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Before you start creating a brand new resume to apply for a federal government position, you need to choose the way to build it. The former has a number of advantages over the latter. It will make searching and evaluating your resume easier usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco federal human resources specialists.

Second, the resume usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco allows you to duplicate your resume, which is very helpful when you need to upgrade the document or tailor it to a specific position. Offering you to use its federal resume builder, USAJOBS provide you with a professional resume writing instrument, which is worth trying out.

For your resume to be searchable and efficient, take your time to learn the subtleties of the federal resume builder USAJOBS has created. We have come up with the top 4 tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes that often prevent the candidates from being recognized as qualified for the job. Read the announcement carefully! Before appl ying for a position, go to the Qualifications section in the vacancy announcement and preview the vacancy announcement questions.

And more usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco Qualifications list for a Strategic Marketing Analyst position :. As we can see, Qualifications requirements may vary depending on GS position, education, expert level skills or other specific knowledge relevant to a job announcement. So make sure to select a corresponding answer to each question prior to appl ying for a job posting.

This is indeed a tedious task but it is totally worth the effort. Although having similar titles, the different job announcement will be using different keywords to describe their requirements for the candidate.

Keep your resume brief, describe your work experience and education relevant to the position you apply for. The advantage of the resume builder is that you get a consistent federal cv, which can be found by a recruiter using a keyword search.

Building a resume that is perfectly in tune with the specific announcement will help your application score more points in the competition. It is true that a resume should normally be kept brief but with the federal government resumes, it is all about the perfect balance between being concise and being informative.

This shows how literally complete your usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco is. Proofread Believe it or not but such an usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco step in the resume writing process is often neglected by the applicants.

Typographical errors, not to speak of grammatical and spelling mistakes, will seriously impair the impressions of the federal HR specialist even about a seemingly perfect resume.

This will train you to be more critical and attentive when you start building your own federal resume. We provide all the necessary basic technicalities of the resume building process. If you have a vague idea about what to write in each section, we highly recommend examining at least one USAJOBS resume builder example to see how a well-built final document should look like. Still unsure about how to make federal resume?

Your email address will not be published. Searching for Jobs 1. Do Not Leave Blank Fields. Share this Post. Daniella Henderson Daniella knows all ins and outs of the federal hiring process. She is excellent at job hunting strategies, starting from federal resume writing to the final stage of interview conduction. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will thanksgiving day canada 2020 date be published.


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Search Advanced…. Word Document Resume VS. Resume Builder on USAjobs. Thread starter djziri Start date Jan 31, JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nov 21, 17 0 1. I have a couple of concerns regarding my resume: 1. The resume builder seems very vague. Isnt it just a box to fill in your information? No centering, tabbing, format adjustments like in a word document. Can you upload both a Word Doc.

Resume and use the resume builder? Rrsume a word doc. Or do hsajobs not even help or matter? I hope someone can shed some light on these bullets. May 5, 1 18 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Jul 5, 9 Usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco USAJobs usajos hits all the points they are looking for.

Now that a computer does all the selections it’s probably best to just use that. BreezyBeachLife Trusted Contributor. Jan 23, 6 18 ZKC. Gezzz what’s up with all this people wanting to submit their “very specialized amazingly centered detailed resume” It makes sure the FAA has everything thing they want to know about you, thousands have been picked up using it including meand its a way for your usauobs to get in the system the quickest cuz if not some HR rep betterrment to get around to entering your shit in manually Stop thinking your customized resume is gonna give you bilder leg up on the competition Jun 25, 3 usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco 34 OH.

Some people just want to do it the hard way. Jan 4, 44 2 8. Like everyone else said. Though, I do have a related question: What about cover letters? Usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco the announcements typically ask for one or is it “known” for this position to submit one regardless? I guilder we won’t know подробнее на этой странице is required until the vacancy is announced but sometimes I feel like employers want to see who follows directions by submitting only what they are asking and nothing more.

Though, I never heard anyone not moving forward for submitting too much, but still. Ya’ll making it seem like we applying to become the next astronaut going into space!

Last edited: Jan по этому сообщению, NovemberEcho Epic Member. Dec 8, 4, 68 48 Long Island. What Breezy usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco. Some usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco you guys are putting WAY to much thought into what is probably the most basic thing you’ll ever have to do. Go to USAJobs. Click “create resume”. Fill in what it says to fill in. All done! No need to pay someone to do it for you, no need to make some elaborate buikder word document.

It’s really not that hard. I understand that people are using the resume builder. But, I worked for a company full and part time for years. Sometimes I worked jobs usa jobscan cost time and if I couldn’t, I worked part time. However, the resume builder doesn’t allow you to make such a selection. Everything is not black and white. I just want to make sure my work history is accurate. Jan 20, 1, 10 Jan 31, 22 1 3. Two of my friends wrote their resume and buildder got bettermrnt and picked usjobs.

One is working usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco Cali another is at the school house in OKC and another is waiting for his class date. I think i’ll try to write mines this time around. Как сообщается здесь its mostly bettermetn. Sirricky85 Newcomer. Apr 21, 9 0 1. Just my opinion. ColdAilment Senior Member. May 26, 2 So hitch gooseneck maple canada syrup companies in the USA jobs resume, what exactly is everyone putting usajosb their duties and experience box?

I started, but haven’t finished. I just put in the duties and responsibilities of each control position I am qualified on from the 80T publication from work. Will that do? Or should I put it in my own words?

Jan 15, 78 6 8. ColdAilment said:. SierraBravo Junior Member. Vetterment 22, 1 As far as I know, your resume on usajobs should be reduced to you professional jobs, just like a one-page resume would.

