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Folks line up for a fish fry that was part of Family Day activities on the old Jones campus Friday. Sylvia Amaker, left, a daughter of Sadie George, who until just recently had held the distinction usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th being the oldest-surviving graduate of J.

Sadie Strickland George had died on Aug. This was appropriate since Miss Sadie was the oldest-living graduate of the high school that opened in to serve African-American students in the area and saw its last graduates depart in with the advent of integration.

She was usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th the Class ofas war clouds gathered. The plaque unveiling was held Friday night, when the grounds around the auditorium were filled with people attending Family Day there in conjunction with the J. Jones High School Reunion scheduled every other year.

And in the interim since the last reunion inboth the auditorium — owned by the J. The latter group held a plaque observance in July and reunion organizers appropriately scheduled the auditorium portion of the recognition Friday night as part of the weekend gathering of former Jones students from near and far.

Being chosen for the National Register of Historic Places means a building or plot of land has been designated by the government as possessing significant historic, artistic or aesthetic value. All that seemed to be missing Friday night was Sadie George, who still had a presence there all the same. It had been mounted on a wall of the auditorium earlier. Her mom also played basketball at the school, according to Sylvia, who has a twin sister, Goldie.

And as was the case canada maple syrup ipc many students of yesteryear, she walked seven miles to school, related Amaker and another daughter present Friday night, Взято отсюда Jones, who won the Miss Mount Airy Pageant.

In the years after graduating from J. Jones High, Miss Sadie would attend a cosmetology school in Roanoke, Virginia, and enrolled at Surry Community College, where she received certificates in office machines and child care. The Jones grad was employed by Proctor Silex Inc. The wine was recovered and returned to the store. Also, he had been told previously not to return to that location. This involved the Fit For a Queen Afternoon Tea at a local residence, where the guest of honor was Betty Wright — known locally as the Queen of Preservation for her efforts to safeguard historically valuable properties.

The occasion unfolded at the South Main Street home of the Schultz couple. They moved to Mount Airy /31278.txt a year ago and have fallen in love with the community, according to Ann Vaughn, one of those attending the afternoon tea who provided a recap of the gathering.

It was held at a house that Norm and Jeanmarie Schultz bought and renovated while maintaining the historical integrity associated по этой ссылке the structure, /63363.txt added, so it was appropriate to recognize Betty Wright.

After signing a guest register in the foyer, those attending picked up porcelain name cards and headed toward the dining room that was elegantly decorated with a number of floral and other arrangements. Its sandwich menu included cucumber and cream cheese along with egg salad, chicken with cranberries and bacon quiche, with the dessert list featuring scones with marmalade and butter, white chocolate and buttercream petit fours, raspberry petit fours, fruit tart, chocolate peanut butter nibbles, mini-lemon tarts, Russian tea cookies, oat lace cookies, Belgian butter thins and wedding cookies.

This includes a recipe for cucumber sandwiches, which are easy to prepare and are usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th great treat usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th any occasion:. Ingredients needed are one cucumber, peeled and sliced extremely thin; eight-ounce cream cheese, softened; fresh dill, chopped; a pinch of salt; white bread. Mix the cream cheese, dill and salt. The cucumber can be sliced ahead of time and stored in a container of water in the refrigerator.

Spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture on both sides of the bread. Layer the cucumber and make the sandwich. Cut off the crusts. Cut into squares or triangles. The sandwiches are best served chilled. The extra cream cheese mix can be stored usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th an airtight container. Beat the butter until fluffy. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Shape the dough into one-inch balls. Bake at degrees for 14 to 18 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet.

The cookies are done when the bottoms are lightly brown. Cool completely on wire racks. Place about two cups of powdered sugar in a large bowl with a lid or freezer-sized Ziploc bag. Add the cooled cookies and shake to coat. If the bottoms are brown, they are cooked. Attendees also can go trick-or-treating with vendors, carve and decorate pumpkins and play games inspired by the spooky season.

Those attending also usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th welcome to pick any of remaining wildflowers on the grounds free of charge. Meanwhile, the farm and orchard operation provides many young local women opportunities to get hands-on learning in agriculture and also is a staple of Cobblestone Farmers Market, a sustainable, producer-only farmers market in Winston-Salem.

Concern has been raised about parts of the master plan, an update of one completed inwhich opponents fear would harm the existing character of the central business district. Flex usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th 20 feet wide are envisioned on each side of North Main Street, including sidewalks 12 to 20 feet wide, with a movable bollard system and options for parking along the way.

The plan further prescribes large flexible outdoor spaces at street corners and the burial of above-ground utility lines along with street trees, new decorative street lights and strategically placed loading zones. Traffic along North Main would remain two lanes going one way, but there are concerns among merchants and others that the changes would eliminate parking spaces and result in other detrimental effects.

