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Usajobs pathways recent graduates 2017-18 world series
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My main responsibility is curating lesson plans for the summer program. I focus on themes of social justice, advocacy, BIPOC and women farming experiences, ecology, and plant-based cooking. I have always wanted to be a part of developing the information our youth learn through the education system. I feel blessed to know that my lesson plans will help nurture young minds to grow up into healthy, wholesome individuals that will create positive change in the near future.

The initiatives that Harlem Grown centers help increase access to knowledge about healthy foods and living ambitious lifestyles around Harlem. I work closely with the Director of Programming to support the adult programming, from yoga classes to plant-based cooking demos, that takes place on the th Farm over the weekends. I also connect with the Director of Act to run farm stands for Harlem Grown, which offers free, fresh produce i.

I work full-time and recognized that I would have to be intentional about securing an internship with an organization that fits right in with my creative, versatile lifestyle.

As I embark on a journey to feel restored and reconnect with my real values, I knew I wanted to get involved with an organization that supported my love for community development centered around the arts and wellness. I found this internship researching community-based organizations that offer opportunities to get involved on the weekends.

Harlem Grown spoke to the type of internship that I wanted to volunteer my time to, especially in support of their social impact mission. Harlem Grown has given me space to unveil, develop, and sharpen multiple skills as I grow into the best version of myself. For instance, I now have the experience needed for effective lesson planning, which includes managing, adapting, interrogating, and more.

When planning, I look at the big picture and revisit the details behind themes to cultivate a refined, empathetic perspective necessary to be sensitive to the different circumstances our youth face. My experiences overall continue to set the foundation for me to build my own organization, Glorifying Blackness, which centers creative experiences to build a sustainable community for Black healing. Be intentional. Be present. Remain persistent and do not give up, especially if you do not hear back from the organization right away.

Do not be afraid to send a follow-up email or give the organization a call — chances are they would be more than happy to on-board an intern that is ready to amplify their mission. There is light in finding an internship that speaks to you and your inner child: an opportunity that intersects your joy and passions, the way forward towards your career, and your overall purpose in life. International Trade Administration. What program are you in at Marxe? I am currently in the MIA program with a concentration in the Western hemisphere.

I am part of the pathway internship program with the U. The agency is a branch of the Department of Commerce, and it promotes and facilitates U. It manages major contracts and purchases for over domestic and international offices. How did you find this internship? Once I created an account, I set an email alert for new pathway internship opportunities. Most federal agencies have a pathway program. Since they are competitive and usually close after applications, I often applied as early as possible.

Sometimes around AM or whenever I received the notification. Did you acquire and specific skills? If so, what were they? There are also great learning opportunities, such as fully funded accredited certificate programs for management and financial skill development. What advice do you have for current students looking for an internship? First, have a session with the MIA career services office.

They helped me put my plan and ideas on paper. The office also helped me with mock interviews that boosted my confidence when the time came. While most of us want to work for large international organizations, internships in local government City council, State assembly are equally important and often lead to those larger organizations.

For me, my previous summer and winter internships at New York City council and New York State assembly were determining factors in obtaining my current position. Local government internships can be easy to get; local assembly and city council offices are often short-staffed and looking for support. I also revised and improved the content of SRH topics on the website and prepared documents on regional SRH resources.

The internship allowed me to explore a key area at the intersection of health, human rights, and sustainability. I gained first-hand knowledge of the workings of an international organization and learned how my career interests fit within an organization like the UN. I have since been actively looking for internships to allow myself to explore career opportunities at the nexus of science, policy, and human rights. I learned about this internship through a weekly email from Marxe Career Services.

I contacted Marny at career services, she reviewed my resume and helped me tailor it to the position. One thing in particular that motivated me to apply for this internship was that it involved travel and was open to international students.

If you are someone looking for an internship, I would recommend being open and willing to explore diverse opportunities. Take advantage of Marxe Career Services and other opportunities available at the school.

I was pointed to a specific internship opportunity on Marxe CareerConnect, and got it! As an advising intern for the Director, I created schedules of first-year and transfer students who were undecided in their major, presented at first-year orientation, and communicated across administrative departments. Not only was this internship my first administrative experience, it was also my first-time ever interacting with college students in such a role, and bridged what I was learning from my HEA courses like student affairs and administrative services.

