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These workers carry out specific procedures and use established methods. They apply practical knowledge of regulations and precedent cases.

Problems and issues that do not fit within the scope of established guidelines are usually referred to administrative or program specialists for resolution. The duties of assistants and technicians overlap those of trainees in administrative or program fields. In such cases, the purpose of the assignment and the career ladder must be considered. For administrative or program specialist trainees, such assignments are a temporary stage in their development to do work of a more judgmental and analytical nature.

This series includes all classes of positions the duties of that are to supervise or perform work involved in receiving and directing persons who call or visit Government agencies, installations, or offices, and giving them information in person or by telephone concerning the organization, functions, activities and personnel of such agencies, installations or offices.

The federal government employs information receptionists. The VA is the largest employer with , followed by the Department of Agriculture with and the Department of Justice with Health and Human Services employs 12 and the Interior Department employs Information receptionists are usually physically located at primary points of contact in or in access to Government buildings, offices, or installations e.

Information receptionists are primarily responsible for giving information, usually in person but also frequently over the telephone, in response to inquiries concerning the identification, location and general responsibilities of organizations, functions, programs, activities, operations and personnel of agencies, installations and offices, and similar questions.

The work sometimes. The federal government employs 4, mail and file clerks of which 48 work overseas. The Department of the Treasury is the largest employer with 1, followed by the Veterans Administration with 1,, the Department of the Army with , the Department of the Navy employs , and Social Security employs Most cabinet level agencies employ some workers in this series.

Mail work and file work both include a wide variety of processing operations that may be segregated or combined in many different ways to constitute mail or file positions. Typically, both mail and file work consist principally of manually-performed operations.

In many manual systems various mechanical devices are used to facilitate the handling and processing operations. These include such items of desk top equipment as date stampers, automatic envelope opening machines, automatic envelope sealing machines, copying machines, addressing machines, folding and inserting machines, and freestanding equipment such as mechanic files, etc. More recently, automated filing systems have been developed.

For example, automated systems records are stored on microfilm or microfiche and located and retrieved by means of automatic searching by a scanning unit that is controlled by a coded punch card.

In those systems some new terminology is used and some changes have occurred in the methods applied in filing or storing records and in searching for or retrieving information from records. Neither the mechanical devices nor the operations performed in automated systems have affected the basic nature of mail or file work.

The use of an automated system involves a rearrangement of, but no change in, basic filing processes. For this reason, this standard, that depicts mail and file work in terms of the processes involved in manual filing systems, is appropriate for the evaluation of positions concerned with automated or mechanical operations. This series includes all positions the duties of which are to assist one individual, and in some cases the subordinate staff of that individual, by performing general office work auxiliary to the work of the organization.

To be included in this series, a position must be the principal office clerical or administrative support position in the office, operating independently of any other such position in the office. The duties require a knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and requirements; various office skills; and the ability to apply such skills in a way that increases the effectiveness of others.

The federal government employs 16, secretaries of which work overseas. The Department of the Air Force is the largest employer with 2, civilians followed by the Department of the Army with 2, and 2, with the Veterans Administration.

All cabinet level and large agencies employ secretaries. Positions in this series exist for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of others by performing as many office support duties as possible. This includes serving as the principal clerical and administrative support position in the immediate organizational unit in or for which the persons assisted have responsibility, by carrying out and coordinating all the clerical and day-to-day administrative support activities which are typically required to accomplish the work of the organization.

The nature and variety of the activities depend on the needs of the organization served. Secretaries perform numerous tasks which are dissimilar in kind, but which have in common the purpose of assisting the work of one or more persons in an organization. Because all of the individual tasks performed by secretaries are related to the work of the people they assist, there are unique opportunities available for secretaries to increase the scope of their position.

That is, by using information and insight obtained in performing one task, secretaries can enlarge scope and effectiveness of their performance of others. The duties of a secretary are in some respects similar to those found in many of the specialized clerical series. Nevertheless, the value of these duties frequently cannot be evaluated by reference to the standards for the individual clerical series because the tasks, as performed by the secretary, are part of a broader and more inclusive responsibility which requires that the secretary be aware of virtually everything happening in the entire organization.

Positions at the lower grades consist primarily of clerical and procedural duties and, as positions increase in grade, administrative support functions are more predominant. At the higher levels, the secretary applies a very considerable knowledge of the organization, its objectives, and lines of communication.

