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If this is your first Federal grant, and you do not have an approved indirect cost requirements through their employment service in schools serving high. HRI/DEA Career Gateway by USA Staffing – Frequently Asked Questions. Last Updated: 4/28/ How do I apply to a job vacancy at DEA? No prior experience is needed, we’ll teach you all you need to know. Come to work and enjoy your team members each day! Must be 18 years old and eligible to.


Application – SOU Career Connections.


Hispanic refers to a person who is from, or a descendant of someone who is from, a Spanishspeaking country. It is impossible to tell the experiences of these various groups with a single history.

Some arrived in the United States as immigrants or refugees while others trace their ancestry to Spanish-speaking or indigenous peoples living in North America long before the establishment of the United States. The places explored here barely begin to hint at the varied ways their lives intersected with one another. Discover these remarkable stories preserved in our national parks and historic places.

During the s, the North American continent held an allure that captivated European kingdoms. Spanish conquistadors, missionaries, and traders rapidly established a foothold in current-day South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and forever altered the social, political, and economic lives of indigenous peoples they encountered.

By the end of the s, Spanish missions, presidios, mines, villas, and ranches dotted the landscapes of presentday Mexico, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

Encounters between Spanish-speaking settlers and native peoples at these various sites could be both cooperative and coercive. As some Europeans established trading networks and intermarried with members of native tribes, they also spread disease that devastated indigenous populations. Tumacacori National Historic Park interprets the history of the mission system in southern Arizona.

From , Jesuit and, later, Franciscan priests lived and preached among local Pima and Papago settlements of the Pimeria Alta. These communities endured disease, inconsistent government support, ambivalent converts, and Apache raids before the site was abandoned in During this month and throughout the year, we, and our partners, share history, heritage, and accomplishments of Hispanic and Latino Americans of past and present.

Armacell is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in flexible mechanical insulation materials. As a fast-growing company, Armacell offers an exciting workplace with rewarding career opportunities. Our diverse employment includes operations, engineering, research and development, as well as administration and corporate career tracks.

Armacell LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law. The border here between the U. The wars of extended U. As Puerto Rico transitioned from Spanish to American rule, Puerto Ricans of all social classes experienced a period of social and political upheaval.

The Generacion del Treinta Generation of , a middle-class creole literary movement helped shape a distinct Puerto Rican national identity for working-class, women, and creole elite alike. Diego Rivera—a prominent leader of the s Mexican Mural Movement— produced some of his most famous work in American cities.

As an outspoken member of the Mexican Communist Party, Rivera invited criticism during his travels, but even his most controversial works resonated with American audiences during the Great Depression. Article provided by www. I mean after all, it is called work. Is work supposed to deliver happiness to us?

I happen to believe work can deliver happiness and you can strive to be happy at work. Entirely possible. I have seen people who are happier at work than anywhere else. And they are perfectly healthy people. I think one of the biggest challenge of people being unable to be happy at work is really due to all the complaining. Add to it all the gossips and rumors, it makes a very difficult environment to try to build some joy and happiness in it. I suggest, tough as it may be, avoid complaining.

In fact, stop complaining. When you distance yourself from negativity, you will quite. Or at least, feel a little happier.

If you need to, discuss the challenge. Then find a way to diffuse it. Otherwise, I suggest you just stop. Resist complaining. Learn to accept and manage disappointments with people and with work.

Nothing is perfect and situations are always in a flux. Not just at work, but everything else too. Strive to be happy, but if sometimes that is not possible, learn to accept that it is a fact of life.

Tips provided by Long Yun Siang www. At NYPA, you will be empowered to think big, do good, and transform the energy industry. We are committed to encouraging and maintaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. The U. Secret Service The U. Secret Service seeking qualified is isseeking qualified is seeking qualified individuals with diverse The U. Secret individuals withService diverse skills and background is seeking qualified individuals with diverse skills background and and a desire to serve.

Secret Service skills and background and a desire to serve. Secret Service. A few time than ever to get started. Despite the troubled economic climate of recent days, the examples of these would be the Nursing Mothers program, Federal Government remains a steady and secure source of day care tuition assistance and support groups for children employment.

In fact, at the moment, government employ- and the elderly. Additional services, such as counseling, are ment is growing rapidly. The Federal Government already available on a limited basis to federal employees so that they can maintain optimal employs over two million productivity. For those people, and that number still going to school and is set to increase by two pursuing degrees, tuition percent in Another assistance is available.

The no single set of guidelines Veterans Affairs VA and is one of expansion, and so the number of for applicants to follow Veterans Health Administration alone is seeking to opportunities for those looking to get their foot in order to be successful.

Nonetheless, the typifill some 3, openings in the door is only going to continue to grow. The Army gies involved in seeking Corps of Engineers, the employment still apply. It second largest agency in terms of job openings, offers a similar number of positions, many of them full-time and permanent.