I got to especially understand the struggle and discomfort, but freedom and flexibility that comes for students who are undecided majors. I was able to advise students on core curriculum classes and kept in touch with students for changes and credit approval. My internship also gave me professional development in using the administrative program Banner, data-tracking and sorting software, and the curriculum taught in First-Year Seminar.

I was able to help redesign the Pace website for the Center for Exploring Majors, and self-reflect internally on my own strengths with the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. This internship really sparked for me the joy in working with college students and seeing the whole individual.

My advice for students seeking internships is to research and know the institution or company that you are applying for. It stands out when you know its mission and current initiatives, and can tailor your cover letter.

Use Marxe Career Services to the fullest extent! Without it, I would not have landed this internship nor realized how many transferable skills I have. I worked in the fiscal unit, assisting with grants and other financial matters. I was also tasked with tracking the progress of various expense and grant funded projects that are happening at the ferry, such as the construction of three new ferryboats.

I regularly liaised with staff across different agencies to assess project schedules and budget issues. As someone who is interested in public finance and urban development, I felt this experience allowed me to see the process firsthand.

At DOT, I was thrown right into the middle of the bureaucratic process and thankfully excelled, due to my ability to incorporate the many things I learned here at the Marxe School.

After going to Marxe Career Services, I was able to talk with Suzanne about my areas of interest and she directed me to multiple postings, including one at DOT. After an arduous search process throughout the spring, I interviewed at the ferry and shortly thereafter was asked and accepted a College Aide position. For anyone seeking an internship, my advice to them is they need to have persistence and patience.

The job search process, even for interns, can be daunting. Finding an internship was no easy task for me and it took a great deal of effort secure a position that fit my career goals. Definitely speak to someone from Marxe Career Services to find out about opportunities. Either positions were closed, or organizations had nothing on their websites indicating that they even held internships.

I asked if they were looking to hire any interns. To my surprise, they messaged me quickly, and asked for an interview the next day! I went in for my interview, and secured it right after a long yet enthusiastic interview with the Deputy Consul of Peru. Being Peruvian is not required to work or intern there, but I think my Peruvian background and fluency in Spanish helped me to secure this position.

The most important responsibility and task I had this summer, was the job of renewing and creating Peruvian Passports and DNI cards Peruvian issued national Identification cards. Working with passports and Identification cards, helped me understand the fragility and seriousness that is required when handling these matters.

Any error, can affect the production and process time of these documents, which delays patrons and causes an inconvenience. While live, we also took any questions and concerns that patrons may have had. In addition, I prepared a statistical report, where I gathered data in regards to the amount of operations that were carried out for each month of every year since , up until now.

For example, I had to go into the Peruvian government archive system, and see how many passports were processed per month at the consular office for the year of Or how many matrimony licenses were registered at the consular office per month for the year of I generated a report, and used bar graphs and excel sheets, to explain what has been produced and carried out in the New York Peruvian consular office.

Overall, this internship has helped me realize how helpful it really is to know another language, aside from English which is universal. My knowledge of the Spanish language gave me the opportunity to serve a certain group of people with the purpose of solving and fixing any of their issues. I realized that I would like a career that emphasizes working with organizations, corporations, or people, with ties to Latin America.

A career in diplomacy is also a career option, because I learned a lot about the role, and saw what the typical work routine of an ambassador and deputy consul consists of.

It is challenging work, but very rewarding in the end. For those who are seeking an internship, I would recommend contacting organizations or groups directly either through email or social media, especially if you cannot find an opening for something in particular that you like.

Like myself, I recommend just inquiring about any potential positions that may be open, and take it from there. I have had the opportunity to act as editor for several podcasts—researching and preparing remarks for subjects ranging from nuclear nonproliferation, to modern diplomacy, to U. I hope to work in environmental policy, so I have appreciated the chance to see how an established NGO approaches challenges of similar complexity and scale.

It was an important reminder for me to treat these events and similar as primarily an opportunity to pitch what I bring to the table to potential decision makers versus asking that question of them.