This series includes all classes of positions the principal duties of which are to supervise or perform the work involved in the recording and transcription of material spoken at conferences, hearings, or similar proceedings when the recording duties require the ability to operate closed microphone or similar mechanical equipment to reproduce the spoken material on a disk, cylinder, or similar device.

The federal government employs 79 Closed Microphone Reporters. All work are civilians working for the Department of the Army and Air Force. Closed microphone reporting work involves the use of a closed microphone to make verbatim recordings of material spoken at conferences or similar proceedings and the transcription of the material recorded in this manner.

The principal difference between closed microphone and shorthand reporting work is in the different techniques used to record the spoken word. The shorthand reporter uses manually or machine written symbols, requiring a high degree of skill and knowledge in their use. The closed microphone reporter uses the closed microphone device which requires the ability to repeat spoken material simultaneously with and at the rate equal to that used by the speaker. This element constitutes a specialized qualification requirement and a basis for series differentiation.

The performance of closed microphone reporting working also involves vocabulary knowledge, ability to maintain sustained concentration, responsibility for the accuracy of the final transcript, and other knowledge, abilities, and responsibilities which are sufficiently equivalent in all significant respects to those required in shorthand reporting work that variations in the difficulty of closed microphone reporting work are measurable in terms of the same classification factors as those which provide the bases for grade-level differentiation in shorthand reporter positions.

Clerk typists perform typing work on either manual or electric typewriters. This work may be performed solely or in combination with general clerical work that does not require prior specialized experience or training. Included is typing work prepared from written material and voice recordings. Supervisory positions involved in supervising work characteristic of this series are also included when typing ability is an essential part of the job. The federal government employs 76 clerk typists.

All work for the Veterans Administration. This encompasses both direct programme work with government and civil society partners as well as linkages and support to teams working on education, health, child protection, water and sanitation, and HIV.

Under the direction and guidance of the Health Manager for Primary Health Care, the incumbent will be responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring system strengthening interventions to improve quality of primary health care to benefit mothers, newborns, children and adolescents in Tanzania.

The fundamental and primary mission of UNICEF is to promote the rights of every child, everywhere, in everything the organization does — in programs, in advocacy and in operations.

For UNICEF, equity means that all children have an opportunity to survive, develop and reach their full potential, without discrimination, bias or favoritism. To the degree that any child has an unequal chance in life — in its social, political, economic, civic and cultural dimensions — her or his rights are violated.

This is why the focus on equity is so vital. It accelerates progress towards realizing the human rights of all children, which is the universal mandate of UNICEF, as outlined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, while also supporting the equitable development of nations. Under the supervision and guidance of the Emergency Coordinator, the Programme Associate supports the office by carrying out a range of programme support functions to help develop, implement and monitor the Ukrainian refugee emergency response plan, ensuring effective and timely delivery that is consistent with UNICEF rules and regulations.

Announcement will expire 26 March Posted on Mar 14, Posted on Mar 9, Posted on Mar 8, NASA is working on increasing its diversity. Attached are job openings. Posted on Mar 1, Department of Defense Internships Application deadline: March 4th, Posted on Feb 9, Posted on Feb 2, UMES Participation.

Opening position at Wallops. Lockheed Martin Open Requisitions. Posted on Nov 27, Posted on Nov 17, Posted on Oct 18, Posted on Oct 2, Posted on Sep 29, Posted on Sep 20, Posted on Aug 21, The event includes technical and developmental workshops, networking opportunities and interviews for intern and full time positions for Use as a guide Posted on Aug 15, Posted on Jul 26, Posted on Jul 7, Posted on Jun 2, Green energy apprenticeship opportunity.

Tasks and activities may include: — periodic monitoring of instrument and lighting operation online and on site — repairing replacing, upgrading equipment, incl. Application deadline, May 12th Posted on Apr 27, Fare Systems Administrator job, Link. Posted on Apr 11, The following are career enhancing opportunities currently available through the Goddard Opportunities Bulletin Board System website:. Citizenship due to security clearance requirements.