There will be plenty of time to list all of your random jobs dating back 10 years нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the actual application. Someone want to correct me if I’m wrong? AlphaBravoh Trusted Member. Feb 17, 12 SierraBravo said:. AlphaBravoh said:. I listed all of my relevant experience. Buildr it. If they want my full work history, they can either ask for it, or you’ll see it somewhere during the application process As SB said, maybe looking for 10 years of work history Yes only relevant work history on the resume.

The background check is where they will find out everything else. You must log in or register betternent reply here. Top Bottom.


Usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco.Word Document Resume VS. Resume Builder on


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Usajobs resume builder or upload betterment vsco


Andros said though the census is important for determining what resources the community will receive, redistricting will not significantly change the political scenario in Dane County. But it might have a stronger impact at the state level, Andros said. With so much riding on the census for years to come, Giblin said an accurate count is essential to local communities. House of Representatives are apportioned throughout the country.

Republicans, Gov. Witte added Evers and the Democrats are very strongly supported by teachers associations and unions. Witte said the money goes to teachers, administrators and aids. Eighty percent of the cost of education at every level, from high schools to universities, goes toward personnel, salary or benefits.

Witte said Republicans are focused on cutting taxes. The first tax cut the Republicans enacted is for those in the upper income bracket, and now they are discussing a tax cut targeted towards the middle class. According to Center Square News, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald R-Juneau tweeted Republicans are focused on using the surplus for a tax cut for hard-working families, and does not see the Republicans changing positions.

Fitzgerald spoke on behalf of the Republicans saying the party looks for ways to return the surplus money to taxpayers while Democrats keep looking for ways to spend money.

According to Center Square News, Evers said Wisconsin can have both — more money for schools and more money for taxpayers.

Witte said the compromise between the two parties may be through property taxes. Witte said Evers wants to fund K education with state funds, and two-thirds of the cost for school funding would come from the state, reducing the major portion that comes from local property taxes. According to Center Square News, Evers argued spending more money at the state level will allow local schools to not have to raise local property taxes nearly as often.

Evers said more money from the state may bring an end to those types of local tax increases, according to Center Square News. Witte said if the property taxes are decreased, the money must be supplemented elsewhere. According to Center Square News, Evers wants to spend more money on school mental health and wellness programs and hiring more school counselors, psychologists and nurses. UW student Trisha Saxena spoke on the impact of these services in her life. Saxena said. Witte said misbehaving and other similar issues can be mislabeled as learning disabilities.

Witte said such behavior frustrates the teachers and causes them to remove the children from the classroom by labeling them as disabled which angers parents.

UW student Jordan Gao said this puts pressure on kids. Witte said equalization refers to the process in which the government decides the allocation. Witte said the basic structure is the wealthier districts get less money while poorer districts will get more money per student. The process is to equalize funding across schools per child.

Madison is a rich district, Witte said. When applying the straightforward formula to Madison, the district would receive no funds. Witte said this is unfair. According to Witte the timing of this issue is important because there is a surplus and Wisconsin has a biennium budget. The biennium budget will go through this summer while the next biennium will start in after the election.

Both sides critically think this election is important. Hayley Cleghorn The Badger Herald badgerherald. They work with students to ensure that Black History Month is well-represented and recognized by the campus community. Planning starts in the fall, and the Center sends out posters, emails and other advertisements to recruit their committee members. According to the Multicultural Student Center website, the committee began meeting in October on Wednesdays from p.

Griffin-Phipps has been on the committee since , coming into the role with experience and determination. Along with its leadership and bigger roles, the group had a number of subcommittees for social justice, health and wellness, culture and history, social interaction and kick-off event planning.

From there, the committee and other groups had events planned every week. There were art workshops, speakers, food tastings and networking opportunities.

The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center is hosting. The committee also scheduled professor, politician, director, musician and Emmy awardwinning producer Pierce Freelon as a keynote speaker. On Feb. The diaspora has seen rising numbers of Africans immigrating to the United States and has affected the meaning of Black heritage for the past few decades.

While its effects reach all corners of the country, the student strike has a certain historical impact on campus. A link on the UW Black History Month webpage takes you to a multimedia depiction of the 13 demands.

What started as a class boycott turned into a month of strikes and clashes with police, university management, the government and even the military. The timelines give you perspective — the photos give you goosebumps — the interviews jerk your heart. The strength, courage and sacrifice of the Black community deserves that and more. The partners, Ralph Cross and Dan Jenkins, worked together at the Ann Arbor record store Schoolkids Records and dreamed about opening their own store upon graduation.

Within a year, he worked his way up to manager. Just under 15 years ago, Cross and Jenkins fulfilled their long term promise and sold their share of the store to Manley. Today, the store looks similar to the way it was back then, with vintage posters at eye-level and the square-foot space filled with custom wood bins. One difference, however, is stocks back then.

According to Manley, many record store owners thought the vinyl format was dead. That was, until around 12 years ago when Record Store Day was formed by a few enterprising record shop owners. The movement coordinated with record labels to produce limited-edition vinyl records offered on RSD day in April. Manley was skeptical at first, but with increasing success each consecutive year, he had to accept the significant momentum it was creating.

Recently though, a new competitor to record stores has emerged — streaming services. The rise of Spotify, Soundcloud and other services have once again created. B-Side Records does not just serve as a function for music collectors, but also serves a unique purpose in the greater Madison community. Over the years, B-Side has been a hub and loyal promoter for local artists. Manley said. For bigger store events, such as Record Store Day, B-Side makes use of Peace Park, which sits nearby the store, to have local artists play.

