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Virginia L. Respond to emergencies, such as escapes. Past human resource skills:Counseled young ladies program entitled Model Program for Young Women ,mentor English,math,computer skills,job fairs,educational resources,pell grants,studentloan. The safety of buses, and also boats, is often overlooked.

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Usajobs resume builder booking log – usajobs resume builder booking log –


Lifejackets do not take several minutes to be put on. The work started two Sundays ago and in the 95 operations which they conducted, around eight tourist boats were ordered to return to shore due to overcrowding. The operators were warned to keep to the safe permitted number of passengers per boat before they could resume their trips. He said that with the school holidays, the coastguard would increase enforcement, especially in tourist areas such as beaches and resort islands in Terengganu, because of the increased traffic.

Many Malaysians will wonder if a stern warning is sufficient. The problem of overcrowding on boats is not a new phenomenon. The repeat offenders should be given a hefty fine, and if they still break the law, perhaps the boat could be impounded. Some operators are very lax and do not ensure that all their passengers have secured their lifejackets properly. Malaysia is a desirable holiday destination. It has various attractions; ranging from sun-kissed beaches to mist-hugging mountains, steamy jungles to adrenaline-packed rafting.

There are leisurely cruises, and family-friendly theme resorts. In fact, the country has most things to suit all types of budgets. We have the package tourist, the medical tourist, the sports tourist, the activity-packed holiday tourist, the sailing and sea enthusiast, the shopping-spree seeker, and a host of other types of tourism. With the world embroiled in financial turmoil, the need for our tourism industry to shape up is even more important than before.

However, the following problems should be solved if we are to improve our hospitality and tourism industry. You will also need to control traffic by directing drivers. Job requirements: To become a security , you usually need a high school diploma and years of experience. Law enforcement officers include police officers, customs officers, border patrol and immigration officers, arson investigators, sheriffs, and constables.

Though there are different types of law enforcement officer positions, your ultimate responsibility is to protect the lives of civilians. As a law enforcement officer , you will conduct street patrols and attend to calls for help. You are expected to carry out your role of community protection even when you are off duty. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to not only fight crime but also to prevent crime in the community to ensure that it is safe for civilians.

Law enforcement officers usually study criminal justice , law enforcement or business. Find Law enforcement jobs near me. But there are all different types of healthcare providers. Each healthcare provider provides a particular healthcare service you might need.

Job requirements: To become a health care provider , you usually need a high school diploma. Find Healthcare worker jobs near me. As a social worker, your day will consist of provide counseling services, performing administrative duties, taking time to interview potential clients, and meeting with lawyers. This is where the hard part comes into play. Social workers usually study social work, psychology or sociology.

Find Social worker jobs near me. An educator instills intellectual, moral, and social instructions to students. To do this, you will analyze your students to determine their problems and proffer solutions.

You will also build relationships with students. Educators usually study education, business or nursing. These fields have a wide variety of sub-fields and specialties to get immersed in. The federal government is always looking for employees trained in science and engineering who have specialized in particular areas of study.

Engineers design and develop new products in a variety of different industries. They might be mechanical or software engineers or create electric machinery, design chemical or geotechnical processes, or help to structure civil or management disciplines. Whatever the case may be, engineers are involved in creating the diverse technologies that facilitate the processes of our lives in different areas.

International relations. One of the most important jobs in our federal government is ensuring we have proper relationships with foreign governments. To that end, the government is always looking for fluent multilingual speakers who can assist in international relations.

You can find a career as a linguist , analyst, officer, or intelligence specialist. International relations professors usually study political science, international relations or international business. Find International relations jobs near me. Business and technology make up the biggest and most critical pieces of the government.

Business specialists are required to help manage the economics, financial departments, and human resources. Technology is essential due to how quickly things evolve. Governments are always in need of additional programmers, information technologists, and computer science specialists. Like any other office or organization, governments need administrative experts to help keep them organized and get things done. You can find work as a database administrator, administrative assistant , or office clerk.

Find Administrative jobs near me. Your first search should be on USAJobs. Almost all federal job openings will be available on this website, so ensure you bookmark it for later reference. Job openings will include details about requirements, qualifications , benefits, and application instructions.

Take some time to look through agency and professional field pages to find any open positions in your area of interest. The qualifications listed in each specific job announcement will give you important insights into the general requirements and expectations of any given job.

If you are a veteran. The federal government will not consider incomplete applications. It is critical that you check and double-check that you have completely filled out all of the application questions and supplied all necessary transcripts and information asked for.

This may include letters of recommendation , writing samples, and a resume , depending on the job you are applying for. Know this before you begin your application process and come prepared with what you have. You should prepare to submit a multi-page resume. While typical resumes are recommended to be, at most, two pages, a resume for a federal government position should include more detail and can be between two to five pages.

You will need to elaborate deeply on the duties of your previous jobs, accomplishments, skills, certifications, and even experiences outside of the workplace that can qualify you for the job at hand. Be prepared to provide salary history and work references as well. Oftentimes applying for a federal government job requires patience as it is typically a very slow process.

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