Luckily, relocation bonuses are available to federal employees. Certain jobs, particularly those connected to the military, Other government agencies with large numbers of openings include the Forest Service, the Federal Aviation may require deployment to foreign lands, and in some cases, Administration FAA and the Social Security Administration.

This is something Those are just a few examples out of dozens. For a complete, that applicants should be cognizant of moving forward. In any comprehensive listing, those interested should visit the USA event, the current attitude of the Federal Government is one Jobs website, which is run by the United States Office of of expansion, and so the number of opportunities for those looking to get their foot in the door is only going to continue Personnel Management.

There are many benefits attached to employment with the to grow. The variety of positions available, combined with the Federal Government. Government jobs are generally very lucrative benefits and the security offered, makes employment secure, as the past few years have made clear. Federal with the Federal Government an avenue worth exploring.

Black Americans have served in the U. Retired Lt. In , she became the first Black surgeon general of the Army. Finally, in , she became the first Black female lieutenant general and highestranking woman to graduate from West Point. Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell made headlines when she became the first Black female fighter pilot for the Air Force. Throughout her school years, she set her sights on the sky.

As a kindergartner, she wanted to be an astronaut, but soon shifted her focus from spaceships to jets. In , Kimbrell graduated from the Air Force Academy and earned her pilot wings the following year. These locations offer good weather and an abundance of outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and fishing. Enjoy access to many national parks, rivers, and lakes at your fingertips. For more information on current open positions, visit: www.

Human Resources Heavy Equip. Additional information may be obtained by calling Apply online www. We encourage qualified candidates with disabilities to apply. The United States Government does not discriminate on employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability and genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factor.

Further than you can imagine The U. Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University our history isretain, filleddevelop with and outstanding people and acc it is our goal to recruit, reward highlyhed medical institutions in the country, are committed to excellence in the delivery of patient care, educating Diversity, inclusion cultural caring competence are critical qualified employees.

If you areand enthusiastic, and the health professionals of tomorrow and discovering new knowledge. Jefferson medical encourages its employees to country, al competence aremost critical components of institutions every day. People come from all over the world to practice here, and to be treated here. The combination vancement opportunities for of greater autonomy, higher those willing to invest in their pay and better patient care is education.

Nurse while providing exceptional patient care, direct care to their patients, practitioners use their knowlin much the same way as edge, their advanced trainworking as a nurse practitioner could be doctors do. In fact, many paing and their caring attitudes just what the doctor ordered. Some personal satisfaction.

Here are just some of the reasons to even prefer the caring attitude, professionalism and time commitment nurse practitioners bring to the table. If you love being a nurse and want to be even more involved Greater Autonomy in the lives of your patients, getting certified as a nurse pracCompared to others in the field of nursing, nurse practitioners titioner is the natural choice.

Once you have completed your enjoy a high level of autonomy in providing patient care. While training and achieved this highly sought certification, you can they are typically overseen by a licensed physician, nurse prac- provide direct care and support to your patients on a new and titioners are generally free to run their practices as they see fit.

This autonomy allows nurse practitioners to adapt to the needs of their patient population. From adjusting hours in re- Growing Demand sponse to patient concerns to negotiating agreements with As the shortage of primary care physicians continues to grow, major insurance companies, nurse practitioners are free to nurse practitioners could find themselves in even greater make decisions that benefit their patients and the community demand.

Already nurse practitioners are taking lead in caring for their patients, with a hands-on approach that those seeking as a whole. Higher Pay Being in a growing field is good for your career, and taking The nurse practitioner certification is a lofty goal, and the educa- this next step in your education could be the prefect way to tional and hands-on requirements are quite extensive.

The fact move up and move ahead. Nurse practitioners play a vital role that the training is so demanding means that those who make it in all aspects of health care, and with the right program you are highly regarded, and that can mean a bigger paycheck. Nurse practitioners stand to make more, sometimes much The field of nursing is growing rapidly, and nursing promore, than their counterparts in the nursing profession.

If you fessionals continue to be in high demand. But some parts of are looking for a way to earn more while providing exceptional the nursing profession are in higher demand than others, and patient care, working as a nurse practitioner could be just what nurse practitioners in particular seem to be enjoying the many the doctor ordered.

If you are a health care professional looking for your next big challenge, it may be time Enhanced Job Satisfaction to become a nurse practitioner. The field of nursing can be a wonderful place to be, especially Article provided by www. If you are looking for a way to make an. Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals are committed to excellence in the delivery of patient care, educating nd Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals the health professionals of tomorrow and discovering new knowledge.

Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University our history isretain, filleddevelop with and outstanding people and accomplishments. What is Diversity in the Workplace? For an organization looking to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it is important to understand what constitutes workplace diversity. Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between individuals in an organization.