Manley, at the time of the accident, clocked more than 75 hours a week at his business sometimes. The industry then was not in the position to sustain any full-time employees.

Manley said his family launched a GoFundMe so he could recover at home while keeping the shop open and paying employees. Now, however, we must look to a new decade in film. Based on what I have seen, there are some exciting releases this year. It sounds like his plan may have something to do with immortality, as he says his skills will remain long after he is dead. Another new face will be Lashana Lynch. She is a agent in MI6 whom the trailer portrays as being in a hostile relationship with Bond.

Cary Joji Fukunaga is the director for the film, and I must admit, I have not seen any of his work. The plot largely remains under wraps, but we know it will involve the world of international espionage. The latter deals with dreams and dreams inside dreams and so on. You get the point. There is no combination quite like Nolan and themes of time and perception, as well as nonlinear timelines. No director utilizes absurd large-scale practical effects and half million-dollar IMAX cameras as much as Nolan.

The biggest reason this movie warrants excitement is Aaron Sorkin. Not to beat a dead horse, but Sorkin truly is in a. His clever dialogue and witty characters are what make his films so entertaining and re-watchable.

Charges in the trial include conspiracy to incite a riot and excessive force by the police against demonstrators. I cannot wait to see this film. I am confident Sorkin will win best adapted screenplay next year, and hopefully more. There is no chance I would leave you with just three films. I do believe will be a good year for cinema, and maybe even better than last year. As abortion reaches national stage, people grapple with arguments on ethics, science, religion by Nuha Dolby Print Features Editor.

Supreme Court. It was included in court preparations to hear June Medical Services v. Gee, a landmark case reviewing a Louisiana law that requires doctors performing an abortion to have admitting privileges at a state-approved hospital within 30 miles of their clinic.

But some women report feeling differently. A woman from Wisconsin wrote in to Abort 73, a pro-life website, about her regrets. I robbed myself of what would have been the greatest gift of my life, and I continue to pay the price every day.

Citizens have made their stances clear, whether by engaging in political activism or simply making how they feel known on social media, and the topic sizzles across the country. In Wisconsin, abortion laws involve some restriction. During the visit, physicians conduct health exams, verify the pregnancy and measure how far along it is.

The materials also include information on the medical risks of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman seeking abortion must also sign an Abortion Information Provision Certification Form issued by the state. According to DHS, signing it means you agree your doctor has discussed medical risks associated with the chosen abortion procedure, probable age of the embryo or fetus at the time the abortion is scheduled and eligibility for medical coverage of prenatal and newborn care.

The document also noted a doctor must discuss medical risks if a woman decides to carry pregnancy to term. Following that, if a woman decides to have an abortion, she must return to the clinic no sooner than 24 hours after the initial meeting for the procedure.

This means to receive an abortion, a woman must make two trips to the clinic. Data published by DHS stated there were 5, induced abortions in , the most recent year for which data has been released. But there was a notable downwards trend: in , the number of abortions in the state was 17, This is despite an increase in state population by almost one million people from to , according to MacroTrends.

This has been notable in the cropping up of organizations furthering their goals in Wisconsin. Barnes also said PPWI is challenging some of those restrictions in an ongoing lawsuit. It also provides recommendations and referrals to prenatal care and tips on feeding newborns.

Their primary goal is to provide support and assistance to those who need it. Nupson cited science as a tool she uses to support her stance. Knowles Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin, on leave as a Berggruen Fellow at the Stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, noted the ethical debate on abortion can stem from certain biological assumptions, like ones Nupson discussed.

But Charo noted certain discrepancies that allowed for debate on even what some would think was solid ground. Charo noted for some, the fact an egg is fertilized is enough to inform their views.

For those people, she said, a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest will not excuse abortion, as it is still intentional killing.

Charo said for other people, the main issue is whether the pregnancy is intentional or not. Despite their general view that abortion is not acceptable, she noted some would permit abortions in the case of rape, where the woman played no consenting role in becoming pregnant.

She said an intentional abortion could sometimes be. Charo said for those who are tolerant of abortion, the issue becomes two-fold.

The first issue lies in the belief a pregnant woman is entitled to rights over her own body, therefore entitled to make decisions about her pregnancy. Charo noted her own opinion on the subject as well. The fact that people are trying to control that is wrong. She says that in part stems from the Christian backgrounds that are. McLoone said in Stanley, her stance is relatively uncommon, but youth were more likely to share it.

I felt suffocated sometimes in my own town and have been able to expand here. Tom described how coming to UW helped further his curiosities on the topic. Jacob, a junior at the UW who asked to go by first name only, spoke bitterly of reactions to being pro-life on campus.

Tom agreed, noting that approaching the conversation with respect in mind was key. EU Ambassador to the U. Stavros Lambrinidis gave a fireside chat on Feb.

He stressed the importance of trade to this friendship and how Wisconsin benefits greatly from that trade — the EU being the second-largest importer of Wisconsin goods. During the talk Lambrinidis directed attention to the success of the European experiment — war between European nations is now unthinkable. Member states are bound together through trade and a shared set of rules and regulations. Brexit refers to the British exit from the EU which officially occurred on Jan.

Now Britain is undergoing a year-long transition where it is subject to EU law and is a member of the customs union and single market. After that period it will have to write new laws replacing the EU rules and regulations it has followed for decades, and have the freedom to create its own trade agreements. Brexit matters because it opens the UK up to new trade agreements with the U. The market for agricultural products will change dramatically as the UK is kicked out of the single market, and the price of EU goods rise.

