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A trip to Xochimilco can go one of two ways. It can either be a boring tourist trap where you sit on a boat in the hot sun for a few hours. On the other hand, it can be an amazing day spent with friends boozing and cruising along an ancient waterway. Day drinking, lazily floating along the river, and surrounded by music, good vibes, and people having fun. What more do you need?!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links. There are a few essentials you need to have before heading to Xochimilco. The most important is a squad. A variety of human energy is absolutely necessary so things stay lively and spiced up.

Next up, booze and cash. The weekends are prime time for a day out on the river. Tourist crowds can be annoying, but the energy at Xochimilco is electric and palpable on the weekends. The more people there are, the better. Sunscreen, a hat, and lots of water are also essential in case you get a particularly hot day. The routes are basically pre-set, so you can do a circuit of around two hours all the way up to around six hours if you want to make it to the Island of the Dolls.

The easiest way to get to Xochimilco from downtown Mexico City is by Uber. Another option is to book a tour to Xochimilco. You might actually end up saving money as opposed to booking all your own transportation and a boat for yourself. Here are a few Xochimilco tour options from GetYourGuide.

The more people that you get on board, the lower the costs go per person. The first time I went to Xochimilco, there were just four of us. The second time I went, I wrangled together a group of 10 people, and then picked up two more local Mexicans once we arrived to the port.

We reserved the boat for five hours, splitting the peso cost 12 ways. For five hours on the boat, it worked out to be cheaper than my first visit to Xochimilco.

This is why having a squad is crucial. It makes it a lot more fun and also a lot cheaper. You can bring your own booze on the boat to further save money. There are dozens of smaller boats floating through the canals with beer, tequila, cocktails, food, and more. The only other thing you could possibly spend money on at Xochimilco is mariachis. On average, a song will cost you Mexican pesos. Asking for multiple songs might also bring down the cost per song.

This is Mexico. Bargaining is always possible. Bring cash because obviously none of the boat vendors or mariachis take card. Bring the energy and be open to whatever surprises await along the canals of Xochimilco. Disfruta la vida weyyy!

Also, be sure to check out my complete itinerary for backpacking in Mexico with 77 jam-packed pages covering over 33 different destinations in this amazing country! By popular demand… Here is the complete itinerary for one of my favorite countries in the world, Mexico.

In this page guidebook, I cover 30 of my favorite Mexican destinations, including how to get to each city, where to stay, and the best things to do in each city. I also include tidbits of useful information like things to know before going to Mexico, as well as my favorite party destina….

If this post helped you out, show some love and support for the blog and help keep my adventures going by buying me a beer! My adventures are entirely self-funded, so any show of support is greatly appreciated, and allows me to keep writing helpful travel guides and creating travel content to help you all travel the world on a budget.

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Define a framework for collecting common customer metrics, measures and outcomes within and across channels; require every program to regularly measure customer satisfaction and act on customer feedback.

Develop a Digital Business Strategy that embraces an improved customer experience, and empower and fund your digital services team to modernize agency websites and online systems to take advantage of new technologies. Collaborate internally, and with other agencies and stakeholders, to improve the overall government customer experience. Have feedback or questions? Send us an email at digitalgov gsa. Join 60, others in government and sign-up for our newsletter — a round-up of the best digital news in government and across our field.

An official website of the U. General Services Administration. Skip to main content Official websites use. Strategy Make the customer experience a strategic priority for your entire organization. This poll requires you rate as far as anyone is concerned, aptitudes, and capacities that are important to the activity you’re applying for.

While government resumes are explored by people, the poll is scored by PCs. In the event that you don’t score sufficiently high dependent on your poll, your resume will finish up in the ‘no’ heap before anybody has even observed it. A high score 70 at least on the word related poll is the most ideal approach to guarantee that a human will see your resume and audit it. Notwithstanding, don’t accept that as motivation to lie or misrepresent your self-positioning.

In the event that you don’t feel like you can score yourself very for each inquiry, it’s a decent sign the activity is definitely not a solid match for you. The word related survey is a likert scale, beginning at An and heading off to the most noteworthy positioning of E. Levin portrays how word related survey addresses are important to the activity searcher: “In case you’re taking a gander at the inquiries and your stomach is sinking since you understand you’re not ready to answer a large portion of them at the E level, that should disclose to you that the activity is definitely not a solid match for you.