My favorite part was the opportunity to tap into different areas of Sanitation. For instance, I was working on the Implementation Plan for Commercial Waste Zones, which is a heavily politicized and controversial issue in the city, while also researching how to increase recycling rates or supporting a competition to redesign the NYC litter baskets. I am interested in advancing sustainability in city operations, so DSNY was the perfect place for me to learn more and apply my experience.

It was great to have the chance to visit Sanitation workers, garages, compost sites, and community stakeholders, making the work that much more tangible. I am confident this internship had an impact on my outlook on sustainability and city government operations.

I then found out that the role had changed, and it was the perfect fit for me. I believe that talking about relevant classes I had taken, such as Environmental Policy and Strategic Communications, and explaining how they would serve my work was a major determining factor in securing the position. My advice to others is to not let any opportunity pass you by because it does not sound right; go and meet the team because you never know what might come from that interaction.

I found the opening on CareerConnect and there were two rounds of interviews. At the moment, I am working with program managers to develop new evaluation and reporting methods for community partner grantees. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is a trendier term for what I am doing now but, I expect it to become more and more of the norm as consumers raise the ethical expectations for large companies.

Ultimately, community development is a realm I see myself gravitating toward after graduation and I am one that thinks CSR will play a large role in that process. My advice to students seeking an internship is to perform deep dives into your focus area. By doing this before you even write a cover letter, you can frame your expertise or desire to work in the company around the challenges they currently face or those on the horizon. Once I applied, I interviewed with my current supervisors and was extended an offer shortly after.

It is the first time I have been involved in the coding aspects of database management systems. These responsibilities fit into my overall career goals because upon graduation from the MPA program, I knew that I wanted to work in the field of corporate philanthropy.

A piece of advice that I would give students who are looking for internships is to have a clear idea of what your career objectives are and how the internships you are applying for will help you meet them.

Also, try your best to sell yourself and leverage any past experience you have that are related to the job responsibilities. After my first semester at Baruch as an MPA student, I was looking forward to taking advantage of the internship opportunities during the summer.

I was fortunate to join one of the largest philanthropic organization there is — Open Society Foundations. The global goal of the organization is to help countries transition from their communist past. The internship at OSF gave me the opportunity to attend all meetings that are relevant to my categories of work, review grant applications and familiarize myself with the grant-making process. Overall, I was privileged to be fully engaged in everything that was going on in the program.

The best advice I can give to students looking for internships is to follow your true professional passion and have an idea of what kind of knowledge and experience you are looking to gain before you start applying for internships.

I wish you all luck and great professional and educational experiences. It is rewarding to attend an institution whose values align with my own. Immediately after getting accepted into the HEA Program, I proactively sought opportunities to work with students.

I pursued and landed both of them. These assistantships allowed me integrate what I was learning in the classroom, such as student development, finances in higher education, quantitative and qualitative research, and administrative services. Although my assistantships have ended, I am eager to continue this work in student life and leadership development, as well as in opportunity programs.

If I can give one piece of advice to those searching for internships, I would say not to wait for an opportunity to come knocking at your door. Do your research, reach out to administrators early on, ask questions, and go get it! Vera was founded in the s and policing reform is something that continues to be a central aspect of its work. This included the first project involving policing, the Manhattan Summons Project during the s. The pilot program was so successful that it was eventually adopted and expanded to all police precincts in New York City.

It also revolutionized how summonses were used and how police in New York City interacted with communities. VSFS Interns will increase the digital capacity of federal agencies participating, whether technically, artistically or via increased communication.

Office of Operations. Internships within the field of government and policy are some of our most dynamic and exciting opportunities. About these Opportunities. We understand that teachers have worked incredibly hard to derive fair and consistent grades for their students this summer.

Two outside groups are joining forces to organize and finance an internship program for federal agencies, looking to create a new pipeline for young people to enter the Logistics. Department of State take you?

Just for starters, it would give you a coveted inside look at diplomacy in action, and the range of careers and responsibilities found in the Foreign Service and […] Internships.