Wisconsin trade expert Mark Rhoda-Reis sees this as a window of. As that trade relationship sputters out, a new one between the U. With a free trade agreement between the UK and U. By doing this, the U. A trade agreement stands to help both U. Photo – Free trade in Wisconsin would make local market more fiscally successful and give businesses a more comprehensive social safety net.

While the trend right now is for tariffs and trade wars, Wisconsin has realized by now that protectionism ultimately hurts the businesses and people the government tries to protect. Farms across Wisconsin and the country need bailing out to stay afloat, and many are still going out of business.

Free trade would not throw Wisconsin farmers and other producers under the bus. Free trade would simultaneously allow fiscal responsibility and a more comprehensive social safety net.

The EU is a shining example of what can be accomplished with free trade in the form of a single market along with regulation. Lambrinidis was particularly enthusiastic about this. He explained EU goods are made by protected workers, in an environmentally friendly way and are not sold to fund repression or corruption. If the EU can pull it off, why not the U. The political reservations preventing the end of tariffs and the beginning of trade agreements are all underpinned by a fear of loss.

Specifically, people are afraid they will lose their jobs and a part of their identity. Due to the protectionist policies the U. In the short term it would appear bad, but in the long term it would benefit all. Retraining and innovation puts these reservations to rest. This could be funded by the increased economic activity that would be quickly engendered by the newfound ease and low cost of trade.

Harry Quick hfquick badgerherald. The family received no notification that he was released on bail. This inspired her brother, Henry T. However, this argument fails to recognize the government is also responsible for. According to Wisconsin Judge Paul Cassel, the cost of implementation would be almost negligible, with the only real increase in court spending coming from notifying victims of court dates and times.

No matter how far we stray from these morals, we can always turn back. Jonah McGarvey jonahm gmail. Ahmad Hamid The Badger Herald. In the proposed budget for the year , the U. Department of Education is facing a 7. Several federal education programs are susceptible to elimination, and others to be combined into block grants, leaving their funding allocation up to the states.

A block grant is essentially a blank check given to state or local government, and is designated for specific programs. That grant is then dispersed among the programs, giving states the power to determine how much each program gets. In the proposed budget, 29 programs will be consolidated, which includes Title I aid for disadvantaged students and funding for charter school expansion. Programs that are up for elimination include subsidized student loans and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Subsidized student loans are given out based on parental income, financial need and the amount of tuition you must pay.

These programs allow students in both undergraduate and graduate programs to borrow money to pay for school without accumulating interest at first. This allows students to earn their degrees before interest starts building up on their debt.

This means that if you are to obtain a student loan, interest will start accumulating while you are in school, forcing students into more debt than they would have already been in. The other major program that the budget is intending on cutting is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. This program allows people who have worked for 10 years in public service — paying off the loans the entire time — to have their student loans eliminated after that 10 year period.

Teachers, police officers, nurses, public defenders and others who dedicate their lives to public service are all affected by this.

In fact, over , people have planned their lives around the program to pay for their educations. The first year that people became eligible for loan forgiveness — 10 years after the start of the program — was Department of Education received around 28, applications and of the people who were accepted into the program, only 96 people had their loans forgiven.

You can see how easily this program could bankrupt the government. Luckily, since the program has started, numbers of accepted people have grown to 1, people with forgiven loans. Consequently, the number of people rejected skyrocketed to , About three-quarters of students are receiving federal aid to help make their way through college. Our public servants that dedicate their lives to the betterment of their communities are being robbed of opportunities that they have been promised through the PSLF Program.

And now Trump is proposing to cut the program altogether. Within the last decade, in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions increased at an average rate of 3. The worst part is the majority of the people making decisions regarding the growing burden being placed on students over the years probably paid — and paid off — a mere sliver of what this generation is seeing. The University of Wisconsin resident tuition freeze is a saving grace in the crisis to combat the rising cost of higher education and student debt — for residents, of course.

Nonresident students receive tuition increases almost annually, with Chancellor Rebecca Blank proposing and the Board of Regents approving the tuition raise for nonresidents.

Photo – The real issue is the lack of future planning within the federal government, leaving UW to pick up its pieces. Kirby Wright The Badger Herald less than that of Northwestern, which is on par with most private schools. UW is doing what it can to make school here affordable while trying to maintain its status as a top university. The real issue is the lack of future planning by the federal government and their neglect for an entire generation of Americans.

This is the economic issue we should be tackling. How can we claim that we have a good economy when a whole class of people cannot buy houses, get married, have kids, buy a new car or even choose. If President Trump can solve this economic issue, perhaps he deserves a second look. Until then, the struggling middle class will be paying off their student loans while we watch our president claim the economy is at its best. Kaitlin Kons kkons wisc.

Wisconsin must follow Illinois, Michigan in decriminalizing use of recreational marijuana to achieve economic boost by William Keenan Columnist. Across the United States, 11 states have fully decriminalized and legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The raw economic incentive is clear. There is a large demand for marijuana, and states who choose to legalize marijuana and supply. Not only are the states able to supply a demand, employ hundreds of thousands and reduce the amount of marijuana-related arrests, they are also able to fund their schools, fix their roads and invest in projects benefiting the greater public good.

Here in Wisconsin, various marijuana legalization proposals have appeared in the Republican-controlled legislature only to be rejected. James is not the only elected official to voice concerns. According to James, the impact in other states must be examined, while Bernier believes full-fledged legalization will cause devastation.

So here is an examination. One study has shown Colorado and Washington, two of the first states to legalize marijuana, have seen that marijuana legalization and sales have had minimal to no effect on major crimes. And, according to the same study, results from Colorado and Washington suggest that legalization has not had major detrimental effects on public safety.

