performance as important requirements.

Therefore, in order to improve employment of librarians, it will be necessary to establish a job information system, reorganize the current educational curriculum into a practice-oriented curriculum, and introduce the national curriculum statements NCS-based curriculum. Fourth quarter FY95 report. Progress is reported on the following projects: computer-aided fabric evaluation; cotton biotechnology; demand activated manufacturing architecture; electronic embedded fingerprints; on-line process control for flexible fiber manufacturing; rapid cutting; sensors for agile manufacturing; and textile resource conservation.

This study examined job descriptions , , of three paraprofessional jobs in an academic library technical services department at a small, private liberal arts college to determine changes occurring as a result of automation. It found no significant differences. Although changes were more idiosyncratic than expected, they may indicate….

How can the digital library contribute to employability? A partnership is made between the digital library partner libraries involved and the virtual learning environment educational institutions , based on the above definition of employability.

The DEFF project, E-learning, Information literacy and Library services, supports the education policy ambition of enhancing links between education and employment.

The project consortium includes libraries from all Danish universities, university colleges and one business academy. In each column, the author will discuss public service dilemmas and opportunities that arise in special libraries. Motivation and library management. Full Text Available The present article deals with motivation, its relation to management and its role and use in librarianship in our country and abroad.

The countries where librarianship is well developed started to deal with library management and questions of motivation of library workers decades ago, whereas elsewhere the subject is at its start. The prerequisite for modern policy making is attention to the elements of modern library management. Librarians, library managers and directors of libraries should create a work environment providing long term satisfaction with work by means of certain knowledge and tools.

Suggests that libraries use a military model of organization, in favor of a big-business approach, to address job dissatisfaction among paraprofessional staff.

Military concepts that transfer to the library milieu include clear responsibility delineations, demonstrable recognition of the value of individual workers, continuing education programs,…. Public — Private Partnership initiative and provision of Information This study ex amine d the relationship between public -private partnership in the provision of Information Communication Technology ICT resources and academic library services in the South – East geo -political zone Nigeria.

Seventeen 17 academic institutions made up of nine universities and eight polytechnics were This congressional hearing focuses on the Endangered Species Employment Transition Assistance Act of , which would amend the Job Training Partnership Act to provide job training and supportive services to workers dislocated as a result of enforcement of the Endangered Species Act.

Testimony includes statements, articles, publications,…. ISSN www. This affects their performance in this age computer. An enquiry into the behavior and reasons for Section Collaboration in the digital domain offers an opportunity to provide enhanced digital services and extended reach to the community. This article adopts a service-oriented perspective through which it considers environmental drivers for digital library collaboration; discusses emergent collaborative partnerships across UK educational institutions,….

Findings suggest that distance learning DL skillsets as job qualifications emerged in the late ‘s and continue to be relevant today. Jobs with DL…. Influence of motivation and job satisfaction on the performance of The study investigated two forms of relationships i. Aligning with current difficult economic times, this book helps libraries assist users entering or already involved in the small business community.

Authors Weiss, Serlis-McPhillips, and Malafi are public librarians who have incorporated small business services within their library. In their book they point the way to addressing the needs of job…. The role of the ADOT library in meeting staff information needs. The mission of the ADOT Library is to provide ADOT employees with the published information they need to carry out their job responsibilities contributing to a safe, e This handbook for Trustees of the Wisconsin Public Library describes in detail the tasks involved in being a library trustee.

The handbook comprises a number of “Trustee Essentials” that cover the basic essential information needed by Trustees, as well as sources of additional information.

Contents include: The Trustee Job Description;…. Stating that women workers generally earn less than their male colleagues, this article examines these inequities as experienced by library employees, noting job evaluation studies, library -based comparable worth studies, and federal response in Canada and the United States. Organizations to contact for help are listed and two footnotes are….

Influence of reward system on job performance of librarians in The surest way to ensure and maintain high job performance in academic libraries is adequate use of reward system.

Salaries, awards, allowances and recognitions are agents of satisfaction and motivation which helps in sustaining and transforming the entire workforce in the library. This study therefore analyzed the This context includes both the repeated failures of the Doha Round negotiations as well as the previous attempts and achievements of the European Union and United States to create a transatlantic partnership.

The author considers that the current circumstances are more favourable for the successful finalization of the transatlantic partnership but, at the same time, stresses the sensitive issues that may delay or divert the negotiations.

The paper concludes that there are many possible immediate positive consequences on economic growth and creation of jobs of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as well as a high potential to expand its implementation in North America through NAFTA and in some other countries that have free trade agreements with either the European Union or the United States.

Information Professional Job Advertisements in the U. A Review of: Orme, Verity. Design — Content analysis, combining elements of both quantitative and qualitative content analysis.

Subjects — A total of job advertisements. Methods — Job advertisements were selected using a random number generator, purposely selecting only 15 advertisements per first issue of each month of the Library and Information Gazette published every two weeks. The author used several sources to create an initial list of skills required by information professionals, using such sources as prior studies that examined this topic, the Library and Information Science Abstracts LISA database thesaurus, and personal knowledge.

Synonyms for the skills were then added to the framework for coding. Skills that were coded had to be noted in such a way that the employer plainly stated the employee would be a certain skill or attribute or they were seeking a skill or a particular skill was essential or desirable. Skills that were stated in synonymous ways within the same advertisement were counted as two incidences of that skill. Duties for the position were not counted unless they were listed as a specific skill.

Data were all coded by hand and then tallied. The author claims to have triangulated the results of this study with the literature review, the synonym ring used to prepare the coding framework, and a few notable studies. Application Design Library With gamification concept. Full Text Available The library is an effort to maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning process. Various means have been used to enhance the library ‘s role in community development.

One way is to develop a concept and a different orientation in the management system or the library. The concept in question is gamification. Gamification is a process with the aim of changing jobs or activities that usually go tedious and less enjoyable to be more interesting and fun to do.

One approach taken is to reward both virtual and non-virtual that can increase people’s motivation to do something, in this case, is to visit and take advantage of the functions and library facilities. This research resulted in a model that features a library application with the concept of gamification. The model can be implemented into an application that will increase visits and activities at the library. Thus the function and the main purpose of the library be met.. Towards Implementing Library 2.