Segal includes: “On the off chance that you don’t have what they are searching for, don’t try to apply, in light of the fact that you’re probably not going to get any footing. The word related survey gives you significantly all the more comprehension of what the enlisting office is explicitly searching for in the job. Accept the open door to demonstrate your mastery by rating yourself E, however by showing how you utilized the ability to succeed.

Composing a resume to apply for an occupation in the government is very not quite the same as applying in the private area. Government HR may search for a portion of similar things that a private part selection representative will, however their point of view is totally extraordinary. Taylor likes to reveal to her customers, “Leave all that you think about resumes at the entryway. Government resumes are any longer than a standard private division continue. Government continues more often than not run from 6 to 8 pages relying upon the candidate’s dimension of understanding and the position of the activity.

Indeed, even section level candidates ought to outfit resumes of 4 to 6 pages. The length of government resumes originates from the measure of detail each resume segment needs to contain. Since government HR faculty are blocked from making any presumptions of what your earlier work involved, you’ll have to drill down every duty and the subtleties related with it. While a rundown of duties is vital, significantly more critically, you’ll need to detail how your aptitudes enabled you to prevail with every one of these obligations by giving explicit precedents.

Government resumes have strict necessities, and not following these prerequisites is an extraordinary method to get disregarded. While offices are not required to wipe out applicants who don’t pursue the standards, they can.

As Segal clarifies, “In case I’m staying there as a HR individual confronting a thousand resumes and just a couple of days to experience them, I need to make sense of how to winnow my heap. What’s the most ideal approach to do that? Dispose of the individuals who didn’t pursue every one of the guidelines.

Government HR utilizes hours attempted to decide your measure of understanding, so administrative resumes require your normal week after week hours for each activity as far as you can tell area. The administration frequently requires no less than 52 weeks of involvement in the aptitudes on the JVA. Rundown your quick chief and their contact data for each activity you list.

Make a point to indicate whether your present boss can be reached or not. To abstain from placing yourself in an ungainly position at your present place of employment, Taylor proposes requiring you be asked before your director is reached. Whenever asked, see whether the contracting office is prepared to offer you the activity when they contact your present administrator. References aren’t constantly required — it relies upon the enlisting office.

In any case, it’s a smart thought to incorporate them in the event that you have space. Regardless of the debate over revealing earlier pay in the private area, pay is normally included on government resumes. Regardless of whether it’s required in your resume relies upon the contracting organization. In case you’re now working in the administration, utilize your GS level rather than your pay. Thus, among others, both Taylor and Segal recommend applying through the USA Jobs continue manufacturer as opposed to making a resume starting with no outside help.

Regardless of what decision you make, don’t tarry on applying on the off chance that you discover a JVA you’re keen on. The application procedure is significantly more tedious than a private part work application, and JVAs have a strict close time. There may likewise be startling necessities once you’re done applying through USA Jobs. Levin suggests building your very own resume, in light of the fact that albeit government continue designing is exceptionally traditionalist, there are a couple of things you can do to make your resume emerge.

Furthermore, you control the substance and don’t need to stress over the character furthest reaches of fields on the USA Jobs continue manufacturer. Some JVAs will really expect you to utilize this. On the off chance that it’s not required, you can utilize diverse textual styles, however nothing excessively current. Jobscan’s guide on suitable resume textual styles can enable you to pick the best textual styles. Levin’s most loved text style to use on a government continue is Calibri, with Arial Black utilized for area headings and contact data.

You can utilize tables and sections in your resume, yet be saving with them. Visual cues are likewise worthy, yet keep away from other exceptional characters. Fall sessions: Tuesday, October 25 th from pm ET Wednesday, November 9 th from pmpm ET Please register for one of our virtual sessions this fall at the link below.

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There may likewise be startling necessities once you’re done applying through USA Jobs. HR Executive Resume Website. Some JVAs will actually require you to use ofdicial. Federal resumes are much longer than a standard private sector resume. Experience even exceeds instruction for most occupations except if a candidate’s training is a piece of the offer, for example, researcher or mathematician employments. The entire federal job application process is about demonstrating usajobs jobs government jobs official sites likert you are the ideal candidate by showing your experience and success. Sales Executive Cover Letter.


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