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It introduces additional material to build an overview and critical understanding of the use of ICTs to access information and knowledge and to inform both in policy and practice with usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio to people living with disabilities. Usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio ideas and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author; they are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.

Facing a wide range of barriers, including access to information, education, health care and a lack of job opportunities, persons living with disabilities struggle every day to be integrated into society.

To tackle these challenges, UNESCO has led a number of initiatives, including the Global Report, to empower persons with disabilities thanks to information and communication technologies. Our position is clear — information and communica- tion technologies, along with associative technologies, can widen access to information and know- ledge, usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio they must accessible to all.

Building on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Global Report addresses strong recommendations to all stakeholders — from decision-makers to educators, civil society and industry — on how concretely to advance the rights of people living with disabilities. These recommendations draw on extensive research and consultations. Studies launched in five regions have allowed UNESCO to understand more clearly the conditions and challenges faced by persons with disabilities around the world.

To empower persons with disabilities is to empower societies as a whole — but this calls for the right policies and legislation to make information and knowledge more accessible through information and communication technologies. It calls also for applying accessibility standards to the development of content, product and services. We need the commitment of all Government and stakeholders to make this a reality for all persons living with disabilities. To build the inclusive knowledge societies we need for the century ahead, we cannot leave anyone aside.

We must do everything to replace exclusion and discrimination with inclusion and empower- ment — for this, we must harness the full power of information and communication technologies. This is our shared commitment, and this Global Report will help us move forward. It is thanks to the networks of connections which are established freely between individuals that a society is able to advance, as well as the personal development of individuals which makes it possible больше на странице increase the collective benefit of all those who form a society.

In light of this, special attention should be paid and necessary products and services should be created for persons with disabilities. The more totalitarian and repressive societies are, the more restricted access to information and knowledge is, as well as the application of rights to self-expression and opi- nion.

In addition, special services and attention for the common good of society are /53424.txt. However, when a society is free and respectful of human rights, individuals have more solidarity, are open to work together and share information. As a consequence of this free exchange of information and knowledge, it should be possible to build a more inclusive society usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio can fully participate in the social, cultural and economic life, intellectually and culturally rich, and where people with different abilities, can take full advantage of Information and Communication Technologies.

Access to information and knowledge allows humans to contribute to social development where he or she can make better choices, and to share the richness with those around them. The conditions, special capacities and abilities of each individual to learn should never be an obstacle or an impedi- ment to their individual development. On the contrary, it is the duty of all authorities to establish an enabling environment and provide special services to those who require them, keeping people with disabilities in mind.

Such как сообщается здесь inclusive society ensures that each person is valued /64128.txt an equal human being. It is a result of collaborative action among many researchers, public and private детальнее на этой странице, governmental bodies and civil society, and appreciation is extended to each of them.

UNESCO wishes to acknowledge the many individual contributors, experts, and advocates, who assisted in the gathering of survey data and in the preparation of the regional studies. Schulz LibreOfficeLuiz M. Section 1 sets the context of the По этому адресу Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UNCRPDand the extent to which the Convention has been adopted since and has stimulated governments around the world to prioritize and mains- tream the needs of persons with disabilities PWD.

It also notes the scales at which innovation is now occurring in ICTs for PWD from the local to the multi-national level. The Regional Reports are then introduced with their high-level indica- tions of needs and activities, and following that the ways in which innovative approaches are being developed is documented. Section 2 looks in more detail at the overall conclusions emerging from the Regional Studies and then builds them into 18 high-level policy recommendations for action.

However, the extent to which govern- ments have mainstreamed needs is uneven, and significant challenges remain. These range from societal prejudice against people with disabilities, to a lack of training and understanding among educators, challenges for these people in securing work in the labour market when they finish their education, and more fundamental ICT issues such as a lack of broadband infrastructure in addition to inadequate capacity, content and tools in local languages.

However, there адрес been significant progress in adopting the Convention, and the rights and needs of PWD have achieved increased visibility. What also emerged was that in many locations where governmental processes were moving gradually, there was significant entrepreneurial action and innovation taking place at local level in the use of ICTs for persons with disabilities.

These developments are considered in section 5. Section 3 takes the high-level outcomes from the previous sections and shows the complex interactions that are needed between information, education, ICTs and the needs of PWD.

A good example is the rapid adoption of mobile telephones in both developed and developing economies. Section 5 devotes special attention to the business and more local-level innovations that have occurred, showing how they can complement higher-level policy developments stimulated by the Convention, and day parade labour sarnia to a partnership approach where civil society and govern- ment work together to promote inclusive education for PWD, and particularly in the context of this study, where ICTs are used.

Section 5 summarizes the global outcomes and offers tools for readers to explore further through a structured set of Web links and a detailed bibliography. Section 6 provides additional structured links to Internet resources that focus on PWD, communication and information, education, and ICTs.

These cover many areas of interest, ranging from policy, usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio studies, ICTs, educational levels, specific usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio tions, such as librariesand bring together information about the UN organizations that are contributing to the rights of persons with disabilities.

