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For Trimeritus eLearning Solutions Inc. Introduction Three-quarters of companies ‘implement e-learning’. E-learning has become a way of life for many businesses. Figures for K school systems and universities are not available but I believe the adoption rate for them is similar. It has become an essential channel for both formal and informal learning. This is a list of as many vendors of e-learning software as I can identify. It is not possible to ссылка на подробности a comprehensive and completely up-to-date list.

Companies go in and out of business jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login are purchased by other companies. Re-branding is a regular occurrence. Jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login corporations and universities have built their own proprietary systems and have made them available only in jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login limited way if at all. I have included vendors that offer products that are commercially and readily available.

The focus is on those available in English and for which information is available on the World Wide Web. Although there are many international vendors listed, the focus is on those available readily in North America. As a result, there are numerous tools in other countries and languages not listed here.

The list evolves monthly as I learn of new products and changes. The LMS is not going away but it is evolving and the addition of social media and integration with other systems has made the categories very messy. They are listed alphabetically by the name of the company in the categories:.

The term Course Management Systems is often a term applied to Learning Management Systems designed for educational environments but it is easily confused with Content Management Systems. This list is divided into Commercial i. Apparently discontinued or changed products. Change happens. Companies go in and out of business.

Mergers take place. This list includes changes that I have identified. It is included for those who may know products by their previous names and are curious about their status. Several vendors have complete suites of these tools so are listed several times. The terms above are not jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login exclusive and different vendors may use different terms jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login.

Some products were originally known by one name and have been purchased by other companies or changed names. Sometimes the products are listed under both names. I have tried to provide hyperlinks within this document to help sort out mergers, acquisitions and related products. Listings are alphabetical by company name. If you only know the name of the product, try a search.

Canadian vendors are indicated by this highlight. The top vendors in the market are highlighted in yellow. The report does not specify which six these are but the largest vendors in the corporate market are.

Corporate 2. Education LMSs manage learners and facilities, launch and track online learning and keep records of the activity. Corporate LMSs usually include registration and management of classroom instruction as well as eLearning management and delivery.

Some corporate LMSs add eCommerce capability and may include regulatory compliance, competency, performance, human capital and talent management which link closely to Human Resources functions. Corporate LMSs tend to emphasize the management of asynchronous self-directed online learning because there is usa jobs federal jobs government jobs opentable guesty assumption that jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login instructor will always be present.

Course authoring and content management are not normally included in a corporate LMS except as part of a suite that includes learning content management LCMS. Educational institutions are usually already well equipped for registration and management of classroom instruction so Education LMSs tend to be primarily for online learning and they usually provide course authoring and some content management features.

Consequently they sometimes call themselves LCMSs. They also emphasize communication and collaboration features. They are generally built on the assumption that an instructor is always available to build course content and to communicate with students. This way of categorizing LMSs is a bit arbitrary and there is a good deal of overlap between them.

Sometimes it has more to do with the way the vendors market their products than the features they offer. Organizations looking for LMSs should not ignore the possibilities of using an LMS primarily focused on the other sector. For example, corporate LMSs can be very useful for educational institutions with a business focus such as distance education units offering courses for sale. Open source products tend to be most appropriate for educational institutions but many business enterprises have found them useful as well.

To add to the confusion, many educational institutions and corporations brand their systems differently within their organizations. This can make it difficult to find out if an organization is using a commercial LMS or one they built for themselves. Classroom instruction management is included in most full-fledged corporate. Blended learning is the ability to manage course which mix online and classroom instruction and is included in the more ambitious systems. Talent management includes tools for recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, succession, retention and career planning.

They jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login included in several of the most ambitious corporate systems but are not normally included in Education LMSs. Communication and jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login Web 2. Also called social learning and networking. Assessment and testing. Virtual classrooms. They are not normally included as part of an LMS but may be included as part of по ссылке suite.

Many LMSs provide integration with third party virtual classrooms. The ability to charge users for the courses internally and externally is a feature which is being included in more and more systems. Sometimes called extended enterprise when companies use their system to extend their offerings to customers, suppliers, partners, etc. All good systems provide good reporting functions and the ability to customize reports. Mobile learning.

Many vendors are beginning to add mobile learning functionality to their LMSs so learning can be accessed on smartphones and other small mobile devices. Many offer responsive jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login that automatically adjusts to the size of the viewing screen.

Many mobile features are available as apps for which there are many jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login. I have not attempted to list по этому адресу here. Social learning. Along with mobile learning, social learning offering tools like Facebook is an important new offering which LMS providers are rushing to include.

SaaS Software as a Service. Some Learning Management Systems are offered as software that is installed internally in the organization behind the firewall or on premise. Some are offered as hosted ссылка на подробности SaaS Software as a /58993.txt solutions.

The terms Cloud Computing and on-demand are also used for this. Many are offered both ways. The major suppliers of cloud storage are Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Rackspace but many companies provide their own and there are several hundred in total. E-learning standards: There are a variety of standards that exist to help support interoperability of courses and applications.

Most LMSs subscribe to at least one of these standards but they should always be tested to be sure that your course material works with them. Many major LMSs have moved into talent management. Talent management includes recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, succession, retention, career planning, learning and development.

As a rule, they are oriented to planning and do not provide the day-to-day processing capabilities such as payroll. The terms human capital management and workforce productivity are also used.

Consolidation is accelerating in this area. Talent management vendors have been buying learning management systems. Taleo purchased Learn. SuccessFactors purchased Plateau in May, Skillsoft purchased SumTotal in Selection of an LMS There are hundreds of possibilities. With all these choices, how can you find a single LMS?

The choice of an LMS is like that for any enterprise system. It can change the culture of your organization. Due diligence is required. There is no single best LMS. The best one for you is the one that best matches your needs.

Ideally, the process involves several steps identifying needs, narrowing your choices to perhaps five, conducting demos and trials if possible, issuing RFPs Request for Proposalsand final selection.

In addition to the features mentioned above consider cost and service. The LMS providers have become very creative about their business models.


Jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod teacherease login

Also offer Content Portal and mobile learning tools. Also offer a catalog of courses for numerous industries including engineering and construction. Formerly Scholar Families can create an account in the family-facing MySchools читать статью myschools. Also offer academic courses in mathematics and science in partnership with OpenStax College of Rice University. They also provide courses. Enjoy the HS fair if you are attending this nnearpod


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