How to apply work abroad from philippines.How to Become an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

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How to apply work abroad from philippines
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Please follow the guidelines below on how you can search for a job online via POEA website and send your application. To start, you must know if you are qualified to go abroad. Nonetheless, minimum age criteria have been established: all OFWs must be over the age of 18, and at least 23 years old to be eligible for domestic work.

You need to register on the POEA website first before anything else. To register, follow the steps below. Check your email and click the confirmation link to activate your account. Try using Google Chrome to open the link. Copy from the email and paste it on Google Chrome. Fill in the necessary information required by the website. Make sure that you entered the correct information so, you must double-check it.

You will be shown three links in which you can choose the type of searching you want to do. However, you can also transmit it via the POEA website. This is a requirement for working in a foreign country. You will have a better understanding of the procedures and documentation requirements, as well as protection from illegal recruiters. You can do it in person or online at any POEA office. Go to this website and choose the module you want to work on first: Profession and Skilled Workers or Domestic Workers.

There are around 8 of them. There are tests after every module so read the content of the module. You will be given unlimited chances to repeat the test. If you meet the qualifications and are ready to sign the contract, carefully read the Employment Contract. Make sure you have all of your contact information, including your salary, tenure of employment, overtime compensation, and so on.

Also, what occurs in emergency situations. If you decide to apply through a recruitment agency , be sure that it is accredited or licensed by the POEA. You can do this by checking the list of POEA-accredited agencies in this link. Only POEA has the authority to approve and grant licenses to recruitment agencies.

Getting hired through an accredited recruitment agency is of the utmost importance. Here are some reasons why this is the best and wisest choice for every OFW:. Typically, a reputable recruitment agency is connected with not just one, but several companies abroad. Hence, they have access to a variety of job opportunities, which is beneficial to both the employer and the potential employee.

At the same time, they can help companies hire the best employees who are suitable for the job. By assisting with the interviews, evaluation of applicants, and documentary requirements, agencies are able to make thing easier for both parties.

While the agencies focus on the recruitment process, the employer and potential employee can focus on other important matters, such as relocation, adjustment, and getting ready for the job itself. Keep in mind that overseas employment involves different cultures, different sets of laws, and protocols that must be followed. Recruitment agencies are knowledgeable in these things, so you can be assured that as you prepare to go abroad, everything is being done legally.

This will certainly help you avoid legal problems and issues in the future. Applying through a licensed agency is a must, and you should avoid illegal recruitment agencies at all costs. The requirements may vary depending on the job and location, although here are some general requirements that you should always have prepared if you want to be an OFW:. Again, the procedure may vary depending on the type of job and location, but these are the general steps that you can expect to go through:. As the title suggests, this is a pre-employment seminar that can help you determine if becoming an OFW is something that you would really like to pursue.

Getting in touch a with a POEA-licensed recruitment is an important step. They can provide assistance with the preparation of requirements, documents, and other matters. They can also help ensure that every step you will go through is legally sound.

As cited earlier, you will need to prepare documents such as your passport, birth certificate, TOR, NBI clearance, employment certificates, and other requirements. Be sure to take the time to obtain these documents from your school, previous employers, and the agencies concerned. At the same time, you will also be informed more about the job offer and related details.

Of course, being fit to work is an important part of becoming an OFW. If you are chosen for the job, you will be asked to undergo medical tests in an accredited medical clinic. Likewise, you may be asked to undergo other assessments e. TESDA testing centres , to help ensure that you are knowledgeable and skilled for the job. During this stage, the terms and conditions of the employment contract will be discussed. This will save you a lot of hassle and problems in the future.

This is a mandatory, day-long seminar that every OFW is required to attend. During this seminar, you will be informed about the rules, regulations, and laws in your destination. Be sure to make copies of all your documents and receipts for safe-keeping. Aside from POEA, the agency will also be submitting your documents to other agencies for processing. These include the foreign embassy concerned e. This step confirms that you, being an OFW, shall be exempted from the terminal fee and travel tax.

You are now an OFW. Be sure to do your best, and to stay in touch with your recruitment agency so that you will have a trouble-free stay in your host country.

How can you boost your chances of getting hired as an OFW? Here are some tried-and-tested tips for getting hired as an overseas worker:. Your resume is the very first thing that prospective employers will see, so make sure that it stands out! Keep it simple, clear, and readable.

Include your full name, contact details, educational background, work experience, skills, seminars attended, and other relevant information. If your profession involves creative works e. Be sure to highlight your achievements. If you graduated with honours, go ahead and mention that.

If you have received a special award or took part in a significant cause, you can include that as well. The idea is to present your skills, competence, and what you are able to do for the company. The letter signifies your intention i. Before submitting your resume, cover letter, and other documents, be sure to check for errors in spelling, grammar, and other details. After all, you will be dedicating your time and expertise to them, if you get hired. There are websites that are dedicated to job-related matters, such as LinkedIn, Jobstreet.

Simply sign up for an account which is usually free , edit your profile, and upload your resume. The great thing about job sites is that they are frequented by recruiters and companies, too.

Through these platforms, you can search for jobs and submit applications. Many people are wondering if you really need a college or university degree to work overseas. The answer to this question is no, not necessarily. There are jobs that require a high school diploma only. Still, having a college degree is a huge plus. You have greater opportunities to land high-paying jobs if you have a college degree, not to mention greater chances for promotion.

The answer to this question depends on your profession, and even for the same job, the salary varies among different countries. Ask your OFW relatives and friends about their jobs and salaries.

Ask them about their monthly expenses as well. Keep in mind that the cost of living in other countries is usually higher than in the Philippines. In any case, here are some figures based on WorkAbroad. As many OFWs are likely to tell you, living and working abroad is not easy.

You need to be prepared not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Thanks to the bilingual and now multilingual education in the Philippines, most Filipinos are adept in speaking English, which is used around the world. In Middle East countries, being aware and respectful of Islamic Law, even if you are a non-Muslim, is extremely important. There are rules to be followed regarding dress code, male-female relationships, and social behaviour.

These rules may seem rather strict, especially if they are not the same as in the Philippines. The same goes for other countries, anywhere in the world. To avoid any legal problems, be sure to follow your employment contract to the dot. You signed and agreed to it, after all! Remember that a contract is binding, and must be followed by both parties — in this case, you and your employer.

Certain items e. It goes without saying that carrying, using, and selling such items are illegal and involve serious consequences, such as jail time, fines, and deportation. Always remain vigilant! As cited earlier, the cost of living abroad tends to be higher than in the Philippines. And so, learning how to manage your finances is a must. Strive to live within your means; avoid spending more than you can make.

What are your goals as an OFW? How many years do you plan to work abroad? What is your target schedule for achieving your goals? You can even share these with your family, so that everyone can work together!

This includes placements fees, the cost of preparing and processing documents, and other expenses.



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Get the documents required for your job application. It goes without saying that carrying, using, and selling such items are illegal and involve serious consequences, such as jail time, fines, and deportation.


How to apply work abroad from philippines

Afterward, apply directly to the agency. The Social Security System is a social insurance program catering to Filipino workers including OFWs in the private, professional, and informal sectors. On the dropdown menu, scroll until you see the agency name. From there, ask about their agency, requirements, etc.

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