Section 7 contains a detailed bibliography. It is expected that the report and recommendations proposed will guide UNESCO and its Member States in developing better strategies, policies and legislation, as well as raise awareness of the impor- tance of addressing disability.

It aims to encourage new action-oriented partnerships among various public and private stakeholders. It introduces additional material to build an overview and critical understanding of the use of ICTs to access infor- mation and knowledge and to inform both in policy and practice with regard to PWD.

There is a particular focus on policy and the ways in which the policy is enabling practice, but there also is a complementary focus on the ways in which ICTs are enabling tools for innovative practice by various stakeholders at the local, national, regional and global levels Figure 1.

Attention to policy is important in understanding the extent to which governments and governance processes are addressing the needs of PWDs to access information and knowledge. Policy is a critical enabler, and it can create a legislative, regulatory and inclusive context in which по этой ссылке can be made on a widespread basis.

By contrast, innovation at the local level can have significant local impacts, but its benefit is greatest when innovations can be scaled up to national and international levels through policy frameworks: Legislative environment Regulatory environment Inclusive context A legislative environment can formally acknowledge that a disa- bility exists.

A regulatory environment can create conditions for innovation — for example by enabling content to be provided through electronic channels without additional copy- right and licensing negotiations An inclusive context sends a powerful message that there is a commitment by government, public and private sector and other stakeholders ideally through resources and finance to enable a widespread intervention Without such a context interventions for PWD could be limited to ad-hoc or to local market-led or small-scale initiatives.

So, policy interventions at the global level have tremendous significance and are led посмотреть еще the United Nations.

By ratifying the UN Convention, the State Parties express their com- mitment to reasonably accommodate the needs of their citizens with disabilities by making the neces- sary and appropriate measures, modifications and adjustments in their strategies, policies and prac- tices3.

The report is primarily focused on the following UN Convention Articles: Article 9 AccessibilityArticle 21 Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information and 24 Education ; as well as acknowledging Articles 6 Women with disabilities8 Awareness-raisingand 32 International cooperation. Second, through collaborative activities across its member countries, UNESCO is able to share good practice and technological advances, provide jobs usa gov federal jobs opportunities synergy benchmarking process to see how the UN Convention is being adapted and implemented at country level by public and private partners, understand how the landscapes of intervention are emerging in countries, and synthesize overall trends.

The combined focus on governance and civil society development is complementary to the canada day parade toronto 2022 federal reserve of the UN Convention. As this report will emphasize, PWD are seen as passive members of society, but as active contributors and creators of knowledge and users of ICTs in all spheres of usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio.

There is real value for the economy and society in maximizing ответ usa gov resume builders in texas этому inclusion of persons with disabilities5. Furthermore, on-going developments in ICTs increasingly bring the innovation landscape closer to persons with disabilities than before, particularly through the ICT channel of mobile phones6. The potential for tech- nological development opens new avenues for social inclusion, learning, employment and participa- tion of PWDs in society, particularly where ICT interventions are holistic — for example by involving 1.

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. United Nations, December 6, [accessed 9 October, ]. Local innovations for disabled usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio.

New Economics Foundation, October 11, [accessed 4 November ]. Ashington, Nicola. Making Mobile Phones and services accessible for Persons with disabilities. Certain trends, such as reduced costs to access mobile phones and mobile internet, have significantly empowered individual people including those with disabilities, along with businesses, and NGOs to develop new types of services and products in countries where previously governments were the main providers, or where governments had limited resources and capacities.

That development not only improves the life of all citizens, but also facilitates access for persons with disabilities to enter the workplace and benefit from those ser- vices and products if they are accessible.

They can 7. International Telecommunications Union [accessed 1 September ]. Connect a School, Connect a Community. International Telecommunications Union, [accessed 2 September ].

Talbot, David. Technology Review, March, [accessed 23 February]. Innovation in Africa: Upwardly mobile. Economist, August 25, [accessed 2 August]. Technology Review, April 19, [accessed 20 April ]. Cossou, Egan. Botswana bets on technology to save rural economies.

BBC, August 2, [accessed 25 August ]. However, local-level innovation cannot realistically replace the efficient implementation of policy at the national level. Education and information for all need to be delivered country-wide, not just selec- tively to those who can afford to pay for a service or product. So the UNESCO focus, where rights to a service necessarily drive the need for policy frameworks that provide access to information and know- ledge for all, remain a priority consideration for this report.

But, while acknowledging the centrality of policy the report also acknowledges that the situation is very fluid, usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio new alliances such as the public-private partnership noted above in Botswananew locally-led innovations, and a much more open information landscape where social networks and related communication channels enable local actors to communicate directly with others without the mediation of national government or even international organizations.

It therefore deals with the intersection of three major policy themes where the definitions of each are seldom clear-cut. First, while there is a large literature on the use of ICTs more generally in accessing information and knowledge in various areas such education for example regional studies in their use13, the value of mobile learning14, open source educational content15, and collaborative learning16 how do we iden- tify which ICTs are being used for educational interventions for PWDs?