In fact, crime rates have actually decreased. Yet according to research, marijuana represents opportunity, reduction in violent crimes and increased revenue. It is imperative that Wisconsin legalizes the recreational use of marijuana within the next five to 10 years. There is empirical evidence that legalizing marijuana has the potential to lower arrest rates, decrease youth smoking rates and allow the state to reap many benefits.

For the party of family values, Wisconsin Republicans seem content to allow public schooling to go under-funded, violent arrest rates to soar and families to suffer as they refuse to allow arguments for recreational marijuana legislation to be heard.

William Keenan wkeenan3 wisc. Following a frustrating Jan. At the time, the move seemed detrimental to the Badgers. Wisconsin was reeling after losing back-toback games, falling to and only in the Big Ten. The Badgers have answered the critics by winning four of their last five games, including victories against Michigan State and The Ohio State University, both of which are top-ranked teams both in the conference and nationally.

Despite battling midseason struggles in which he failed to record double-digit scoring in eight consecutive games from Jan. As a 6-footinch stretch forward, Ford has always shown flashes of being a marquee player for Wisconsin. While Ford has shown glimpses of solid play, he is finally starting to put it all together.

In the five games prior to the win over Rutgers Sunday, Ford finished with double-digit points four times. He gives Wisconsin a tremendous inside-out presence, hitting 12 threes in those five games.

Ford has been much more aggressive, averaging They say that it could because you can keep track of their grades. I check about every other day or when I meet a teacher just put in a grade. Taking five minutes to check on your grades to make sure you are not missing anything can go a long way. Oakton students were asked to fill out a survey about SIS. The following data is based on 79 responses. Although this is a decline compared to poverty rates of previous years, this still means that one out of every six American children go hungry on a consistent basis.

For some of these children, the only meal that they can count on having is the school lunch. Fairfax County Public Schools is one of the wealthiest school districts in the country, but even so, Many of these students live in poverty.

Poverty is characterized by multiple physical and psychological stressors, including educational attainment and financial security.

Rates of poverty in the United States do not affect minorities equally. Amongst racial and ethnicity groups, African-Americans experience the highest rate of poverty at The poverty rate amongst Hispanics follows at The poverty rate of people.

Census Bureau. These discrepancies in socioeconomic status impact pursuit of higher education, and access to healthcare and food. There are many negative consequenc-. Studies from the American Psychological Association provide proof of mental and behavioral effects.

These include depression, anxiety, and withdrawal from classroom activities. Without access to proper nutrition, students lack the energy to participate in class and are more likely to not pay attention and fall asleep during the school day. An anonymous tenth-grade member of National Charity League, a non-profit community service organization, was asked for her views on poverty in Northern Virginia.

The student regularly vol-. In reality, there are many families in our area who deal with hunger and need help. Many local churches and other places of worship offer food pantries, and are always looking for donations and volunteers.

One resource is the Oakton Pantry, which provides food and resources for Oakton students and their families who cannot afford these necessities. Recently, the Pantry has been collecting donations of Thanksgiving food to provide to seventy Oakton families. In addition, the Pantry will host a holiday gift drive in December.

This will provide holiday gifts to students, along with some groceries for winter break. I admit that I was one of them. Actors, celebrities, news anchors and everyone else were lining up just to get a bite. Chick-fil-a and Popeyes even engaged in a bit of a social media feud over their sandwiches, which only served to boost the popularity of the latter.

When the chicken sandwich came roar-. At least I was, before I ate 5 chicken sandwiches in a week. After being kicked in the eye during a game, Houston Texans. Serena Williams celebrated her two year anniversary by trying one for the first time.

A vid-. The previous disappearance of the sandwich did not go forgotten by consumers, who made sure to not take it for granted. They wanted the sandwich so bad, they started killing each other over it.

One man was reportedly stabbed to death in Baltimore over it, a woman in Los Angeles drove her car into a storefront for it, and one employee was even arrested for brawling with unruly customers in Tennessee.

Additionally, several employees and customers were arrested in Milwaukee for inciting a brawl. With all these crazy incidents over a simple chicken. How different could it be? Meanwhile, others were in love with the sandwich. People here are either completely indifferent to it or completely enamored with it. For now, however, the debate rages on. Is he the candidate moderates have been waiting for? Following his tenure there, Bloomberg tried his hand at entrepreneurship and started his own company, Bloomberg L.

It is safe to say that attempt was a rousing success; the company, centered around the production of computers that stored financial information, led Michael Bloomberg to amass incredible wealth. He then shifted his interests toward philanthropy, donating millions to the medical industry and educational efforts. Over the last few decades, various alleged stories of him making lewd comments about women have surfaced, with no shortage of evidence to back them up.

At the very least, Bloomberg will shed some light on the double standard set by the president, one who has managed to ward off a plethora of credible sexual assualt allegations himself. An inside look at how the show was brought to life: the casting process, rehearsals, and costumes. Harry recently became a West Point dropout and his father is trying to convince him to marry his cousin. Jack is brought to the aforementioned cousin, Kate, and falls in love with her.

Through finding the perfect cast, spending endless hours rehearsing, and period costumes, this is what it took to bring this story to life on the stage. Abby Cortez 11 , a student director, says that the casting process began as soon as school did. By the end of the first week, the shows for the year were selected, and the auditions began.

The student directors were first chosen after which they worked closely with Ms. Gelinas and Ms. Powell to pick out the scenes they want to see the actors do. From the initial round of audi-.

The process repeats two to three times before it is determined who fits the character the best. Cortez says the hardest part about casting is giving the character personality.