Pathways Position Openings, Spring , Link. Posted on Apr 4, This scholarship opportunity supports the attendance of Maryland community college transfer students at a 4-year post-secondary institution in the state. The deadline to submit the scholarship application and all supporting documents is August 31st. Posted on Mar 17, Posted on Mar 2, Army Research Laboratory to offer summer internships and summer faculty research fellowship programs at the lab. Applications are now being accepted for each program.

These week programs are funded by OSD. Facilities Engineer. Journeyman Electronic Technician. Mechanical Technician. Posted on Jan 20, Posted on Dec 14, Posted on Dec 06, Posted on Dec 05, Spring Link 1 , Summer Link 2.

Posted on Nov 22, Posted on Nov 18, Posted on Nov 9, Boston Scientific Internship Opportunities, Link. Engineer Intern Job. Who May Apply: U. Scholarships for Engineering and Computer Science major.

Almost all of the workers at the National Archives graduated from high school, and close to half graduated from college. Another important group of people at the National Archives is our volunteers.

A love of American history and the United States encourages hundreds of people to give of their time at the National Archives. Some assist archivists, conservators, and archives technicians; others give tours. Learn more about Volunteering. Top Skip to main content. National Archives employees preserve the records of the U. See box. The logistics of space missions require a large team of workers with a variety of skills.

This article describes some of the science, engineering, technical, and communications options in space exploration. Keep reading to learn about different types of workers involved in space-related occupations and whether one of these jobs might be right for you. For centuries, space exploration was limited to what astronomers could observe from Earth. And U. In many ways, space missions build on what the early astronomers learned, often with the same motivations.

For example, observations of tiny fluctuations in the light from distant stars helped scientists discover exoplanets orbiting in other solar systems. Why are we here? Are we alone? Many of the technologies developed to explore space have also resulted in innovations that benefit our everyday lives. For example, the precision required to cut large mirrors for telescopes has improved laser eye surgery; materials created to soften spacecraft landings were modified for radial tires and memory foam; and research into solar-powered aircraft was adapted to improve solar cells for residential, commercial, and other uses.

NASA, the federal agency that specializes in air travel and space exploration, has about 17, workers. And even though most of these workers never leave Earth, they are involved in the projects that do.

Other government agencies that employ workers in space-related occupations include the U. Private companies, including those that contract with federal agencies, employ workers in industries such as aerospace product and parts manufacturing and scientific research and development services.

The U. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey does not collect employment and wage data by detailed occupation in space-related industries.

The map shows the location of NASA employment in occupations related to space work. Note: Some employment data are restricted to limit the disclosure of certain details, such as respondent identity.

Space missions require workers in many different occupations. Scientists, engineers, technicians, and media and communications workers often collaborate on projects. For example, scientists may set a goal, such as being able to observe stars forming. Engineers might then design a product for those observations while working with technicians to make the product. Media and communications workers document the process to share the information with the public.

Scientists of all kinds usually specialize in a particular field—and those who work on space projects are no exception. Regardless of their specialty, scientists whose work focuses on space help to answer questions about our universe. Lots of different types of scientists contribute to our understanding of space, including the ones described in this section. BLS projects about 8, job openings overall between and for astronomers, atmospheric and space scientists, and physicists.

However, this number includes projected openings for these scientists in all types of jobs, not just in space exploration. Astronomers observe objects within the universe, including planets, stars, and galaxies.



Usa jobs nasa pathways program files – usa jobs nasa pathways program files –

Pathways Programs jobs are posted on USAJOBS. You can search for these job opportunities from our Students and Recent Graduates page. You can also use the. All of our Pathways Internship vacancies are posted on Each vacancy lists multiple NASA Center locations and has different educational.


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A veteran, who, due to military service obligations was unable to apply within 2 years of receiving their degree, has up to 6 years after degree completion to apply. Recent graduates may be converted to a permanent position or, in some limited circumstances, a term appointment lasting years. To be eligible for conversion, recent graduates must have:. To be eligible for conversion, recent graduates must have:. Skip Navigation press 2. Visit NASA.

If you have a passion for our mission and feel the calling to change the history of humanity, the Pathways Internship Program is a great way for you to launch your career with NASA! Tagged as: Paid. Overview In comparison to other internship programs across NASA where your experience is temporary in nature and designed for you to get a feel for our work and our culture, the Pathways Intern Program is the only internship program at NASA that offers a direct pipeline to full-time employment at NASA upon graduation.

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