It presents the key features of library 2. Recommendations were therefore proffered to include; the partnership of Reports results of a survey of junior staff i.

Job sharing for women pharmacists in academia. The pharmacist shortage, increasing numbers of female pharmacy graduates, more pharmacy schools requiring faculty members, and a lower percentage of female faculty in academia are reasons to develop unique arrangements for female academic pharmacists who wish to work part-time.

Job sharing is an example of a flexible alternative work arrangement that can be successful for academic pharmacists who wish to continue in a part-time capacity.

Such partnerships have worked for other professionals but have not been widely adopted in pharmacy academia. Job sharing can benefit the employer through retention of experienced employees who collectively offer a wider range of skills than a single employee.

Benefits to the employee include balanced work and family lives with the ability to maintain their knowledge and skills by remaining in the workforce. We discuss the additional benefits of job -sharing as well as our experience in a non-tenure track job -sharing position at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.

Using NLM exhibits and events to engage library users and reach the community. From through , the library hosted four NLM exhibits and created event series for each. Through reflection and use of a participant survey, lessons were learned concerning creating relevant programs, marketing events, and forming new partnerships.

Each successive exhibit added events and activities to address different audiences. A survey of libraries that have hosted NLM exhibits highlights lessons learned at those institutions.

Utah Public Library Trustee Handbook. Designed to answer basic questions and to assist the Utah public library trustee in the performance of his duties, this handbook’s brief, informative sections cover efficiency guidelines, policies and procedures, standards, money, personnel services, travel costs, operations, capital outlay, trustee checklist, job description for librarian,….

The North Dakota lignite partnership. The partnership provides funding and management for the Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program. The program funds activities which preserve and enhance jobs and lignite production; ensure economic growth, stability and opportunity; and maintain a stable and competitive tax base. Funding is provided for activities in three areas: marketing feasibility studies, small research projects, and demonstration projects. Funding is derived from the state coal severance tax.

North Dakota is the ninth largest coal producing state, with lignite as the only rank of coal found in the state. This paper reviews the North Dakota lignite industry and describes studies and projects which have received funding from the program. During the past twenty years, inordinate shifts in the supply and demand of energy have forced both electric utility companies and their customers to investigate new and innovative ways to satisfy the ever increasing demand for electricity.

The Energy Efficiency Partnership , developed between Kraft General Foods and Boston Edison Company, presents an exemplary study of how two corporate giants creatively solved the problem of uncontrolled energy costs and its positive effect on the overall operations of Kraft General Foods, Framingham. But the Energy Efficiency Partnership did more than reduce energy costs, it provided benefits to all parties on the playing field.

To understand its significance, a review of the partnership ‘s history is paramount. The first official announcement of the Energy Efficiency Partnership was made on April 9, Research limitation: This article focuses on analysis of one academic library VUL and its activities. Such issues like studies support, library as a space for communication, professional assistance in research events organization, improvement of information and media literacy were deliberately not covered. The impacts of the Internet on library services and information usage since the advent of the World Wide Web have been significant, changing patron expectations for libraries , the ways in which libraries can reach patrons, the amount of information available, the job requirements of librarians, and the roles that libraries can play in their….

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to review the policy literature on green jobs and green jobs training in the USA and to present findings of a qualitative study on the start-up of two Energy Training Partnerships ETP funded by the US Department of Labour to train workers for green jobs.

Job satisfaction based on familial and institutional factors was explored for female counselor educators.

Results indicate that female associate professors had lower levels of intrinsic rewards domain after controlling for institutional type. Parental responsibility and partnership status were equivocal, with significant interaction effects…. Production-enhancement partnerships : Successful business arrangements.

Production-enhancement projects are creating changes in business relationships between oil and gas and service companies. The most successful projects are building partnerships. Service companies are being asked to share the risk while supplying services to enhance well performance. Risk sharing creates common project objectives and requires the service company’s involvement in initial project planning, job design, and reservoir understanding.

Service-work compensation is based on well- or field-performance improvement resulting from the treatment s. This paper presents an integrated approach to the selection and prioritization of well candidates for production-enhancement jobs or treatments. Processes are illustrated, and data requirements and techniques necessary to select well candidates that provide the highest return on investment are discussed.

Field examples demonstrate the techniques, critical factors, and appropriate software used by geoscience and field-operations teams to maximize benefits from production-enhancement projects. Full Text Available Aim: The aims of the literature review were to identify and analyze factors affecting job satisfaction of midwives. Design: A literature review. Methods: Included in the literature review were full texts of papers published in English language from to From a total of 43 studies found, 11were analyzed as quantitative studies that fulfilled the specified criteria.

Results: Job satisfaction of midwives is affected by a lack of support from the management of healthcare facilities, low salary, understaffing, insufficient time for professional activities, work-family imbalance, high workload, physical demands, inadequate professional development, working environment, stress and low autonomy at work. Midwives showed signs of exhaustion, fatigue, hostility and depression, contributing to job turnover. Conclusion: The literature review presents the factors influencing job satisfaction of midwives.

This is affected by many variable determinants, which create a feeling of job satisfaction of midwives, but can also lead to job dissatisfaction and, consequently, high turnover. Keywords: midwives, job satisfaction. Partnerships and collaborations among libraries are proven to enhance collective resources.

The collaboration of multi-type libraries offers a unique opportunity to explore the potential of different libraries working together to provide the best possible service to their community members.

This article provides a detailed report of a multi-type…. The organizational climate in university libraries : a study of sectoral libraries of the Federal University of Pernambuco. Full Text Available Objective. This study investigates the perceptions of organizational climate of the employees working in the sector libraries at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in relation to leadership, communication, motivation and teamwork.

To achieve the proposed objective a survey was conducted with a questionnaire being answered by forty employees, viewing information on the organizational climate experienced in the sector libraries. The main results of the survey indicated a predominantly satisfactory organizational climate in the analyzed libraries , considering that the organizational atmosphere proved to be sound, mingled with leaders and their teams, open to dialogue with professionals conducive to exercise a job competently.

Library macro-environment: New technological and economic rules. Full Text Available Fast and flexible adaptation to changes in the macro-environment is also crucial for libraries , which have to review them, respond to them and become a part of them.