Diversity not only includes how individuals identify themselves but also how others perceive them. Diversity within a workplace encompasses race, gender, ethnic groups, age, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, military service and mental and physical conditions, as well as other distinct differences between people. Organizations that commit to recruiting a diverse workforce have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, which can lead to finding more qualified candidates and reducing the time it takes to fill vacant positions.

Businesses that do not recruit from diverse talent pools run the risk of missing out on qualified candidates and may have a more difficult time filling key roles, which increases recruitment costs.

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 67 percent of job seekers said a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers and 57 percent of employees think their companies should be more diverse. These numbers are telling. Not only can organizations fill positions with qualified candidates more quickly by recruiting from different talent pools, but a diverse workforce also benefits their employer brand which is crucial when it comes to getting the right talent.

Having a diverse workforce with multi-lingual employees and employees from varying ethnic backgrounds can also. More Benefits to Having Diversity in the Workplace Employees from diverse backgrounds imbue organizations with creative new ideas and perspectives informed by their cultural experiences. A diverse workplace will help organizations better understand target demographics and what moves them. To manage a diverse workplace, organizations need to ensure that they effectively communicate with employees.

Policies, procedures, safety rules and other important information should be designed to overcome language and cultural barriers by translating materials and using pictures and symbols whenever applicable.

Set one standard of rules for all groups of employees regardless of background. Ensure that all employment actions, including discipline, follow this standardized criteria to make sure each employee is treated the same. Diverse work teams let employees get to know and value one another on an individual basis and can help break down preconceived notions and cultural misunderstandings.

PHMC is a nonprofit public health institute that creates and sustains healthier communities. PHMC uses best practices and evidence-based guidelines to improve community health through direct service, partnership, innovation, policy, research, technical assistance and a prepared workforce. PHMC has served the region since PHMC is an equal opportunity employer. These challenges can be mitigated if an organization makes a concerted effort to encourage a more heterogeneous environment through promoting a culture of tolerance, open communication and creating conflict management strategies to address issues that may arise.

For leadership to effectively manage diversity in the workplace, they need to understand their backgrounds and how their behavior and beliefs can affect their decision-making within a diverse environment. This shift towards a more diverse population will have major impacts on the workforce and how organizations address diversity in the workplace.

In the coming years, organizations that understand how to manage diversity in the workplace effectively will hold a distinct advantage when it comes to recruiting and hiring talent.

This post outlines how organizations can best approach and manage diversity in the workplace with actionable tips and advice.

Look for ways to incorporate a diverse range of perspectives and talents into efforts to achieve organizational goals. At UCLA Health, it takes people from all backgrounds, as well as those from a wide-variety of non-clinical specialties to make our world-renowned care possible.

To build a diverse workplace, it is crucial to recruit and hire talent from a variety of backgrounds. This requires leadership and others who make hiring decisions to overcome bias in interviewing and assessing talent.

If organizations can break through bias and hire the most qualified people, those with the right education, credentials, experience and skill sets, a diverse workplace should be the natural result. For example, if an organization would like to hire more women in the engineering department, they could reach out to professional groups that cater to women in engineering and ask to advertise open positions in their newsletter or member communications.

It is essential for an organization to think about the impact that company policies and practices have on a diverse group of employees. Companies should create a way for employees to give feedback with surveys and suggestion boxes to gain a better understanding of how employees feel about diversity policies.

Any feedback received, both positive and negative, is valuable. Companies need to be ready to adapt and change policies that may be interpreted as obstructions or not helpful for employees. Once concrete plans are ready to be implemented, documents that outline each policy should be included in the employee handbook.

Diversity policies should be reviewed with every new hire, and when updates to policies are made, they should be shared with current employees as well. Having a diverse workplace means that off-color jokes about ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion need to be met with zero-tolerance enforcement.

Policies should be put in place to handle misconduct and communicate to employees that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Organizations will also need to make sure employees feel safe reporting any instances of inappropriate behavior by co-workers by establishing a formal complaint policy, so employees know how to report misconduct to the proper authority within an organization.

Employees need to be aware of how to coexist with a diverse range of people, as well as be cognizant of cultural sensitivity, to achieve harmony within a diverse workplace. Sensitivity training can help an organization manage diversity in the workplace by helping employees become more self-aware, which plays a vital role in helping employees understand their own cultural biases and prejudices.

Looking for an exciting place to work where you have the opportunity to help others? The MaineHealth network of hospitals and healthcare organizations offers outstanding career opportunities to work and live in one of the most spectacular areas of our nation. Joining MaineHealth presents rewarding careers throughout our non-profit healthcare system.

For a complete listing of MaineHealth System organizations and current openings:. Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. In our workplace, everyone is welcomed, respected, supported and valued. Join us to provide unmatched patient care and support our mission of improving the health of the communities we serve.