The key is to figure out who is going to make the best and most distinct character choices. It is also important for directors to consider how the actors interact with each other and if they are compatible. This comes as a challenge because an actor for the lead role may have been cast, but the supporting roles must continue to be casted to see who would work best with the lead actor.

After the cast has been finalized, attention shifts to rehearsals. Rehearsals begin in class, then after school rehearsals are added as the performance date nears. These rehearsals typically last from three in the afternoon to six, but may run longer depending on if actors are rehearsing in costume for the day.

During longer week-. Additionally, tech week rehearsals begin near the end of the rehearsal process, introducing props, sound, lights to truly bring the production to life. One of the most important aspects of the show is costumes. After casting, measurements of the actors are taken. Costumes must be meticulously put together to bring the audience into the staged world, and must be given even more attention especially if the production is not set in modern-day society.

This year Oakton students and staff had a google form selection system in order to nominate seniors for this years senior superlatives that will be featured in the yearbook. At Oakton highschool, the voting for senior superlatives began near the end of October and the winners were decided in early November.

The chosen seniors were voted on by students in the senior class, and will be showcased in the yearbook. Being nominated and chosen for a senior superlative this year became a bit of a competition among the students. Although some students were randomly nominated without trying, some had to put in work in order to claim the title.

Elaina Howell: I always wanted to be nominated for a senior superlative. What did you do in order to ensure your nomination as best dressed? Elaina Howell: I legitimately dressed up nice in my own style every day and pre picked out my clothes a week ahead, on the weekends, to ensure that I would dress nice everyday. I also admire all of the people who ran because they had the same interests that I had. So, yes I was scared of the competition, but I knew whoever would win deserved it.

Did your desire to win a senior superlative arise this year, or previously? I feel accomplished because I have achieved a goal that makes me happy. Being able to take a look into the thought process of a senior superlative will hopefully spark a sense of curiosity to take a look into the yearbook and congratulate all the worthy winners! Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist who has different patents, including dynamite, established five nobel prizes in The award is given to those who contributed academically to the development of human civilization every year in accordance with a will written in by Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel.

Why did Nobel made the Nobel Prize? Then, when his brother Ludwig Nobel died, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary of Alfred Nobel. He left behind 94 percent of his legacy, or 32 million Swedish krona 3. Although Nobel offered no public reason for his creation of the prizes, it is widely believed that he had a lot of moral regret over the increasingly lethal uses of his inventions in war.

What are the categories of the Nobel Prize? So, nowadays, there are 6 categories of the No-. Nomination of the Nobel Prize According to www. Prize proposals must be submitted to the Nobel Committees on or before January 31 of the award year.

Then, each institution handles their decisions for a few months. Finally, on December, they announce the laureates. Not all the Nobel Prizes candidates are selected by the same institution. Finding a balance between your academics and other things like social events and sports can be hard but is essential.

Understanding that involvement is important is one of the first steps to getting used to your new highschool. Getting involved in after school or extra curricular activities can help you meet new people in your class and with upperclassmen.

Building healthy relationships is important for being comfortable and feeling good about being at school. Trying to juggle friends, school, sports, etc. It will help you through the rest of school and in life. You are at school to learn and although it may seem like your social life is very important. The workload handed to you in highschool can be very stressful and overwhelming. Doing homework may not seem as important as tests or projects but it still affects your grade.

Doing homework and classwork is very important because it keeps your grade up when you fail to exceed at the big projects or tests. Another key part of doing well in everyday classes is getting enough sleep. Most highschools start early and depending on where you live, you may have to take a bus or drive to school, forcing you to wake even earlier than you already have to.

Being responsible about your sleep schedule can make a big difference on how you work and your motivation to do work during the day. Same goes with hydration and eating healthy. Having a positive attitude going into a new school can also help a lot. Try to be outgoing and unique. First impressions matter, changing your opinion with someone is not easy to do and having people like you is important.

Being friendly to new people can change a lot in terms of your social status. Me: What did you love most about your time in office? I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to make —hopefully! In all the initiatives that I have undertaken—including championing healthier school food, protections for the transgender community, later high school start times, dress code changes, curriculum internationalization, menstrual hygiene product provision, gun violence prevention, human trafficking and sexual misconduct prevention, renewable energy installation and civic engagement—I have always had our students and staff foremost in mind.

The thing I have loved most is meeting our incredible students and staff, learning from them and working on their behalf. Me: What made you want to run for a higher position? When I lost, I was devastated because I had let down so many people who had believed in me, not least of whom my friends and colleagues in FCPS.

After having spent the better part of my School Board tenure telling students to be resilient and to stand up when they are knocked down, I had to give myself the same advice. In fact, my limited time in public office has showed me that community advocates and student advocates! We live in a society—and a region—that is so focused on achieving at high levels that it wears you out.

In fact, stress is what made me lose my hair as a high school student. I know how difficult it is for our students every day to live with that intense pressure to fit in and get into the best colleges. Me: What are your plans, if any, for continued public service?

Going forward, I hope to continue my efforts to internationalize Fairfax County by launching a student global leadership program that will prepare our next generation of leaders to take on the local and global challenges they face, including climate change, food insecurity and the growing divide between rich and poor. What do you want students to remember you for as you leave office? Ryan: I hope that students will remember me for empowering them.

I would leave them with this message: Your voice matters, and when you speak up, you are far more powerful than you can imagine. I can only hope that I have brought a fraction of the joy to your lives that you have brought to mine. You continue to inspire me every day, and I will always be cheering you on from the sidelines. Like a currency, our appearances function as public property, up to the interpretation of others.