Consequently, the application of marketing science and tools helps libraries to find out how to survive in the competitive world and how to become better and stronger. The article, which draws from marketing, economic and information disciplines, introduces the main principles in the technological and economic environment of libraries and finds the knowledge about these disciplines to be most crucial for successful management of modern libraries , especially on the pretentious publishing market and on the market of information suppliers.

Within the technological and economic environment, the cooperation is the only logical solution, which benefits the producers of information services and products as well as libraries. The following text finds that libraries will achieve long-term success and will be proactive in developing partnerships only by using relationship marketing. This relatively new approach offers libraries new ways for successful and long-term management of alliances between partners. Digital Humanities DH is a hot topic, in demand and on the rise.

This article begins with excerpts from job listings that were posted to the American Library Association’s job list in a two-month span in spring and they seem to indicate that DH is an increasingly important competency and interest for academic librarians who perform….

The experiences of a first-time community college library director during the initial three months on the job are detailed. The process of automation software migration is used as a vehicle for demonstrating activities performed to improve knowledge. Marketing, customer service, and identification of core library supporters are addressed.

Feb 1, Parallel job execution in the grid environment using MPI technology presents a number of challenges for the sites providing this support. Multiple flavors of the MPI libraries , shared working directories required by certain applications, special settings for the batch systems make the MPI support difficult for the site managers.

On the other hand the workload management systems with Pilot Jobs became ubiquitous although the support for the MPI applications in the Pilot frameworks was not available.

Special services for dynamic allocation of virtual computer pools on the grid sites were developed in order to deploy MPI rings corresponding to the requirements of the jobs in the central task queue of the DIRAC Workload Management System. Pilot Jobs using user space file system techniques install the required MPI software automatically. The same technique is used to emulate shared working directories for the parallel MPI processes. This makes it possible to execute MPI jobs even on the sites not supporting them officially.

Reusing so constructed MPI rings for execution of a series of parallel jobs increases dramatically their efficiency and turnaround. Advantages of coupling the MPI support with the Pilot frameworks are outlined and examples of usage with real applications are presented. The study reported in this paper is part of a larger program of studies designed to review and renew the curricula of Library and Information Science LIS and the broader Information Management IM courses.

This paper analysed job advertisements as readily accessible indicators of the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of IPs by…. Full Text Available This paper examines the problems of jobs , employment, staff hiring in the agriindustrial complex, job description and requirements, theoretical and practical job cost indicators, and the willingness of our people to create new jobs by starting up their own private agribusiness.

Potential entrepreneurs know the advantages and the disadvantages of solo and partnership business; however, they do not have any potential partners in sight.

Almost a half of them have their own facilities and arable land etc. In general, they understand the importance of education and training for any future business. Forming mutually beneficial Aboriginal partnerships. The Alberta-based ATCO Group is engaged in power generation, utilities logistics and energy services and technologies in Alaska, Canada’s north, and around the world. ATCO’s foundation for successful partnerships is a mutual trust, an understanding of the environment, and constant communication.

The partnerships begin with a long term vision, resulting in community-based northern businesses that benefit Aboriginal partners, shareholders, customers and local staff. This paper described 2 unique joint venture case studies: 1 the north warning system in Cambridge Bay, a radar and communication service for government, and 2 Yellowknife’s Tli Cho logistics site for support and municipal services to the mining industry.

There are other, more specialized types, but these are generally the most common and useful types: Chronological Skills Combination The Chronological Resume The word chronology refers to a sequence of events in time, and the primary feature of this type of resume is the listing of jobs you ve held from the most recent to the least recent. This is the simplest of resumes and can be an effective format if you use it properly.

Many employers prefer it to other formats. Chapter 2 shows you how to create this basic type of resume. The Skills, or Functional, Resume Instead of listing your experience under each job, this resume style clusters your experiences under major skill areas. For example, if you are strong in communication skills, you could list a variety of work and other experiences under that heading.

You would also include listings for several of your other major skill areas. This format makes little sense, of course, unless your job objective requires these skills.

So you must first determine the skills that are most important in the job and set up your skill categories to match. A skills resume is often more difficult to write than a simple chronological resume.

Also, most employers do not favor this type of resume because they think the candidate is trying to hide something. But if you have limited paid work experience, are changing careers, or have not worked for a while, a skills resume may be a superior way to present your strengths and avoid displaying your weaknesses.

You can start the resume with skills categories and end with a listing of your jobs and the dates you worked there. This is often a good compromise. There are also creative formats that defy categorization but that are clever and have worked for some people.

I ve seen resumes laid out like newsletters; unusual paper colors, sizes, and shapes; resumes with tasteful drawings and borders; and lots of other ideas. Some of these resumes were well done and well received; others were not. Please, if you ever credit me for this list, be sure to mention that I thought many of these were bad ideas. But, then again, some of them did work. A cluster of helium-filled balloons, each with a copy of the same resume attached and a note saying, Please hire me!

A small gift bag containing a handwritten resume and a stuffed bear. A box of candy with a resume inside. A xinch box, shipped overnight, with a balloon and confetti inside. As the recipient opened the box, the balloon floated up and spread confetti around. This, of course, was intended to surprise and delight. But these days people are more likely to be frightened by an unexpected package from a stranger.

And, yes, I really have seen a resume handwritten on a melon that was painted white. I could keep going, but I don t want to encourage these types of resumes.

They certainly get attention, and some people insist that they helped them land jobs. Such resumes might even make some sense in certain creative jobs such as marketing, graphic design, or sales or in creative industries and organizations.

But, for most situations, my advice is to stick to less outrageous approaches. That is why I suggest that you focus on actively getting interviews right away instead of sitting at home working on your resume. As you have time later, you can develop an improved one. Resumes Don t Get Jobs Contrary to the advice of many people who write resume books, writing a dynamite or perfect or whatever resume will rarely get you the job you want.

That will happen only following an interview, with just a few odd exceptions. So the task in the job search is to get interviews and to do well in them. Sending out lots of resumes to people you don t know and most other traditional resume advice is a waste of your time.

