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Share this:. Hcl america benefitsnow login. But did you know that macOS also lets you customize the login screen to your liking? For added security, you may require both a username and a password when you log in. Perhaps you often forget your password and want to display a prompt. Do you have a favorite quote that you love to read first thing in the morning? You can also include it on your login screen.

We will show you how to change the login screen on Mac in this article. You can use these settings to enable automatic login, display a list of users, display control buttons, enable VoiceOver, and more.

If so, click the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the window, enter your password when prompted, and then click Unlock. Now, at the bottom of the left pane, click on Login Options. Choose one of the following options to use on the login screen on the right side of the resulting page. Mac Login Screen Settings Automatic Login: Instead of having to enter your credentials every time you start your Mac, this feature allows you to go straight to the desktop.

This is convenient if only you use your Mac and keep it in a safe place. If FileVault is enabled, automatic login is disabled by default. See our FileVault guide for more information on this feature. You have the option of displaying the login window as: a list of users or name and password. The first allows you to choose your username before entering your password, while the latter requires both. Choose Name and Password if you are concerned about security, as this requires you to know both the username and password.

Show buttons for Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down: If you check this box, these controls will appear on the login screen. In the login window, show Input Menu: When Input Menu is enabled, the user can choose which language to use on the Mac before logging in. You can enable the display of password prompts when you click the question mark or enter the wrong password three times in a row.

Click a user on the left and choose a password to add or change a password hint. Then choose Change Password from the drop-down menu. Replace your old password with the new one. Then, at the bottom, type your password hint and click Change Password. Password prompt for Mac login screen Show a quick user switching menu like this: This option allows you to quickly switch between users from the Mac menu bar. Full names, account names or an icon can all be displayed.

To prevent further changes, click the Lock button once again after making your selection. On the login screen, enable the Accessibility option. Check the boxes for the items you want to display after you click the Accessibility Options button. Accessibility Options for the Mac Login Screen When you enable any of these accessibility features, your options will apply to all users on the system. Sign-in page When a feature is turned off, it is turned off for all users on the screen. Customize the login screen with a message On the login screen, you can add a custom message.

For example, you might want to start your day with your favorite motivational quote. Optionally, you can include your contact information so that an honest person who finds your Mac can contact you and return it. To make this change, click the Lock button and enter your password if necessary. So just follow these easy steps: Toggle on the General tab.

Select Show message when the screen is locked from the Show message when the screen is locked drop-down menu, and then select Set Lock Message. In the pop-up dialog box, type the message you want to appear on the login screen, then click OK. Messages on Mac Login Screen Your message will appear at the bottom of the login screen the next time you lock your screen or turn on your Mac.

Change Your Profile Picture User profile pictures appear above the names if you access the login screen with the list of users mentioned earlier. You can easily change your profile picture if you want.

Then, to change your image, do the following: Choose your user profile from the menu on the left. When the profile picture appears, hover your cursor over it and click Edit. Use the zoom slider to adjust the photo if desired.

Save the file. An account is as good as your identification card when it comes to online banking, shopping, or checking in on social media. If a cybercriminal gains access to your account, they may be able to view some of your most personal information.

Use strong passwords The importance of strong passwords cannot be overstated. They protect your electronic accounts and devices from unauthorized access. If you choose a complicated and long password, a hacker will have a difficult time cracking it.

As a result, the more complicated your password is, the more secure your account will be. In a single second, cyberattackers may test billions of password combinations.

Two-factor authentication comes in helpful in this situation. It will provide you with an additional layer of security in addition to passwords. The second authentication element is difficult for cyber thieves to obtain; they would have to be considerably closer to you. Their chances of succeeding are substantially reduced as a result of this.

Therefore, next time you are on your phone texting or visiting mobile casino, make sure you enable two-factor authentication. Use Security Browser Software Browser security software is a solution that protects critical enterprise data from cyberattacks by preventing security breaches.

Browser Security is a network-wide browser security application that assists IT, managers, in managing and securing browsers. It allows them to track browser usage trends, harden browser settings, manage browser extensions and plug-ins, and secure enterprise browsers.

As well as ensuring that browser security standards are followed. All of this aids network administrators in defending their networks from assaults such as phishing, watering hole attacks, ransomware, viruses, and trojans.

Your Internet Service Provider ISP and other organizations have systems in place to keep track of everything you do online. Some people instantly equate using a VPN or attempting to keep your online activity covert with illegal activity. For the vast majority of consumers, this is not the case. The majority of users use a VPN for the easy reason that it offers them peace of mind.

This also applies to unfamiliar and sketchy websites that might pop up while you are logged into your account or just browsing the Internet. Update your software The main reason for everyone to download and upgrade, possibly the most recent upgrade, is to protect themselves from security threats. Hackers and cybercriminals are more active than ever before. Older applications will continue to have bugs and exploitable code holes, allowing hackers and cybercriminals to remain as effective as they are now.

The fact that many of these exploitable entry variables became public after revisions were publicized only added to the importance of this.

Hackers have discovered brand new ones almost as quickly as computer companies have fixed exploitable flaws in their products. Use Antivirus Have you ever lost vital documents as a result of computer infections or corrupted data?

Many people overlook the importance of antivirus software. This is, however, a vital expenditure because it protects you from data loss due to corrupted files or hackers. These cyber-terrorists are a major threat to your financial security and online identity. Conclusion The internet might feel like a scary place these days, what with hacks, scams, hackers, viruses, and more. Furthermore, the current explosion of electronics, ranging from smartphones and tablets to internet-connected appliances, has exposed us to even more dangers.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the above-mentioned tips to stay safe online and to have all of your acco Read more:How to Sign in to Your Gmail Account? We understand that receiving an email or reminder that they need to create a new login is inconvenient.

We also understand that the future of Riot lies in Riot Accounts, which you can use to log in to any of our games. Riot Login Name Change If you wish to alter your Riot login name, you may do it in a few simple steps on the official website. Every 30 days, you may riot login name change and ID for free, although updating your ID might be a little tough. You may either follow our instructions or file a ticket to the support team, who will take care of your request.

Both methods work, however changing your name in Valorant might take a day or more, whereas changing your Riot Games ID and username is much simpler. If needed, you may be asked to complete two-factor authentication or email verification during the procedure. Fill in your login information. If the website asks for id verification, check your email. If necessary, enter the one-time authentication code from your email. From the menu, choose Riot ID.

To change your username, click the pencil symbol. Pick a new name for yourself. Select Save. You may adjust your associated accounts, change your email, and account password from the same menu. You should be able to change your Riot Games ID and username when the day cooling period has elapsed.

If your account is flagged as offensive, Riot will change your name and disable all cool downs. What is the location of my Riot ID?



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