Your career will grow stronger as part of our united team. Visit CarilionClinic. Learn more about us online. Some companies also offer sensitivity training online. Stay Abreast of Diversity Laws Managing diversity in the workplace means that businesses need to keep abreast of changing employer-related laws and trends, especially diversity-related changes. Organizations should regularly review internal policies, especially those around harassment and equal opportunity, and make sure they reflect the most current laws and regulations.

If an organization has an international or multi-state presence, it is necessary to track regional changes to laws and regulations as they vary from country to county and state to state Even with the resources of the Internet, this can be a time-consuming event. Make the information available to all.

Managing diversity in the workplace means that businesses need to keep abreast of changing employer-related laws and trends, especially diversity-related changes. Encouraging diversity is the way forward for organizations. In a global talent market, businesses that can successfully manage diversity in the workplace will have a definite competitive advantage over others in terms of differentiation, innovation, and employer branding.

On January 21, , retired Gen. Lloyd Austin was confirmed by the U. Senate in a near-unanimous vote to become the first Black defense secretary of the United States. The first-ever Black female plebe to attend and graduate from the U. Naval Academy, Janie L. Mines first stepped onto campus in The academy considered itself to be a combat school, and [women] were not allowed to serve in combat.

Academy contacted me and said I was going to be the only Black woman who would be admitted, I felt like it was something I had to do. A retired Army four-star general, he previously attended West Point and was soon commissioned as a second lieutenant. Austin served more than 40 years in the Army. He was the 33rd vice chief of staff of the branch and was the last commanding general of the U.

Forces — Iraq Operation New Dawn. In , he retired from the military as a decorated and distinguished Army veteran with many honors, including a Silver Star and Humanitarian Service Medal. In the private sector, he served on several boards until President Joe Biden nominated him to be secretary of defense in — where he serves today. Everything we do is driven by the goal of helping our patients and communities improve their health and well-being. Our compassionate care nurtures lasting connections Redeemer Health provides compassionate care across every stage of life.

Together, we combine expert knowledge with compassion and kindness. If you would like to join our team, please email resumes to Human Resources Department at hrapplications ovhd. This organization does not discriminate in any way to deprive any person of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect the status of any employee because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, or military or uniformed services, in accordance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.

Our policies and procedures, hiring and internal promotion practices, benefits, learning opportunities and corporate citizenship demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and diversity. The nation has experienced economic highs and lows, and drudged its way through 14 years of war and strife. Millions of brave men and women have sacrificed life and limb to serve this country overseas, protecting the freedom of the American people. They do their job without complaint, exhibiting a steadfast determination to achieve the objectives set forth for them, with little say in the process.

These individuals are returning to a different America, but they bring with them numerous skills and character traits instilled through service and tested on the battlefield. Regardless of the industry your business serves, there are multiple benefits to hiring veterans as a member of your team. Some of these benefits apply to military members entering any civilian role. Other benefits apply to specific industries. The healthcare industry is an area of the American economy that is under great strain.

Loyalty During basic training, all military members are broken down and remolded as soldiers, sailors, and Marines in the US Armed Forces. Values including trust and loyalty are instilled, which become valuable on the field of battle.

This same loyalty is not lost when the uniform comes off. Veterans have a unique understanding of the value of loyalty. The Boise VA Medical Center proudly serves veterans in the Boise, Idaho area, in its main medical center, and in five community-based outpatient clinics.

Education Teacher. Environmental Ecojobs. International GoinGlobal Idealist. Find Oregon Employers. Utilize this Employment Department resource to find names of all employers in Oregon. Job Search Resource. Scouting a Summer Internship. Review this guide for Scouting the Summer Internship. Remote Jobs. We Work Remotely. Remote Work Tools Article. How to Get a Remote Job Article. Remote Work Skills Article. Safe Job Search Tips.

There is greater access to more opportunities, but any online job search should be tempered by caution. Increased accessibility has benefited scammers, too. Fraudulent job postings may actually be targeting your money or personal information. The following suggestions are ways to protect yourself when searching for jobs in cyberspace.

An employer may claim to be from a reputable company, but look closely to ensure the domain name matches the domain name of other employees of the company e. If you feel that you have been contacted by a fraudulent employer, please come to the Student Life and Career Center in Stevenson Union , or email us immediately at brooksm sou.

We recommend you also take the following steps:. Internships are a great way to build your resume, gain experience in a field, and get to try out a career before committing to it. We encourage you to search on all the general job sites, like Handshake and Indeed, to find and apply to internship opportunities.

Below are some additional resources specifically geared towards internships. Ashland, OR Phone: Find and Apply for Opportunities. General Job Boards General job boards are a great resource for finding a broad array of position types. Rogue Valley Employer Database View Southern Oregon employers that are willing to host interns and do informational interviews.

Essentials to avoiding a scam: Do not give your personal bank account, PayPal account, or credit card numbers to a new employer.


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