Tips on the Right Way to Find a Job If you are particularly anxious to get on with your job search without delay, here are some basic tips on getting a good job that I have learned over many years. Know your skills and their value. If you don t know what you are good at and what difference you can make to an employer, how can you expect anyone else to figure it out? One employer survey found that about 80 percent of those who made it to the interview did not do a good job presenting the skills they had to do the job.

If you don t know your skills and accomplishments and how they relate to a particular job, you can t write a good resume or perform well in an interview, and are unlikely to get a good job. Have a clear job objective.

If you don t know where you want to go, it will be most difficult to get there. You can write a resume without having a job objective, but it won t be a good one. Part 2 helps you find jobs that are a good fit for you.

Know where and how to look. Because three out of four jobs are not advertised, you will have to use other job search techniques to find them. Part 5 provides additional information on the techniques I recommend you use in your search for a job.

Most job seekers spend far less time than this. As a result, they take much longer to find a new job than necessary. So, if you want to get a better job in less time, plan on spending more time on your job search.

Get two interviews a day. It sounds impossible, but this can be done once you redefine what counts as an interview. Part 5 helps you do this and get those two interviews a day.

Compare getting two interviews a day to the average job seeker s activity level of four or five interviews a month, and you see how it can make a big difference. Present yourself well in interviews. You are unlikely to get a job offer if you don t do well in this critical situation. I ve reviewed the research on what it takes to do well in an interview and found, happily, that you can improve your interview performance relatively easily. Knowing what skills you have and being able to support them with examples is a good start.

Part 2 includes a chapter on identifying your key skills and helps to prepare you for interviews as well as for writing a superior resume. Follow up on all contacts. Following up can make a big difference in the results you get in your search for a new job. Parts 4 and 5 have tips for sending thank-you notes to anyone who helps you along the way.

No one should ever say that looking for a job is easy. But you can take steps to make the process a bit easier and shorter than it typically is. Getting your resume together is something that hangs many people up for entirely too long. Chapters 2 and 3 help you solve that problem. It will not be a fancy one, and you may want to write a better one later, but I suggest you develop the simple one first. Even if you decide to create a more sophisticated resume later, doing a quick one now will allow you to use it in your job search within 24 hours.

The activities in this chapter also prepare you to take better advantage of the material in other chapters. So don t resist get out your pen and get to work. Keeping things simple has its advantages. This chapter does just that by presenting information, examples, and an Instant Resume Worksheet to help you write a basic chronological resume in about an hour. It also includes tips to improve your basic resume that are worth a little more time.

A chronological resume is easy to develop, which gives this format a big advantage over other styles. The chronological format works best for those who have had several years of experience in the same type of job they are seeking now.

This is because a chronological resume clearly displays your recent work experience. If you want to change careers, have been out of the workforce recently, or do not have much paid work experience related to the job you want, a chronological resume might not be the best format for you.

In these instances, you might want to use a skills resume, which is presented in chapter 3. You can use it early in your job search while you work on a more sophisticated resume. The important point is to get together an acceptable resume quickly so that you can get out and look for a job instead of sitting at home worrying about your resume. Two Chronological Resume Samples Before starting your own chronological resume, you might find it helpful to see a couple of samples.

Two sample resumes for the same person follow. Both use a chronological format. The first figure 2. Note that she wants to move up in responsibility and emphasizes the skills and education that will help her do so. One nice feature is that this job seeker put her recent business schooling in both the Education and Experience sections. Doing this filled a job gap and allows her to present recent training as equivalent to work experience.

This resume also includes a Strengths and Skills section, where she presents some special qualifications and technical skills. This same resume is then improved in the second example figure 2. The improved resume adds a number of features, including a more thorough summary, an expanded Strengths and Skills section, and more accomplishments and skills. You should be able to write a resume like the one in figure 2.

Most employers will be impressed by the additional positive information it provides. Besides being fairly quick to create, these two resumes have an added benefit in an Internet-oriented world. If you plan to submit your resume to an online database or via , this format requires only minor modification. Fancier resumes with graphics, bullets, borders, and other special formatting must be stripped of their more decorative elements to become an electronic resume.

Judith J. Responsible worker skilled at a variety of tasks. Army Financial procedures, accounting functions. Other: Continuing-education classes and workshops in business communication, spreadsheet and database applications, scheduling systems, and customer relations. Process customer medical claims, develop management reports based on created spreadsheets, exceed productivity goals.

Completed courses in advanced accounting, spreadsheet and database programs, office management, human relations. Assigned to various stations as a specialist in finance operations. Promoted prior to honorable discharge. Responsible for counter sales, display design, cash register, and other tasks. General ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Highly skilled in a variety of tasks, including office management, word processing, and spreadsheet and database program use. Courses included word processing, accounting theory and systems, advanced spreadsheet and database applications, graphics design, time management, and supervision. Earned excellent grades in all business topics and won top award for word-processing speed and accuracy. Other: Continuing-education programs at own expense, including business communications, customer relations, computer applications, and sales techniques.

Received two merit raises for performance. Army Systematically processed more than invoices per day from commercial vendors. Trained and supervised eight employees. Honorable discharge. Managed daily cash balances and deposits, made purchasing and inventory decisions, and handled all management functions during owner s absence. Earned enough to pay all personal expenses, including car insurance. Learned to deal with customers, meet deadlines, work hard, and handle multiple priorities.

Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication and math skills. Accept supervision well, effectively supervise others, and work well as a team member.

General ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable expertise. That chapter also discusses creating an online portfolio. The Major Sections of a Chronological Resume Now that you have seen what both basic and improved chronological resumes look like, it s time to create your own chronological resume.

An Instant Resume Worksheet follows this section. I encourage you to use it to complete each part of your basic chronological resume. You may find it helpful to complete each worksheet section after you read its related tips here.

Heading In the past you might have seen a resume that included the word Resume at the top, just in case the reader didn t know what it was. But these days, everyone will know what it is, so that heading is not necessary. There is, however, no guarantee that the reader will honor your request for confidentiality. Name This one seems obvious, but you want to avoid some things. For example, don t use a nickname; you need to present a professional image. Even if you have to modify your name a bit from the way you typically introduce yourself, it s important to sound professional by using your full name.

