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The event took on a life of its own and was one that authorities could not ignore. Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Labour Day is a statutory national holiday celebrated throughout Canada on the first Monday in September. The September date has remained unchanged, even though. Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on the first Monday of September and it is a federal statutory holiday. It is also observed in the United. Labour day is celebrated on the first Monday of September, it is called la fête du Travail in Québec. It is a public holiday and so many shops, banks.


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Labour Day in Canada falls on the first Monday in the month of September, i. September 6, Monday and honours the Labour Movement and the campaign carried out for better pay and working conditions. This day commemorates the day when all the labours came together and raised their voices for better working conditions, eight-hours-a-day schedule and good pay.

Today, this day forms a part of a long weekend and enables Canadians to reflect on the subsequent struggles faced by the working class back in the time that led to current situations in the industry. Known as one of the major Holidays in Canada , let us know more about the Labour Day History in Canada, its origin, observance and other important details.

Labour Day in Canada is a public holiday for the general population and usually falls at the end of the Summer Holidays. This means that almost every school, college, university, academic institution, educational establishment, bank, post office, business etc.

Since this day falls during the last weeks of Summer Holidays, this day is usually observed as a holiday. Moreover, several public transportations services follow a normal routine except for minor disruptions due to street processions and parades carried out in Toronto and congestion on highways.

In this, workers and labourers demonstrated against a nine-hours-a-day workday and better working conditions. The motto behind this demonstration was to get all twenty-four leading figures of the Toronto Typographical Union who led the demonstration free from the imprisonment.

They were behind the bars due to the fact that trade unions were considered illegal and any kind of strike was seen as a conspiracy. This garnered major public support, and with this, mass demonstrations, public parades etc, were seen being carried out.

After a few months, public parades were being organized in Ottawa, with one of them passing by the house of Sir John Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada.

Analysing its impact and the massive support this issue is garnering, he appeared in front of the general masses and promised to revoke all Canadian Laws against Trade Unions. With this, the Canadian Labour Congress was founded in and worked for the betterment of the labour and working class. Working conditions subsequently improved, and the efforts put by Trade Unions fructified.

Trade Unions used to organize picnics for people to get together and make the most of this day. Eventually, some Canadians started observing this day as an opportunity to go on a family trip or rest and enjoy the fireworks, public art events, and fairs being organized in various parts of the country.

Since this day falls before the colleges and schools re-opens, students and college-goers make the most of this opportunity and plan a trip or party. One of the oldest traditions still followed in Canada is avoiding wearing the colour White after Labour Day. Labour Day is considered as a statutory holiday in Canada. This means banks and post offices remain closed on this day. From the above information, it is evident that Labour Day in Canada is observed on September 6, Monday with great enthusiasm.

Labour Day in Canada. When is Labour Day in ? Since when Labour Day is considered a holiday in Canada? Labour Day is observed as a holiday since 23 July in Canada. Is Labour Day a bank holiday in Canada?


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