The federal government made. Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship Program. International Affairs Junior Fellowship. All Internships forms can be viewed and downloaded from this Google Drive Folder. If you want a career that’s guaranteed to make an impact on people, look no further than the field of politics. Interns who participate in our Summer Program will receive a valuable work experience in the field of their choice.

Now is the time to apply for the fully-funded Turkish Internships with all your application documents. These opportunities are provided and funded by the Government of Canada. CUPS offers several opportunities that are open undergraduates entering their junior or senior year and recent baccalaureate degree students.

The BLM offers internships that provide young people and veterans with jobs and job training opportunities in local communities. Two outside groups are joining forces to organize and finance an internship program for federal agencies, looking to create a new pipeline for young people to enter the Fellows serve yearlong assignments in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government in Washington.

Learn how the government hires people. Early Career Insights Senator Warnock seeks a full-time summer legal intern either for his with the requirements of Senate Rules, regulations and applicable federal laws. Apply for jobs in the federal government. Each year, the program adds to a growing corps over 3, strong of policy-savvy leaders working across academia, government, nonprofits and industry to serve the nation and the world.

Although internships at the National Archives are un-paid, they can be completed for academic credit depending upon your school’s policy. The federal government must partner with U. Details: Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program, operated by the Partnership for Public Service, is recruiting young talent to join the federal workforce in support of two agencies as a summer intern.

Summer internship: Deadline is April 15, Your resume will be visible to recruiters searching our database. Internships can be for the summer 10 weeks or an alternative period of time, such as a quarter or a semester during the school year.

The program will take place from July 19 to September 8. The federal internship program is a great way to try out a career in civil service before you commit. Volunteering and internship opportunities. NOAA partners with selected colleges to provide undergraduate students summer internship experience in science, policy, and science communication. Graduate Summit Deadline ; September 21, That’s why we’ll be introducingSearching for internships and summer training opportunities in Egypt?

Sacramento, CA. For NGOs and several government organizations, many deadlines vary from late Some organizations may not post their summer internship deadlines until the Air Force Premier College Intern Program These positions will last weeks during the summer and are offered in over 42 locations around the country Approximately interns are chosen each spring, summer and fall to participate in this highly competitive program.

The FBI Honors Intern Program is a week, paid internship for undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior and graduate college students. You must be enrolled at a partner school to participate and apply through that school. Headquarters Student Internship Program.

Applicants may list up to two projects, in order of preference, on the application. Internships can be seasonal Summer, Fall, Spring or year-round. Our office will not be able to consider applicants for more than one program for the Summer session.

Federal Reserve Board. The Program. Please consider applying for the Fall session. Must be U. Embassies, Consulates, and Missions abroad. A Programmer Analyst does technically difficult programming and application or software support; analyzes existing systems and procedures; determines the feasibility of data processing applications; designs and participates in the implementation of systems of computer programs; and may act as a lead analyst or project leader in supervising technical employees who are performing such work.

For questions, call Sandia will be recruiting students at the event and are welcoming them for free! For additional information contact Cris Romero at: crirome sandia. Sandia National Labs is seeking extraordinary applicants for two prestigious postdoctoral opportunities.

Applications for employment will be accepted for the Truman Fellowship and the new Jill Hruby Fellowship through November 1, All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply at sandia.

Contact isha mindsumo. The GFZ seeks exceptional candidates for a research associate in Section 2. Job responsibilities will include a variety of machine learning, data science and scientific programming related tasks. The successful candidate is expected to maintain data and code repository, edit the website, develop real-time visualization on the website, develop various programming tools for scientific codes and data analysis, document and test existing codes, adopt scientific codes for different scientific problems.

Boeing fall recruiting season has begun and the internship requisitions have been posted at www. Over the course of their week internship experience, you will have the opportunity to work directly with a mentor in your field of study while finding solutions to real world problems, and experience their products up close by touring their state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities.

Internship: Chefd — Data Science. Contact Chris Tambos at chris. Field Elementary Pasadena Unified School District is looking for a computer lab instructor for the school year. Ability to communicate in Mandarin is highly desirable. If interested, please contact Carol Ko office manager at ko. Beverly Hills High School is looking for graduate students interested in being retained as coaches for their first Robotics team for the school year.