You can also look at the many sample resumes in part 3 to see how others have handled various situations. Address Most employers will contact you via , but you should still include a mailing address on your resume for official correspondence such as an offer letter. Don t abbreviate words such as Street or Avenue. Do include your ZIP code.

If you move during your job search, ask a friend who lives in the new city whether you can have mail sent to them so that you appear to be settled there. QUICK TIP If you re looking for a job in another location and don t know anyone there whose address you could use on your resume, look into the option of having a drop box that gives a real street address rather than a post office box.

Phone Numbers and Address An employer is more likely to phone or you than to contact you by mail, so giving an employer this contact information is essential. Use a phone number that will be answered throughout your job search. Most people use their cell phone number so that they won t miss a call. Never include your current work phone number. Potential employers will see you as someone who takes advantage of company resources. Always include your area code. Because you often will be busy at your current job or out looking for a new one , you must have a voic service on your home phone if you include that number on your resume.

Make sure that anyone who will pick up the phone knows to answer professionally and take an accurate message, including a phone number. Practice with these people if you need to. Nothing is as maddening as a garbled message with the wrong number or no message at all. Call your voice mail. Listen to what the outgoing message says, and how. If it has some cute, boring, or less-than-professional message, change it to one you would like your next employer to hear.

You can go back to your old message after you get your next job. As you look at this book s sample resumes, notice that some provide more than one phone number or an explanation following the number. For example, messages quickly communicates that the caller is likely to be asked to leave a message rather than reach you in person. Adding cell gives employers another calling option.

If you have an address, definitely include it. If you don t have an account, get one. Many services, such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Even if you don t have Internet access at home, you can check your mail at a public library or on a friend s computer. Just be sure that if you do give out an address, you check it regularly to see whether you ve received any mail. Do It Now Now, take a moment to complete the identification section in the Instant Resume Worksheet on page 30 also available online at search for.

Job Objective or Summary Although you could put together a simple resume without knowing your job objective, it is wise to have one in mind. Doing so enables you to select resume content that directly supports your candidacy for the job you want.

In a more advanced version of your resume, you might include a Summary of Qualifications section instead of an objective statement.

For now, the objective will help you focus your thinking and create a targeted resume. For example, an objective that says Interested in a position that allows me to be creative and that offers adequate pay and advancement opportunities is not good. Who cares?

This objective displays a self-centered, gimme approach that will turn off most employers. You should emphasize what you can do, your skills, and how you can help a company meet its objectives. Carefully write your summary so that it does not exclude you from jobs you would consider. For example, if you use a job title like administrative assistant, ask yourself whether doing so would exclude you from other jobs you would consider. Look at how Judith Jones presented her summary in her basic resume figure 2.

This resume keeps her options open more than saying administrative assistant. And her improved resume s summary says even more: Administrative professional with eight years of experience in private and public office settings, particularly in insurance and finance. A good job summary allows you to be considered for more responsible jobs than you have held in the past, or to accept positions with different job titles that use similar skills.

Refer to the following examples of simple but useful summaries. Most provide some information on the type of job the candidate seeks as well as on the skills he or she offers. Many of them could be expanded with additional sentences describing specific key accomplishments.

Warehousing manager with excellent supervisory, problem-solving, and organizational skills. Marketing professional with 10 years of experience and razor-sharp public relations, writing, and reporting skills. Aggressive and success-oriented sales professional with strong record of exceeding goals, expanding markets, and winning customer loyalty through relationship management. Flexible, well-organized office professional with an ability to interact with people at all levels of the organization.

The sample resumes throughout this book include summaries and objectives that you can review to see how others have phrased them. Browse them for ideas. Do It Now Jot down your own draft summary and refine it until it sounds right to you. Then rewrite it on page 30 of the Instant Resume Worksheet. Education and Training Lead with your strengths. Recent graduates or those with good academic or training credentials but weak work experience should put their education and training toward the top because it represents a more important part of their qualifications.

More experienced workers with work history related to their job objective can put their education and training toward the end. This is particularly true if you have lots of work experience in your career area. Usually, however, you should emphasize your most recent or highest level of education or training that relates to the job. For example, if you have a degree but it s not in the preferred field, tell employers what you do have. Include details of relevant courses, good grades, related extracurricular activities, and accomplishments.

Depending on your situation, your education and training could be the most important part of your resume, so beef it up with details if you need to. Do It Now Look at the sample resumes in part 3 for ideas. Then, on your computer or a separate piece of paper, rough out your Education and Training section. Edit it to its final form and write it on pages of the Instant Resume Worksheet. If you have significant work history, list each job along with quantified details of what you accomplished and special skills you used.

Emphasize skills that directly relate to the job objective on your resume. Use numbers wherever possible. Volunteer and military work experience are usually listed in separate sections after your paid civilian work history.

You can, however, include volunteer work in the regular Work Experience section if you have limited paid work experience or if the volunteer work is highly relevant to your job objective. Similarly, you can include military experience in the Work Experience section if you consider your military experience to be a significant part of your career history.

For example, if your title was sales clerk but you frequently opened and closed the store and were often left in charge, you might use the more descriptive title of Night Sales Manager. Always check with your previous supervisors to make sure they approve of this and will back you up when a prospective employer checks your references.

QUICK TIP If you were promoted, handle the promotion as a separate job under the same employer heading, listing the dates that you held each position to show how you progressed within the organization. A street address or supervisor s name is not necessary you can provide those details on a separate page of references if you are asked for them. Employment Dates If you have large gaps in employment that are not easily explained, use full years instead of including the months in which you started Doing so deemphasizes the gaps.

Chapter 8 has additional information on handling this and other problems. If there was a significant period when you did not work, did you do anything that could explain it in a positive way? Raise a family? Even if you mowed lawns and painted houses for money while you were unemployed, that could count as self-employment. Employers will look on this more favorably than if you did nothing productive while unemployed.

Duties and Accomplishments In writing about your work experience, be sure to use action words and emphasize what you accomplished. Quantify what you did and provide evidence that you did it well. Take particular care to mention skills that directly relate to doing well in the job you want now. If your previous jobs are not directly related to what you want to do now, emphasize skills you used in previous jobs that could be used in the new job.

For example, someone who waits on tables has to deal with people and finances skills needed in many other jobs such as management and accounting. This book, which is available in most libraries, tells you the skills needed to succeed in the new job.