Many of whom we consider beautiful are unaware of the privileges they retain until they no longer receive them. Only then is pretty privilege truly grasped as an innate advantage. In situations where two people are competing for a job and are seemingly equal in intelligence and competence, the prevailer is often the more attractive one. Further, people who are more attractive earn higher salaries, are more likely to be promoted, or treated more professionally.

Unlike a majority of thought, beauty has been proven to be quantifiable, according to mathematician George David Birkhoff. Birkhoff originally created his formula to measure the attractiveness of a work of art, relying on complexity and symmetry.

He stated that if something is complex, it is at its most appealing when it its unsymmetrical, but simplicity yearns for symmetry. In his research, Birkhoff was criticized for his subjectivity, but sensitivity to symmetry, it seems, is ingrained within human behavior. Familiarity is directly indicative of preference, for standards of attractiveness are upheld through exposure of culturally presented ideals. Unfortunately, people who do not present conventionally attractive features according to a white majority or heteronormative gender expressionmay not recieve the same pretty priviledges given to others.

This of course excludes preferences within individual communities, as many studies have shown Americans tend to marry within their own race.

Many studies have shown that asymmetrical faces are reflections of individual variation in development, as the slightest deviation in gene expression can lead to asymmetrical features.

In opposition to popular belief, symmetry does not always indicate health, but cross culturally, symmetrical faces are considered to be more attractive. The face-centered social interactions demanded by the human brain exhibits how closely symmetry is considered in the pursuit of companionship. In this context, a whole study has launched in dedication to the societal effects of physical attractiveness, known as pulchronomics.

In a society where beauty is mainstream and seemingly attainable, many are desperate to invest in it. That is, some external treatment on facial appearances.

There is no real remedy for going without the privilege of being innately attractive and it is important to not dwell in self pity over uncontrollable standards. Privilege exists in every aspect of society and by acknowledging that beauty is in the eye of the beholder allows humankind to move on from superficial judgements of attractiveness, instead allowing for the betterment of character and personality.

In the end, what will ultimately triumph is the longevity of morals and intelligence over facial complexity. What is it? Why go there?

To the average person, it is a bit of an anomaly. Contrary to popular belief, it is not where all artistic loners go to make their angsty paintings or where the eccentric go to be Art school encompasses all different types of people who have a love for the fine arts.

It requires students who are dedicated and motivated and are willing to spend hours in a cramped studio space. It also has a much higher price tag as a majority are private. So you may ask: why would anyone want to go to one? Art Foundation Year The art foundation year is prevalent in nearly all art schools. It takes place over the course of 2 semesters, where all freshmen are required to take all the same classes not necessarily related to the specific major they applied for.

Not only does it. Known as the Harvard of art schools, it is the best in the country. This means you could earn a degree at both universities in 5 years.

It is extremely competitive to get in, and applicants must be strong both academically and artistically, but wow that would look amazing on a future resume. In the past, three words were given and applicants. It can also surprise students who come into art school with a path in mind but find out through art foundation that their passion lies elsewhere.

What is a portfolio? Every art school will require one to apply—but each is looking for something slightly different. Create a visual reaction to this object or phenomenon.

Although your chances are much stronger if you are also creatively-driven, RISD tends to focus more on technique since they want everyone admitted to be able to handle their foundation year. It is also a short one-hour ride away, making it great if one is looking for an art. Unique traits: MICA has some of the largest study abroad programs for any art school. They have students visiting everywhere from Turkey to Italy to Japan.

Students are able to take one class a semester at any of the partnering schools without separate application. Portfolio: Only include finished pieces i.

MICA representatives review submitted portfolios for admission on a rubric that caters towards completely finished pieces, so including those pictures of in-progress pieces or sketchbook will only hurt your chances. Located in the heart of New York City, Parsons students are at home in one of the greatest cities in the world. Parsons also specifically emphasizes sustainability, providing a classroom environment that tries to get students involved with the area around outside of school.

Unique traits: Parsons is part of The New School as one of its subdivisions. What this means for students is that they are able to take classes interchangeably between these schools—perfect for design students who are also looking for classes outside of the art school curriculum. Portfolio: Parsons is a school that emphasizes knowing more about the individual.

Each piece should tell the reviewers something about the artist. New York City gives Pratt students an incomparable learning environ-. SAIC has the largest school-museum campus in the country as well, providing ample Unique traits: Uniquely, Pratt offers a pro- opportunity for students to present their gram through their extension campus in work to the public. Utica, PrattMWP. They accept main campus in Brooklyn without the need work created across media, or focused enfor reapplication.

This is a great option for tirely in one medium. They recommend your portfolio students by Newsweek. CalArts proclaims to consist of a variety of media.

Chicago, IL SAIC is one of the largest accredited inde- Unique traits: CalArts offers individualized pendent schools of art and design in the faculty mentoring, which helps students on United States, ranking high in many ma- their path to become the best artists they jors and disciplines.

Located in the bustling can be. What it is, how to get in, and where to start courtney te editorial board emily richardson editorial board.

To jump into the season, many people have already started to set up decorations and buy gifts. With all of the hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget that while Christmas is a federal holiday, it is still technically a Christian holiday.

Does that mean only Christians celebrate this holiday? Not at all. To dig into this topic a few non-Christians at Oakton talk about their Christmases. In Islam, we are taught to respect all the religions of God. Our prophet would always push being good to other religions and showing them appreciation and acceptance. So, we wish our Christian friends a Merry Christmas with gifts.

In addition, we light candles and have a Christmas party with our family and close friends. It is definitely more hanging out with family and exchanging gifts than anything religious. While many non-Christians still enjoy the activities of the holiday, such as exchanging gifts and putting up a tree, those who do not share some very interesting stories.

