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Canada day vancouver island 2048 unblocked 7632


Sure, you could tape your best game of Pac-Man and replay it whenever you felt frustrated, but there are other reasons. As I indicated, I videotape weddings, parties, bar mite vahs. The titles and graphics are an extra, something the client didn’t expect to get, something that gives my work a more professional look.

That look can dress up a variety of video projects. Maybe you want to create your own title for your vid- eotape of, say, classic horror movies. Or you may want to string together computer images and sequences to make an animated short subject.

Someday, you may trans- fer your family’s old home movies to VCR tape. Computer titles and captions can do a lot to help the flow and to smooth the transition from, say, the vacation movies of ’74 to the Christmas movie of ‘ The Physical Connection A direct physical connection between computer and f video recorder leads to a sharper image with pure colors. The composite video signal thai would normally be in- terpreted by your monitor or CRT can instead be directly interpreted by any VCR.

With the Commodore family of computers, you have access to the DIN video-out port on the rear of your computer. The DIN plug originally supplied with the Commodore monitor and still available in stores is ideal. It terminates with two RCA plugs — one for audio, one for video. In order to see what you’re doing, you then use a cord with RCA plugs on both ends to make a connection from the VCR video-out jack to the video-in jack on your monitor.

With the Commodore monitor, this is the video jack on the front, not the back. Remember, we’re talking about composite video, A VCR will neither put out nor accept an intelligent signal broken down into chrominance and luminance. Therefore, the three-ter- minal cable that came with your Commodore mon- itor cannot lie used. If you’re using a television set as a monitor, you’re using the RF converter that came with your computer.

This is the little box that is attached to your antenna terminals. To use ibis on a video recorder, you must attach it to the VCR through the tuner. Remove the antenna wire that’s currently feeding pro- grams into your VCR and attach your computer’s RF converter box in its place. Since the RF box terminates in a flat, ohm wire, and video recorders have a connection for a obm cable, an adapter may be required. These are inexpensive, and you can get them at any radio or video shop. The cable now connecting your VCR to your TV mav remain in place to allow you to watch as your titling is being recorded.

With either connection, simply bear in mind that what goes into the VCR must come out to the TV or monitor. With the VCR tuner set and Fine-tuned to channel 3 4 in some areas , you’ll be able to record computer output as easily as you record a TV program.

Thai’s the physical connection. Now what about the mental? Plugging into Creativity The title should Fit the subject, so it helps to think about just what you are doing and plan ahead. For the first birthday party of a boy who was born on July 4th, I used large letters formed from reversed spates to write on the screen, “Happy Birthday, Donald. How to connect tour computer to your VCR. Photo 2. A sample of how you can personalize your videotapes. This display was created with Brod- erhund’s The Print Shop.

For the flame, 1 changed i In- cursor to a spade symbol and allowed it lo pulse in its usual way. After a moment, die screen border flashed rapidly through all eight colors, giving the impression of an explosion, flacked up on audio with lousing martial music, ii was an extremely effective first effort. For the sixtieth birthday of another client, f placed a large 5 in the center of the screen, then had it change to Id, 15, 20, etc. After the screen cleared, I cut to a city skyline with large yellow spotlights forming a “V.

Fireworks made of sprites began lo flicker. For the wedding rehearsal dinner of a couple who both happened to be lawyers, the groom’s father also a lawyer planned to appear in a robe and white barrister’s wig and elicit the usual toasts and best wishes by calling upon the guests for testimony.

It was an idea I liked. I opened with a gavel that Filled the screen, cleared and went to a bordered announcement that said “Rehearsal Dinner. See Photos 2 and! I he principle behind this project is to send an image from the computer to the VCR tape, then lo the monitor.

Iliis allows vou to personalize VCR Films with lilies, graphics screens and other documentation. If you’re doing this kind of video tape recording profes- sional! In the instances I’ve cited, members of the clients’ families will be watching these tapes and, sooner or later, one of them will need my services. Therefore, at some point, an animated “Videography and Graphics by Erv Bobo” will appear, embellished by sprite drawings of a video camera and a TV set. Inci- dentally, I liked my logo so much that I dumped it to a primer, took it to a stationery shop and had it reduced and printed on business cards.

Get it on and gel it off. Although you deserve credit for what you’ve done, some of your audience will see it as a commercial interruption.

Timing of your tides is important, too. A title should be on the screen long enough for the slowest reader to absorb, but no longer. Audiences get impatient, always in a hurry to see the pari where Aunt Tilly falls into the punch bowl. Another reason for timing is sound.

A musical back- ground for your titles helps the How, and the music should be as appropriate as the titles. Although I have a fairly good collection of records and tapes, I find myself in- creasingly being drawn to one particular piece of music, for it is, in a sense, all-purpose. Starting slow and mel- ancholy, almost like a hymn, it builds to a bouncy rhythm and crashing crescendos. By working with this one song, I find it easier to pace my titles and lo determine the overall length.

Lest you worry about royalties on music used for such purposes, one of my friends who is knowledgeable about legal matters tells me this does not really Fit the definition of “public performance for profit.