Emphasize these and similar skills in your resume. See chapter 7 for more about the OOH. Do It Now On your computer or on separate sheets of paper, write rough drafts of your employment experience and accomplishments that you will use in your resume. Edit it so that every word contributes something. When you re done, transfer your statements to pages of the Instant Resume Worksheet.

Professional Organizations This is an optional section where you can list your activities with jobrelated professional, humanitarian, or other groups. These activities Mention accomplishments or awards you earned during these affiliations. Many of the sample resumes in this book include statements about accomplishments to show you how to do this.

Think about the things you achieved in jobs, school, the military, and other settings. Make sure that you emphasize these things in your resume.

It might seem like bragging to you; however, if you don t say nice things about yourself, who will? Do It Now Go to page 36 in the Instant Resume Worksheet and list your job-related efforts in professional organizations and other groups. Recognition and Awards If you have received any formal honors or awards that support your job objective, consider mentioning them. You can create a separate section for your awards if you have at least two to list, or you can put them in the Work Experience, Skills, Education, or Personal section, whichever is most relevant.

Personal Information Years ago, resumes included personal details such as height, weight, marital status, hobbies, leisure activities, and other trivia. Please do not do this. Current laws do not allow an employer to base hiring decisions on certain points, so providing this information can cause some employers to toss your resume.

For the same reason, do not include a photo of yourself. In America, however, including this information is taboo. Some resumes provide a touch of humor or playfulness as well as selected positives from outside school and work. This section is also a good place to list significant community involvements, a willingness to relocate, or personal characteristics an employer might like.

But keep it short. Do It Now Turn to page 36 in the Instant Resume Worksheet and list any personal information that you feel is appropriate and relevant. References It is not necessary to include the names of your references on a resume. You can do better things with the precious space. It s also not necessary to state references available on request at the bottom of your resume, because that is obvious.

If an employer wants your references, he or she knows to ask you for them. Line up references in advance. Pick people who know your work as an employee, volunteer, or student. Make sure that they will express nice things about you by asking what they would say if asked.

Push for negatives and don t feel hurt if you get some. Nobody is perfect, and it gives you a chance to delete references before they do you damage. Once you know who to include, type a list of references on a separate sheet. Include names, addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and other details of why they are on your list. You can give this to employers who ask for references. Be aware that some employers are not allowed to give references over the phone.

I have refused to hire people who probably had good references but about whom I could not get information. If this is the case with a previous employer, ask the employer to write a letter of reference that you can photocopy as needed.

This is a good idea in general, so you might want to ask employers for one even if they have no rules against phone references. Part 3 shows examples of resumes that include supervisor quotes.

The Final Draft At this point you should have completed the Instant Resume Worksheet on pages Carefully review dates, addresses, phone numbers, spelling, and other details. You can use the worksheet as a guide for preparing a better-than-average chronological resume. Use the sample chronological resumes from this chapter as the basis for creating your resume.

Additional examples of resumes appear in chapters 3, 4, 10, 11, and Look them over for writing and formatting ideas. The sample resumes in chapter 3 tend to be simpler and easier to write and format than some of the more advanced samples found in chapters 10 through 12 and will provide better models for creating a resume quickly.

Once you have completed the Instant Resume Worksheet, you have the information you need for a basic resume. If you have access to a computer, go ahead and put the information into the form of a resume.

If you do not have access to a computer, have someone else type and format your resume. But whether you do the typing yourself or have it done, carefully review your resume for typographical or other errors that may have slipped in.

Then, when you are certain that everything is correct, have the final version prepared. This chapter shows you why a skills resume may be good to consider and how to write one. What Is a Skills Resume? In its simplest form, a chronological resume is little more than a list of job titles and other details. If you want to change your career or increase your responsibility, the chronological style can often be ineffective. This chapter helps you write a skills resume that highlights the skills you can use to transition to a new career or promotion.

Employers and recruiters usually look for candidates with a work history that fits the position they have to fill. If they want to hire a cost accountant, they look for someone who has done this work. If you are a recent graduate or have little experience in the career or at the level you now want, you will find that a simple chronological resume emphasizes your lack of related experience rather than your ability to do the job. If you hitchhiked across the country for two years, a skills resume won t necessarily display this as an employment gap.

Instead, under a heading called Market Knowledge, you could say Traveled extensively throughout the country and am familiar with most major market areas. That could be very useful experience for certain positions.! But if a chronological resume would highlight a weakness, a skills resume may help get you an interview with an employer who doesn t dislike skills resumes instead of getting screened out.

Who wins? You do. Even if you don t have anything to hide, a skills resume emphasizes your key skills and experiences more clearly. And you can always include a chronological list of jobs at the end of the resume, thus making it a combination of the skills and chronological formats.

So everyone should consider a skills resume. I recommend that you include a concise job title objective at the beginning of a skills resume. Otherwise, it s difficult for employers to quickly scan your resume and see where you fit in the organization. A Sample Skills Resume Following is a basic skills resume see figure 3. The example is for a recent high school graduate whose only paid work experience is in fast food. Read it and ask yourself: If I were an employer, would I consider interviewing Lisa?

For most people, the answer is yes. It allows the job seeker to present school and extracurricular activities to good effect. It is a strong format choice because it lets her highlight strengths without emphasizing her limited work experience. It doesn t say where she worked or for how long, yet it gives her a shot at many jobs. She is looking for an entry-level job in a nontechnical area, so many employers will be more interested in her skills than in her jobspecific experience. What work experience she does have is presented as a plus.

If you have more work experience than shown in this example, look at the sample resumes at the end of this chapter and at those in part 3. They are examples of skills resumes for people with more education and experience.!

Because the skills resume usually doesn t list specifics of work history, many employers will toss it out in favor of your competitors resumes that do. So, stick with using the skills resume primarily when you re networking for a job. Lisa M. Use proper grammar and have a good speaking voice.

Able to get along well with coworkers and accept supervision. Received positive evaluations from previous supervisors. Willing to try new things and am interested in improving efficiency on assigned tasks. Concerned with quality. Produce work that is orderly and attractive. Ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time. Throughout high school, worked long hours in strenuous activities while attending school full-time. Often managed as many as 65 hours a week in school and other structured activities while maintaining above-average grades.