However, when I was younger I felt really bad that I did not celebrate Christmas. After I tell people that I did not hang up a tree, or exchange gifts, or meet up with friends and family, they would be shocked and even question me. Although it is a Christian holiday, people expect everyone to be celebrating it, even if it is not apart of our religion. It pressured me to a point where I would lie about if I celebrated it, just to keep off the questioning.

Nowadays, I am much more confident in myself, but I know younger me just wanted to fit in with everyone else. I know a lot of people in America are Christian, and I know it is a fun holiday to celebrate, in which I have no problem with.

It may not seem important, but it is important to me. Another girl gave a similar answer. However, I have no problem when other people celebrating it because I see how much joy and happiness it brings them. At points it even makes me feel pressured. However, those who do not share a similar feeling of uncomfortableness and social pressure.

Christmas is such a widespread holiday that it would be hard to avoid, with the sales, decorations, and many parties that celebrate it. With such a big presence, it is no wonder so many people celebrate Christmas. The senior internship is a program that allows students to complete their school year two weeks earlier in order to gain a better understanding of what the career that they plan to pursue is like in the real world.

Netflix annually makes a deal of releasing a variety of Christmas movies, and this year is no exception. Netflix has been giving Disney and Hallmark competition as of late in terms of viewership due to the fact that the frequent release of movies has attracted thousands of viewers to their Netflix accounts.

Love, friendships, and misunderstandings drive the plot of the movie, and the storylines are relatable to many teenagers. The cast consists of a boy pining for his best friend, a girl with a sick mother, and a boy who wants to throw a party but has strict parents. The movie represents a variety of diverse characters with different problems that teens worldwide can connect to and touches on important topics such as the LGBTQ community and religion. Abba Kodiaga 10 says, They definitely hit the mark with the diversity of people.

They represented all types of people from the LGBTQ community and by having one of their lead actors be black. It also addresses the struggles of being a high school student, with topics stirring from relationships and having to deal with family issues. It was a very enjoyable movie with lessons included that.

Along with the heartfelt plot, the soundtrack is on Spotify and could put anyone in the Holiday mood. Since then, the market has expanded to include more manufacturers that offer many of the same specifications. The iPhone has been put on a pedestal for its simplistic branding and its legacy as the phone that everyone buys. Android manufacturers generally offer a lower price for the same or better specifications than the iPhone.

The recent price bump from earlier models of the Google Pixel shows that customers believe their gadget is worth breaking their Apple loyalty to purchase an Android. The reason the majority of people buy iPhones is linked to the fact that they were first to the smartphone industry – they have the iMessage ecosystem that connects other iPhone users seamlessly, and they have become the leader in smartphone trends.

Google owns the Android software and has given it to hundreds of manufacturers to implement in their phones. With the Pixel line however, Google controls the hardware and software for their device. This makes the Pixel the ideal Android because it is produced in the way the manufacturer intended it.

Top of the line features comparable to iPhone and a more customizable software moves the Pixel up the ladder despite the price bump. Although Jojo is going through an internal life struggle, he discovers Elsa. Simultaneously terrified and fascinated by the Jewish girl, Jojo conspires with his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, and resolves to learn more about Jewish culture to write a book on how to recognize and catch a Jew.

As time goes on and the uncertainty of German victory in the war increases, Jojo develops feelings for Elsa and frequently finds himself in contention with the Nazi principles he was taught in the form of his imaginary friend Hitler and his heart.

His conflict grows stronger when Elsa narrowly escapes death. Finally, Jojo listens to his heart and accepts Elsa wholeheartedly, which allows him to help Elsa escape and marvel at the new bright world in front of her. Jojo Rabbit creates a comedic and satirical movie about an extremely sensitive topic, while still conveying a meaningful story about acceptance and love.

Ann Bisset, a jewish freshman that saw the movie after all the buzz also agrees with this sentiment. Netflix Originals are shows and movies produced by Netflix and streamed exclusively by them.

While a vast majority of this streaming service is filled up by their own shows, there are still some shows from other film industries. The disconnect between Netflix and the film industry is making their customers confused, and some unhappy. When asked to take a poll about this content change, streamers of Netflix had mixed reviews of this new change. A sophomore at Oakton said that their favorite show on Netflix that has been removed is Pretty Little Liars, and that they do not like the direction Netflix is taking.

Courtesy of Tom Warren A junior at oakton said their favorite movie on Netflix that has been taken off is The Shining, and they do like the direction Netflix is taking. A different sophomore said their favorite show on Netflix was Archer and that they do not like the direction Netflix is taking. However, almost everyone who was asked about wheth-. At the end of the day, students agree that the good shows and movies that are being replaced by these are better than the Originals and should not have been taken off.

Netflix was a streaming service that showed lots of shows and movies from many TV networks, but now they are moving in a direction where there are more streams of their own network.

These changes could cost Netflix their audience and influence that they have gained over the TV industry. The only thing that could bring some of these viewers back to Netflix would be them returning to their original business plan that made everyone love Netflix, and made it so popular in the first place.

In July, Instagram proposed the idea of banning other followers from viewing the amount of likes one has. Instagram is taking this action in order to protect mental health and prevent competition.

Instead of a constant battle of who can get more likes, Instagram is trying to promote the sharing of pictures without fear of judgement. So what are the benefits? While the app scored highly in terms of promoting self-expression and self-identity, it is also recognized. Instagram policy director, Mia Garlick hopes. Hmmmm what should I get into now? Jem Wolfie, a food and fitness influencer from the matter.

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