Email cdubin bhusd. Qualified graduate or undergraduate student applicants should contact Professor Steve Anderson:sfanders tft. Job: Nerv — Front-end Engineer. Nerv is using the Shopify platform and would like to make simple stylistic tweaks on top of an existing template. Contact team getnerv. Cost engineer will develop and maintain budget and track project costs throughout the life of projects, and change management, estimate impacts of changes and contingency drawdown.

Contact Archana Khanna at Archana. Khanna curriebrown. Fathom Computing is a new venture-funded startup in Silicon Valley that is building an optical computer. A UCLA alumn could take part in something that is going to change the world massively in a couple of years.

Contact Christopher Palomo: at cpalomo chavez. If you are interested in joining The Arcadia Group, please send a cover letter, resume and salary requirements to jallen arcadiainc. Job: Credit Wizard — Developer. Python, Java, or C experience preferred. Please email resume and a brief statement of experience to shiva. As a Japanese Language Data Specialist on the Speech Training Data Team, you will help collect and validate the quality of language data, provide language and cultural-specific input, contribute language translations, work with Japanese business partners and vendors and provide feedback to improve their tools.

Submit your resume and cover letter to lisa soundhound. Job: SoundHound — Language Specialist. As a Language Data Specialist on our Speech Training Data Team, you will help collect and validate the quality of language data, provide language and cultural-specific input, contribute language translations, work with data vendors and provide feedback to improve our tools.

Job: SoundHound — Software Engineer. You will be learning and using the most advanced technologies in the fields of Natural Language Understanding, Speech, Search, and AI, all built in-house here at SoundHound over the past 10 years. Job: Pod — Developer. John Valencia is searching for a talented programmer to develop an app.

He created a virtual communications platform called Pod. Pod allows anonymous communication and gives users the ability to wipe their contributed content clean at any time — think of it as a robust and anonymous Snapchat. Developer will receive an equity share of the venture, open to negotiation, largely dependent on your level of expertise and willingness to commit to the project.

If interested, email johnwvalencia gmail. Null Byte pays for high-quality tutorials and news articles covering information security and ethical hacking topics. Professor Doug Lichtman will need to write some scripts to amalgamate the JSON data into useful summary metrics, and some scripts just to unpack the data into more useful forms.

Interested students should contact Doug Lichtman by email at lichtman law. Their internships are ideal for individuals looking to learn more about how to build a successful enterprise SaaS product, the architectural and engineering concerns involved in doing so, the inner workings of a growing GovTech startup, and software development in general. Contact elon spidrtech. Candidate should have degree in a programming field, or in process of attaining a programming degree.

Build scalable tools to measure data trends. Develop algorithms and experiments to influence social engineering. Create and maintain data pipelines, dashboards, and data models around our data ecosystem.

Prototyping new features and building new ideas by writing code in Python. E-mail resumes to CarthageSocialTech gmail. Visit www. Candidate should have Ph. Job: Ritz Lab — Comp Sci. Educational background in relevant field such as Computer Science.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume to irishcdr ucla. Send requested material to careers oben. Surfx is looking for a full-time mechanical engineer that will help them design, develop and test atmospheric plasma products for the aerospace, medical device, and semiconductor packaging industries. Product design will require a working knowledge of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mechanics, etc. Email your application to jobs surfxtechnologies. Ideally, your proposed service or solution will incorporate the following elements: leverage the UL Field Engineering network which includes engineers and technical staff located throughout the United States, leverage technology Examples include sensors, data collection software, data analytics tools, etc.

Email info insightdatascience. The overall objective is to develop and validate a prediction model for pancreatic cancer based on a large database of longitudinal health data in veterans treated at the Veterans Affairs VA Healthcare System. Data analyst will program data extracts from longitudinal medical records.

Candidate should have experience with relational database, preferably with clinical data, and working knowledge of SQL. Contact Christie Jeon at christie. Job: SpaceX — Manufacturing Engineer. Contact Joseph Attia at joseph.