The C and C- 1 2H have excellent graphics capabilities. You may either create your own graphics or make life a lillle easier by obtaining one of the many available graph- ics software packages. I have only a little programming ability, so the following are my favorite graphics programs: Designer’s Pencil In Designer’s Pencil, by Aclivision Bayshore Frontage Road, Mountain View, CA , all program- ming commands are built in and must be selected with joystick and firc-buiion.

The built-in commands put an end to syntax errors, but I still wish I could select the commands from the keyboard. I dislike any software that forces you to use your joystick as a mouse.

The redeeming quality, for [imposes of ibis discussion, is in the execution of your design. Rather than appearing immediately before you, it is drawn by a little yellow mii! SI Time Destination: The 19th Century Slip any one of these game disks into your computer, and you’ll be transported back In lime to the 1 0OO’s, to relive three of the most exciting periods of that century.

Imagine all the best westerns youVe ever read about or seen This fun and easy-to-play game of global domination puts you in charge of one of six colonial powers – the U. Atari, Inc. Your goal: To conquer the world any way you can — through subversion, espionage, or sheer military muscle. To pick up these tickets to the past, you’ll need to see your time travel agency today. In California, call ,ext. Please specify computer format and add S2. A, Mountain View, CA All our games carry a “14 -day satisfac- tion or your money back” guarantee.

The world’s first computer assisted computer game. Your job is to gel them cleaned! Floyd’s not alone down there! Rats, bats, alligators and hoodlums are making life difficult or him, He’s got to be taught how to deal with the unwanted visitors. That’s only halt the story – you’ve still got to plan the most efficient route tor Floyd or you won’t get the job done in time, and that could mean you’ll be down there with a broom and scrubbing brush!

With complete 8 pages manual. Author Edwin Neuteboom. State College. Ihe people who deliver products. Clfolo 17 on Hoodor Service card. Beat the computer in a race to find the cities, rivers and mountains of the States, all in smooth scrolling colorgraphics on your Commodore 64 or Go ask the first dealers who couldn’t resist! Or phone ACK Inc. What does the future hold for you as a Viewtron subscriber?

Simply accept this free offer, and see for yourself. Put this unique, advanced generation, on-line service to the test – as Viewtron’s guest. Put Viewtron to the Test – Free. Now see how easy it is to give your Commodore capabilities it’s never had before.

Simply load the diskette Viewtron will send you. Then sit back and explore a huge database of useful time-saving, money-saving information packaged for you by America’s leading communi- cations company. Suddenly, your computer is a powerful information center. For the first time, at almost any time, you have push-button access to: Instant financial information – including one-button access to stock quotes.

On-line banking services that you can even use to pay your bills! Instant airline schedules – complete with fare updates. A complete encyclopedia that’s constantly updated electronically. Electronic shopping at discount prices on everything from computer software to new cars. Instant sports reports – including late scores, standings, and statistics. Instant news, national and interna- tional or even your own custom- designed news report.

Electronic messaging so you can talk on-line to fellow Viewtron subscribers for less than it costs to talk by phone Even electronic auctions where prices keep dropping instead of rising. Special services exclusively for Commodore owners who’d like to “Ask the Experts” for answers to Commodore questions, order bargains on CommiKiore software and hard- ware.

Plus, Viewtron is the only complete on-line service that runs in color on Commodore machines. Viewtron makes all these services and more “yours to command” whenever you wish. And commanding them is so easy. You issue these commands in plain English. In fact, part of Viewtron’s sophistication is simply to make it easy for you to get exactly the information you want!

Of course, this speed and ease of use saves you time And that, in turn, saves you money. But that’s only part of the Viewtron “savings story. For all its sophistication. Viewtron is the least expensive on-line service you can use Viewtron charges no subscription fee and no monthly minimum. You pay only for what you use Just 9 cents a minute weekday nights after 6 pm and weekends; 22 cents a minute weekdays!

And unlike other services, we don’t charge extra if you use a baud modem. You can access Viewtron on any of the three major communications networks at no extra charge A local call for most people Step into the future – free!

Taking your first step into the future with your Commodore is easy and affordable too. All you need is the computer itself, a disk drive a modem, and the Viewtron Starter Kit. If you haven’t already invested in a modem, that’s no problem. Viewtron can save you up to 50 percent on a modem! Mail the coupon today. Dept, Or mail coupon: Viewdata Corporation of America, lie, Dept. Ask for Dept. All modem oilers include cables where necessary. If lor any reason you are not satisfied, send back the merchandise within 30 days to receive a full refund.

Sorry, no C. Shipping included. Florida, Illinois and New York residents will have the appropriate sales lax added to ill ei r order. Offers exnira February? S, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Prices may vary in some cities and outside the U. As pictures appear on the projection screen, a student responds to ihem by interacting with the computer. As the student progresses through the program, the slides automatically lead his progress, changing as the program changes and advancing in response to the answers that he gives to certain questions in the program.

In greater numbers than ever before, educators and home users are becoming aware of the potential of the microcomputer as a powerful learning tool. Until re- cently, the computer was viewed as some sort of superior calculator, scientific instrument or medium for teaching computer languages. This attitude still persists to some degree; however, new inlet active technologies such as the video disk systems, which allow users to access visual material by use of the computer, are causing some edu- cators to reexamine the computer as a teaching medium.