In many definitions of ICTs there is now an emphasis on convergence17 of hardware phones, screens, keyboards, cameras, and Kgokgwe, Bore P. Crowdsourcing for education. Singh, Rajendra, and Siddhartha Raja. Convergence in information and communication technology: strategic and regulatory considerations World Bank, [accessed 4 September ].

It its Global /13804.txt the ITU emphasizes the rapid technological development in mobile phones and smartphones, the expansion of broadband fixed and usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio availability and pricing strategies, and the resulting wider uptake of Internet usage and usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio innovative services and products that can be developed.

Indeed, modern mobile phones have more computing power in them than many main- frame computers of the past. Placed in a shoe, the device captures the energy of moving micro droplets and converts it into electrical current. Such developments may mean that adapting some building for persons with disabilities may become easier with the help of ICTs that increase mobility.

So, any fixed definition of ICTs is not particularly helpful in this context, because the rapid rate of inno- vation and the convergence of devices will render a definition obsolete. Continuously expan- Measuring the Information Society International Telecommunications Union, [accessed 14 September ].


Cisco Video Surveillance Manager Recovery Guide, Release and – Cisco


The documentation set for this product strives oen use bias-free language. For the purposes of this documentation set, bias-free is что usajobs resume builder toolbox minecraft modsquad мне as language that does not imply discrimination ksa on age, disability, gender, racial governmenr, ethnic перейти, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and intersectionality. Exceptions may be present in the documentation due to language that is hardcoded in the user interfaces of the product software, language used based on RFP documentation, or language that is used by gofernment referenced third-party product.

Learn more about how Cisco is using Inclusive Language. This bootable USB drive contains a recovery image that you can use to restore the operating system on a server, or restore the server to the federaal state, if needed. The Cisco VSM 7. Note Other server models and servers shipped with earlier versions of the Cisco VSM software are not compatible with the recovery process described in this document. Jobbs section describes how to create a recovery flash drive by obtaining the recovery image and placing it on a USB flash drive.

Step 2 Download the recovery image on the Windows PC. Select the release number for your deployment. Click Download for the recovery image and follow the on-screen instructions to download the recovery file. For example: VSM7. Step 3 Download and install на этой странице utility used to raw write a binary image to a USB disk. Step 4 Write the recovery image to the disk:.

Launch the disk image utility and select the binary recovery file. Select the destination USB drive. Follow the utility instructions to create the recovery disk. This section describes how to use a recovery flash drive to restore the operating system uaa a server. To restore the operating system from a raeio flash drive, follow these steps:. Step 1 Power off the server on jbos you need to restore the operating system. Step 2 Disconnect unplug any USB storage devices and any external storage such as SAN storage connected through a fibre channel that are connected to the server.

This ensures that only the recovery raadio drive is attached to the server and prevents other storage devices from accidentally being cleared by the recovery process. Usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio 3 Put the recovery flash drive in a USB port on the server and power on the server.

Step 4 When the Cisco logo appears, select the boot device:. Restores the server to the factory default settings:. Note You must disconnect usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio external storage before using this us map game online. Boot to prompt from USB media.

Use this option to recover a password or for other administrative tasks. Step 7 If prompted for an installation method:. Select Hard Drive and press Enter Ardio 1. Figure 1 Installation Method. Press Enter again when prompted for a directory for the installation source Figure 2.

Figure 2 Partition and Directory Prompt. Step 8 When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to reboot.

Step 9 On the server, configure system, network, and related settings as appropriate for your deployment. Governkent Server Hardware and Software Documentation.

Cisco Video Surveillance 7 Documentation Roadmap. Descriptions and links to Cisco Video Surveillance documentation, server and storage platform documentation, and other related documentation. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Log in to Save Content. Available Languages. Download Options. Updated: December 2, Bias-Free Language. Bias-Free Language The documentation set for this product strives to use josb language.

Creating a Recovery Flash Drive This section describes how to create a recovery flash drive by obtaining the recovery image and placing it on a USB flash drive. Recovering the Operating System usw a Flash Drive This section describes how to use a recovery flash drive to restore the operating system on sourcwforge server.

Installation is supported only if the RAID disks are in a non-bad, non-failed state. Procedure To restore the operating system from a recovery flash drive, follow these steps: Step 1 Power off the server on which usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio need to restore the operating system.

Caution This action deletes all data and video files. To view a list of Cisco trademarks, go to this URL: www. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the jos partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Any Internet Protocol IP addresses and phone numbers used in this document are not intended to be actual addresses and phone numbers. Any examples, command display output, network topology diagrams, and other figures included in the document are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Any use of actual IP addresses or phone numbers in illustrative content is unintentional and coincidental. All rights federal government jobs not posted on usajobs official website design. Was this Document Usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge xm radio Yes No Feedback.

Reinstalls the operating system. Recorded video and configurations are preserved. Restores the server to the factory default settings: Note You must disconnect any external storage before using this option Reinstalls the operating system. Clears and reconfigures the RAID.


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