Must be available to work full-time for approximately 6 months as a co-op for the summer and fall. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in practical applications of remote sensing and GIS, specifically in the field of Earth Science. The fall online application is open from May 22 — June 30, The fall internship dates are September 11 — November 17, Both paid and volunteer positions are offered. Responsibilities will include: literature review, data processing and analysis, composing of deliverables including a technical paper, presentation, and video.

Previous GIS or remote sensing knowledge, while beneficial, are not required for acceptance. If selected, participants must be able to commit hours per week. Web app developer will work on the platform, Ask Me, which will collect survey and genetic data from millions of people worldwide.

They are looking for a student developer with strong familiarity of web application development and web architecture. Candidate should have extensive experience with ReactJS and modern front-end tooling Webpack, Babel, Redux, Sagas or related technologies.

If interested, please email askmeapp. Students are encouraged to propose policy strategies, business models, and other solutions to address their chosen challenge, but these proposals must be accompanied by a physical intervention at a specific site in a city within the Resilient Cities network.

Students must form a multidisciplinary team of two to five members to enter, and include students from two disciplines at a minimum. Your ideas will be reviewed by leading industry thinkers in cities worldwide. Audiology Intern will summarize the research done by the others in a concise manner to extrapolate and interpolate the data and draw conclusions about the health effects of airborne ultrasound.

Intern will also read a literature survey commissioned by uBeam, refer to the original papers as necessary, and create a tabular description of the various tests to illuminate the problem. Internship: uBeam — Acoustics Intern. Acoustics Intern will develop acoustically transparent materials and test designs, work under engineering team designing new transducers, and create automated test systems.

Internship: uBeam — EE Intern. EE Intern will work with EE team to optimize a prototype system resulting in acoustic power transfer. Net Core with a micro-service cloud-based architecture. Engineering Interns will focus primarily on analyzing functional requirements, research and suggest component strategies, and producing draft module-specific engineering specs. Contact Victoria Nunez at victoria safemovement. The Easton Technology Management Center offers a unique, six-week Summer Institute so you can explore tech leadership by focusing on innovation, product development, data management, data analytics, and leadership through communications.

Candidate should have knowledge of Objective-C and Cocoatouch framework or willing to learn. Submit an application here. Internship: Surfx- ME Intern. Surfx is looking for a part-time mechanical engineer that will help them develop hardware for their plasma systems. The successful candidate will be able to design 3D CAD models, draw up manufacturing drawings, test, debug, and refine mechanical systems.

The intern will be expected to work full time during the summer, and 10 to 16 hours per week during the school year. Competition: James Dyson Award. The James Dyson Award is now open for entries. The award celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of engineers. Learn more at jamesdysonaward.

Parsons is seeking an Engineering Intern to work on various transportation and water related projects throughout the summer.

You will utilize a CAD workstation to prepare engineering drawings consisting of basic arrangements, layouts, as-builts, etc. Submit resume to Leng Ear at lear lachamber.

Fellowship: Fall Insight Fellowships. The Insight Data Fellows Programs are tuition-free professional Fellowships for students and postdocs looking to transition to careers in data science, health data science, data engineering, or artificial intelligence. The program is looking for alumni, post-docs, or students graduating by December , who can participate full-time during the Fellowship and interview period following. This one-year program is designed to build participants with essential skills and expose them to rotations in our Mobile Engineering, Data Science, Business Intelligence and Technology divisions.

During each three-month rotation, you will learn, how a tech media business operates in different capacities, as well as day-to- day skills on how to support teams and projects. Job: Drone Engineer. Will Shapiro is in search of someone who can help build a contraption that can be attached to the bottom of a drone.

Engineer would preferably have access to tools needed. Knowledge of drones would be ideal, though not mandatory. Contact Will Russell-Shapiro at willrshapiro gmail. You will work collaboratively with other technicians and engineers to obtain project acceptance at installation sites mainly in Asia. Candidate should have good understanding of general construction, assembly and connectivity concept.

Contact Jeffrey Lee at jlee asisilicamachinery. You are invited to imagine innovative ideas for a product or a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to make the difference and shape the future. The winning teams will have the chance to come to Paris and pitch their project to top CEOs, directors and employees. Internship: J. Prieto Engineering Construction — Civil Engineer. This internship is in the field of civil engineering mostly relevant to the students that are interested in the construction side of this practice.