Customer Routinely handled as many as customer contacts a day 10, Service per month in a busy retail outlet. Averaged lower than a. Received two merit increases. Balanced register and prepared daily sales summary and deposits. Member of award-winning band. Excellent attendance record. Superior communication skills. Other Active gymnastics competitor for four years. Learned discipline, teamwork, how to follow instructions, and how to work hard. Ambitious, outgoing, and reliable, and have solid work ethic.

This chapter discusses only those sections that are substantially different the Job Objective and Skills sections. Refer to chapter 2 for information on sections that are common to both types of resumes. The samples at the end of this chapter give you ideas on skills resume language, organization, and layout, and how to handle special problems. Don t be afraid to use a little creativity in writing your skills resume. You can break some rules if it will help you present yourself more authentically.

You will benefit greatly from the skills-identification activities in chapter 4. These include lists of skills that are of particular value to employers. Job Objective Whereas a simple chronological resume doesn t require a Job Objective section, a skills resume does. Without a reasonably clear job objective, it is not possible to select and organize the key skills you have to support that job objective. It may be that the job objective you wrote for your chronological resume is good as is, but for a skills resume, your job objective statement should answer the following questions: What sort of position, title, or area of specialization do you seek?

After reading the information on job objectives in chapter 2, you should know how to present the type of job you are seeking. Is your objective too narrow and specific? Is it so broad or vague as to be meaningless? If necessary, turn to chapter 6 to identify your job objective more clearly. What level of responsibility interests you? Job objectives often indicate a level of responsibility, particularly for supervisory or management roles.

If in doubt, always try to keep open the possibility of getting a job with a higher level of responsibility and, Write your job objective to include this possibility. What are your most important skills? What are the two or three most important skills or personal characteristics needed to succeed on the job you ve targeted? These are often mentioned in a job objective. Notice that some resumes use headings such as Position Desired or Career Objective to introduce the Job Objective section.

Many people think that these headings sound more professional than Job Objective. Choose the wording that works best for your situation. Whatever you choose to call it, this section is what makes a skills resume. To construct it, you must carefully consider which skills you want to emphasize. Your task is to feature both the skills that are essential to success on the job you want and the skills that you have and want to use.

You probably have a good idea of which skills meet both criteria, but you may find it helpful to read chapter 5 on developing your skills language. Note that some resumes in this book emphasize skills that are not specific to a particular job.

For example, well organized is an important skill in many jobs. In your resume, you should provide specific examples of situations or accomplishments that show you possess such skills. You can do this by including examples from previous work or other experiences.

It is based on research on the skills employers look for in employees. So, if you have to emphasize some skills over others, include these assuming you have them, of course. For example, an accountant needs to know how to set up a general ledger, use accounting software, and develop income and expense reports. These job-specific skills can be quite important in qualifying for a job. You can probably write a fine skills resume without chapter 5 and the other material in part 2, but try the activities if you need extra help.

Add other skills you possess that you feel you must communicate to an employer to get the job you want. Write at least three, but no more than six, of these most important skills: Prove Your Key Skills with a Story Now, write each skill you listed above on a separate sheet of paper. For each skill, write two detailed examples of when you used it.

If possible, you should use work situations; but you can use other situations such as volunteer work, school activities, or other life experiences. Try to quantify the examples by giving numbers such as money saved, sales increased, or other measures to support those skills.

Emphasize results you achieved and any accomplishments. Here s an example of what one person wrote for a key skill: Key skill: Meeting deadlines I volunteered to help my social organization raise money. I found out about special government funds, but the proposal deadline was only 24 hours away.

So I stayed up all night and submitted it on time. Here are the most obvious ones: Hard work Meeting deadlines Willingness to help others Good written communication skills Persuasiveness Problem solving QUICK TIP You can use your proof stories to demonstrate in your resume and in an interview that you have the skills to do a particular job. Review each proof sheet and select those proofs that are particularly valuable in supporting your job objective.

You should have at least two proof stories for each skill area. Once you have selected your proofs, rewrite them using action words and short sentences.

Write the skills you needed to do these things in the margins. When you re done, convert these to bulleted accomplishment statements you can use in your resume. Rewrite your proof statements and delete anything that does not reinforce the key skills you want to support. Following is a rewrite of the preceding proof story. Do a similar editing job on each of your own proofs until they are clear, short, and powerful. You can then use these statements in your resume, modifying them as needed.

So, as you write and revise your proof stories, consider which key skills they can best support. Use the proofs to support those key skills in your resume. Tips for Editing Your Draft Resume into Final Form Before you make a final draft of your skills resume, look over the samples that follow for ideas on content and format. Several show interesting techniques that might be useful for your situation.

For example, if you have a good work history, you can include a brief chronological listing of jobs. You can place this jobs list before or after your Skills section. If you have a substantial work history, you could begin your skills resume with a summary of experience to provide the basis for details that follow. When you have the content from the proof stories that you need for your skills resume, write your first draft.

Rewrite and edit it until the resume communicates what you really want to say about yourself. Cut anything that does not support your objective. When you are done, ask someone to review it very carefully for typographical and other errors. If you are having someone else prepare your resume, have someone in addition to yourself review the final copy for errors you might have overlooked. Only after you are certain that your resume contains no errors should you prepare the final version.

Your objective is to get a good job, not to keep working on your resume. So avoid the temptation to make a perfect resume and, instead, get this one done today. Then use it tomorrow. If all goes well, as I hope it does, you may never need a better resume. Chapter 4 describes electronic resumes and provides information on modifying your resume for various online uses.

These examples are based on real resumes although the names and other details are not real. I have included comments to help you understand details that might not be apparent.

The formats and designs of the resumes are intentionally basic and can be done with any word-processing software. Part 3 has many other skills resumes, including many with fancier graphics and designs. But remember that it is better to have a simple and error-free resume and be out there using it than to be at home working on a more elaborate one. It is a mini-resume you can use in a variety of ways.

You can attach JIST Cards to applications or resumes; give them to friends and other people in your network of contacts; enclose them in thank-you notes before or after an interview; and even put them on car windshields really, this has been done, and with good results.