Toyland downtown. Participants are asked to assemble between 1 and p. They will walk through the downtown area to the Municipal Building, where speakers are expected to address those assembled. However, one thing is clear at this point about what opponents of the master plan implications for Main Street desire.

Truskolaski says they want city officials who support the plan to reconsider possible changes that could prove harmful to the main drag through the downtown area. It had attracted between and followers as of Tuesday afternoon.

For the last two years, a variable other than the weather has prevented the typically well-attended fall event from occurring. With that threat now out of the picture, excitement is running usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th for the 29th-annual frolic scheduled Saturday from 10 a. It and the adjoining buildings and grounds have been preserved as a North Carolina State Historic Site to give the public an idea of what agriculture was like in the early days.

This will be in full display Saturday with activities to showcase what event organizers describe usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th a traditional rural frolic featuring the harvesting, shucking, shelling and grinding of corn — жмите сюда community corn shuckings of the distant past.

The list further includes a gristmill demonstration, log hewing and crosscut usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th and blacksmithing, along with others. Old-time, bluegrass and gospel music performed by six different groups will add further spice to the gathering. Areas of the farm to be involved other than the farmhouse include a tobacco barn, orchard, feed barn, dry house, garden and visitors center.

The usual scene at the corn shucking frolic includes folks sitting on lawn chairs, which they are encouraged to bring, and bales of hay on the lawn of the farmhouse listening to music performed from a porch. And the other locations on the grounds where various demonstrations are taking place also are beehives of activity, including a well-filled corn crib. On the other end of usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th spectrum are attendees from urban environments who are totally unfamiliar with agricultural life and want to experience that, the site manager mentioned.

Turney lamented the fact that another popular part of the festival, hayrides, has been discontinued for insurance reasons. There also will be a charge for food, drinks and some craft activities.

Chicken stew, pintos, fried pies, apple cider and other items will be offered, with products and gifts available for sale at a country store on the site. Additionally, apple trees grafted from those in the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard on the farm can be purchased. DOBSON — With voting machines becoming a hot-button issue across the country in the wake of the election, efforts have been undertaken locally and statewide aimed at ensuring the integrity of those devices.

It took place in a large meeting room beside the Surry Board of Elections office. Three bipartisan teams of precinct officials from different areas of the county performed the testing during a planned day-long process leading to a reassuring outcome where accuracy in the voting equipment used at local precincts is concerned. The general election will be held on Nov.

In anticipation of the election, the logic and accuracy testing targeted every machine used in all North Carolina counties. Under a procedure prescribed by the N. State Board of Elections, test ballots are marked by hand and by ballot-marking devices before being counted by a tabulator. These ballots are filled out according to a test script, which is designed to simulate the various combinations of selections citizens could make on their ballots during actual voting.

Huff advised that the machines tested in Surry were DS tabulators all 33 in the county were checked and the ExpressVote type all 28 were tested. ExpressVote is a ballot-marking machine that can be used as an ADA Americans with Disabilities Act device for any voter who wishes or needs to mark a ballot independently. Federal law requires each usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th to have at least one Americans with Disabilities Act-approved voting device. After the test ballots are run through the machines and results are printed and read, the machines are then reset to ensure no testing information remains in the devices, the local elections official explained.

In addition to being sealed, the state requires voting equipment to be locked in a secure area until transported to the voting places. Tamper-evident seals are placed on media ports, voting machines are never connected to the Internet and they also lack modems, officials say.

A person would need physical access to a machine to install any type of virus or malware, they assure. County election boards document the chain of custody of voting equipment when it is moved from its secure storage location, under state-required procedures. Among other precautions, the coding for a particular election is usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th and, when loaded on a machine, requires the validation of a digital signature to confirm that the data is from a trusted source.

Dee J. It had been issued the usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th before after an incident at the hospital, where Wiles allegedly struck an employee there, Ashley Nicole Bottoms of Ararat, in the left arm with a closed fist. Johnson is facing an appearance in Surry District Court this Friday. On Wednesday, Sept. Surry County Dance Center located on South Main Street, recently kicked off its second season with more than 90 students enrolled from agesalong with a special student during its first class — Mount Airy Mayor Ron Niland.

The studio franchise is usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th and directed by Kelly Gray Krantz with six accredited dance educational professionals on staff. For more information on the studio, visit www. The year is During a lavish dinner at Calderwood House, a remote family manor, prominent financier Lord Peter Alston Brack Llewellyn is shot dead on his own doorstep. Chief Constable Alarbus Jones Scott Carpenter is summoned to the scene, where he encounters an elite group of dinner guests and usajobs resume builder or upload speedway 80th odd symbol on the drawing room wall.

Jones learns that most of those attending the dinner are members of this enigmatic group, but there seems to be no connection to the murder.


Oldest grad’s spirit present at plaque event | Mt. Airy News –



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