This is a perfect first internship for young students with no previous internship experience, probably students of sophomores level. This internship will expose them to the biding process of projects, reading plans, talking to clients, going to job walks, revising on-going projects etc.

Email cover letter and resume to blanco prietoengineering. Initial Competition Registration Deadline is June 16, Job: Sensay — Director of Engineering.

Applicant should be polyglot — you know at least 3 programming languages because Sensay has a mixed environment with Ruby, Python and Elixir. Candidate should be a natural leader who can fast track to CTO role. Contact Ariel Jalali at ariel sensay. Job: Sensay — Full Stack Developer. Candidate should be a natural leader who can grow into a manager role. Selected students from Primers will be able to choose an intern- ship or co-op track giving them the opportunity to assume real responsibilities and gain work experience.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided. Candidate should be pursuing advanced degree, Bachelors, Masters or Ph. In this position, the individual will be responsible for development of the future generation of 3D NAND flash.

Contact Austin McDowell at austin. Fresh Press Coffee is hiring a designer within the mechanical, environmental or industrial space. Mechanical engineer should have sketching, 3D modeling, and prototyping experience. As a designer you will be involved in a number of stages of product development including research, physical concept development, and rapid prototyping. The role will require at least hours per week. Include a link to your portfolio, or send a PDF attachment to freshpresscoffeeco gmail.

The Veloz Group is filling unpaid summer internships in Software Engineering and Software Entrepreneurship from top computer science programs from around the country. Applicants must be pursuing a Masters or Ph. D in Computer Science, and candidates must possess strong programming skills as well as a background in web technologies and command-line Linux. Software Engineering Interns will be responsible for designing and developing new technology for existing Veloz businesses.

Software Entrepreneurship Interns will divide their time between software engineering projects and activities related to the business, management and entrepreneurial components of technology start-up companies. Learn more and apply directly at www.

Applicants should be proficient with C. Email resumes to jobs silvustechnologies. Job: PathwaysToScience — Postdoc. Job: DynaLab. DynaLab is looking for students who are familiar with Management information system and Android device. The job is to install robots in elderly people homes in LA area. They expect students who are able to learn the robots introduction guide and perform the installation task. Also prefer students who are passion to work with elderly people. If interested, please contact: stanley dynalab.

Internship: Internet Research Incubator. The application is short, and no letters of recommendation or transcripts are required. Apply by May 4th. The website will include payment transfers, messaging and profiles of women leaders and businesses around the world. The site interface will need to be mobile friendly.

To apply, contact Vandanasnyder gmail. Meeting Bible Heroes Publishing needs graphic design work, but also back end computer programming and managing of the website, and assistance with email marketing blast. Email your current experience and a few samples of your work to robert meetingbibleheroes. This is a full time teaching and curriculum development position. As an App Academy teacher, you will be responsible for teaching Computer Science courses at the 9th through 12th grade levels, primarily using the JavaScript programming language.

Send resume and cover letter to careers. Candidate should have knowledge of Java and familiarity with Android Studio. Applications are open immediately and will be continuously reviewed till May 12th, Candidate should have advanced degree in meteorology MS or above preferred. Areas of focus will include forecasts of heavy precipitation, winter storms, severe convection, tropical systems, aviation applications, and the large-scale circulation.

Candidate should have M. D in Meteorology or equivalent, with an emphasis and post processing and analyzing meteorological data.



Usajobs pathways recent graduates 2017-18 world series

I focused my job search in the community economic development space where I know I have the knowledge and expertise in program delivery. Internship: Stink Studios — Django Developer.


Hydrologist/Meteorologist – UA GEOSCIENCES – Link to Original Post

Applications are open immediately and will be continuously reviewed till May 12th, About these Opportunities. The second program included creating a new, smaller scale grant program for emerging NYC nonprofits. Candidate should be currently obtaining an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked closely with Marny thank you, Marny! So many Baruch classmates, professors, and professionals work in the fields you want to get into. Applicant should have tutoring, camp counselor, or teaching experience K-2 experience preferred.

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