The cards are short, are quick to read, and present essential information in a positive way. And the many, many people who have used them tend to have good stories about how well they work. After working for an alarm and security systems company and at a variety of other jobs, Darrel went back to school and learned computer programming.

The skills format allows him to emphasize his past business experience to support his current job objective. His resume includes no chronological jobs listing and no education dates, so it is not obvious that he is a recent graduate with little formal work experience as a programmer. Even so, the relationship between his previous work and current objective could be improved. For example, collecting bad debts requires discipline, persistence, and attention to detail the same skills required in programming.

And, although he is good at sales, his resume does not relate the skills required for sales to his new job objective of programming. Darrel s job objective could be improved.

If he wanted to use his selling skills and his programming skills in a new job, he could modify his job objective to include jobs such as selling technology or computer consulting services. Or, if he wants to be a programmer, I would suggest he emphasize other transferable skills that directly support his programming objective, such as his history of meeting deadlines.

Still, this resume is effective in relating his past business experience to his ability to be a programmer in a business environment. Darrel has to pack a lot of information in a very small space. This means that every word has to support his objective. Note, for example, that the first sentence does not mention he is a new graduate, but it indicates that he is very experienced.

The next few sentences present his credentials, followed by the last line, which lists several key transferable skills. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Knowledge of various database and applications programs in networked PC and mainframe environments. Substantial business experience including accounting, management, sales, and public relations.

Dedicated, self-starter, creative, dependable, and willing to relocate. Position should have opportunities for a dedicated individual with leadership abilities. Experience with business program design including payroll, inventory, database management, sales, marketing, accounting, and loan amortization reports.

Knowledgeable in program design, coding, implementation, debugging, and file maintenance. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer familiar with a variety of applications, including Lotus Notes, Novell NetWare, and Windows Server network systems, database and spreadsheet programs, and accounting and other software. Interpersonal communication strengths, public relations capabilities, innovative problem solving, and analytical talents.

A total of eight years of experience in sales and sales management. Sold security products to distributors and alarm dealers. Organized creative sales and marketing concepts. Trained sales personnel in prospecting techniques and service personnel in more efficient and consumer-friendly installation methods.

Managed security systems company for four years while increasing profits yearly. Supervised 20 personnel in all office, sales, accounting, inventory, and installation positions. Balanced all books and prepared tax-return forms for security systems company. Four years of experience in credit and collections.

Thomas s resume breaks some rules, but for good reasons. Thomas has kept his job objective quite broad and does not limit it to a particular industry or job title.

Because he sees himself as a business manager, it does not matter to him in what kind of business or industry he works. He prefers a larger organization, as his job objective indicates.

His education is near the top because he thinks it is one of his greatest strengths. Thomas has worked with one employer for many years, but he presents each job there as a separate one. This allows him to provide more details about his accomplishments within each position and more clearly indicate that these were promotions to increasingly responsible jobs. His military experience, although not recent, is listed under a separate heading because he thinks it is important. Note how he presented his military experience using civilian language.

This resume could have been two pages, and doing so would allow him to provide additional details on his job at Hayfield Publishing and in other areas. The extra space could also be used for more white space and a less crowded look, although the resume works fine as is. Figure 3. Thomas Marrin Cell: Objective: Business-management position requiring skills in problem solving, planning, organizing, and cost management.

Skills: Bachelor s degree in Business Administration and more than 10 years of management experience in progressively responsible positions. Consistent record of getting results. Excellent communication skills. Thorough knowledge of budgeting, cost savings, and computerized database and spreadsheet programs.

Enjoy challenges, meet deadlines, and accept responsibility. Willing to relocate. Results-oriented, self-motivated, good problem-solving skills, energetic. Course emphasis on accounting, supervision, and marketing. Additional advanced training: time management, organizational behavior, and cost control. Schedule trailer purchases for six divisions. Operated 2. Developed systematic purchase and disposal plan for company-car fleet. Directed implementation of zero-base budgeting.

Developed and prepared executive officer analyses detailing achievable cost-reduction measures. Designed policy and procedure for special equipment-leasing program during peak seasons. Optimized utilization of WATS lines and pinpointed personal abuse. Knox, Kentucky. Managed training, scheduling, supervision, mission planning, and activities of as many as 40 staff.

Received six commendations and honorable discharge. He got a survival job as a truck driver and now wants to make truck driving his career because it pays well and he likes the work.

Notice how his resume figure 3. This resume uses a combination format it includes elements from both skills and chronological resumes. The skills approach allows him to emphasize specific skills that support his job objective, and the chronological list of jobs allows him to display a stable work history. The jobs he had years ago are clustered under one grouping because they are not as important as more recent experience. Also, doing so does not reveal that he is older. Yes, I realize employers are not supposed to discriminate based on age, but Peter doesn t want to take a chance because it s been known to happen.

For the same reason, Peter does not include dates for his military experience or high school graduation, nor does he separate them into categories such as Military Experience or Education. They just aren t as important in supporting his job objective as they might be for a younger person. Unusual elements are comments about health and not smoking or drinking. These comments work for his objective. Peter figures that an employer will think that a healthy and sober truck driver is better than the alternative.

Note how he presented his military experience as another job, with an emphasis on the truck driving and diesel experience. Peter has another version of this resume that changed his job objective to include the supervision and management of trucking operations and added a few details to support this. When it made sense, he used the other version. If you are considering a promotion as one of your options, you can use this strategy, too.

Formal training in diesel mechanics and electrical systems. Familiar with most major destinations and have excellent mapreading, GPS, and problem-solving abilities. Track record of getting things done and handling responsibility. Excellent health, good work history, dependable. It looks better than more crowded resumes. I would like to see more numbers used to indicate performance or accomplishments. For example, what was the result of the more efficient record-keeping system she developed?

And why did she receive the Employee of the Month awards? As a recent high school graduate, Andrea does not have substantial experience in her field, having had only one full-time job since graduation. This resume s skills format allows her to present her strengths better than a chronological resume would. Because she has formal training in retail sales, she could have given more details about specific courses she took or other school-related activities that would support her objective.

Even so, her resume does a good job of presenting her basic skills to an employer in an attractive format. She used it with a slightly refocused resume to apply for promotions.



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