Early teaching programs, some of which are still in use, relied heavily on text and simple graphics that were not much more effective than simple printed workbooks. Ad- mittedly, these programs were, and are, initially effective, probably because they sparked the excitement of some- thing new. Such excitement was generated by the short- lived video game craze of a few years ago.

Some educators believe that once the initial rush of enthusiasm subsides, computerized instruction will be equally short-lived, and computers will begin to gather dust in classrooms. Instructional programs that include pictorials and other mote sophisticated graphics seem to have the most potential for growth and survival. The future of this technology lies not so much in the initial “gee whiz” factor, but in the possibility for the inclusion of a broader range of subject matter, which, by its very nature, must include sophisticated Visual material.

For example, by using text and computer-generated graphics, it’s possible- to design a computer program that will teach students to identify works of art, tissue samples or microscope slides. However, given the amount of memory and cost involved in producing the high-resolution images that would be required, such a project is prohibitive. A pair-channel output interface board with four refayj. Original remote slide-advance ami with advance-reverse unit still attached.

Photo 3. Remote dideadvunce font with advance-reverse unit removed. The emd has been prepared to be attached to the output board. Photo 4. The advance fleftl wire and the return right wire polarity is not important attached to the output board M photos bj Daniel Morris.

The personnel iti the schools nr corpora I ions who have invested heavily in interactive video disk systems know thai the programs for them are expensive. The greatest problem, however, is the difficulty of adapting video systems to individual needs and differences. Only broadly based educational programs that allow for mass marketing are inexpensive enough for appreciable cost effectiveness.

One might hope for an interactive system that is simple and tost efficient, and lhat satisfies he following needs. It should be relatively inexpensive to put into place.

The computer programming should be simple, straightforward and easily modified. The visuals should occupy little memory and be immediately accessible. IHti 4. The visuals should be of high resolution, and easy to create and replace.

Long hours are required for pro- gramming any graphic, even if one uses a graphics tablet. The visuals should be easy to rearrange and update. All of this and more can be achieved by interlacing an auto-advance slide projector with the computer.

I selected this equipment because of its availability, low cost, dependability and simplicity of operation. The Obi’s graphics and sound capability made it preferable lo some other microcomputers.

Another reason for choos- ing the carousel projector is because its advance mech- anism is easily accessed and it is available in nearly any school or training area. These include: block move, copy, delete, macros, automatic page numbering, headers, footers, underlining, boldface, super and subscripts, variable character pitch, and custom character sets.

A preview mode displays formatted text exactly as it will appear on the printed page. You may further define your own formatting parameters, including margins, line lengths, page length and spacing. PaperClip contains over 30 printer files for all the current major models. The documentation is excellent and the disk itself un- protected, though keyed through a joystick port.

This means you can make as many back-up copies as you like, but can use the program only when the key is inserted. USA ia we. Original slides can be created from art work; non-copyrighted illustrations can be copied; and original photography can be used.

To write an accompanying program is easy in Basic Most teachers can readily write programs that offer mul- tiple-choice questions mixed with text and a few screen graphics. For example, let’s take a look at a possible test program, Lines 5 and will be explained later.

This is, of course, only a simplified example. Actual programs can be far more sophisticated and complex, but the principle is the same. Some programmers may prefer a let statement to the input statement in line Al Module Iv’h-riiif-iJ Vlattt ‘.

CC Only. The most difficult work lies itt creating the programming. Whether the board is a homemade or commercial item, it is the output portion of the board that controls the slide- projector. A con- ductor carries information from that contact to a transis- tor.

The transistor amplifies the information from the user port, SO that it will have enough strength to close a relay. A relay is an electronically operated switch. We now have what is essentially a switch that can he opened and closed by a command from the computer.

More importantly, the opening and closing of the switch can be included in a program. It is a simple matter to connect the projector-advance switching circuit to the board relay see Photo 1. The remote advance controller that comes with the projector could be used, but I recommend thai you use either a spare advance extension cord or an old slide-advance controller.

You need to obtain the proper cord and the male connector, which plugs into the projector. Connec- tors that will tit carousel projectors are available I get mine from J. Simpson, Elizabeth St. Making the Connection Making sure that the cord is not plugged into the projector, cut the plastic advance controller off the cord.

II an extension cord is used, cut off the female connector see P I lot os 2 and :i. Beginning on the cut end of the cord, strip back the outside covering and find the advance conductor and its return. The red wire is the advance wire and the yellow wire is the return.

Connect these two wires to the output relay, so that when the relay closes, they will make a complete circuit see Photo I. If a commercially built board is used, you may wish al ibis time to identify and connect the slide- projector’s reverse conductor to another relay. The re- verse conductor is the remaining white wire. Now, on to programming the opening and closing of the electronic switch.

Line 5 in the sample program con- tains the commands that are necessary for initialization of the CIA chip — the computer’s complex interface adapter. These commands should occur early in the program, since the projector may not advance properly if initialization doesn’t occur before an advance is attempted. The command POKE You know, when you hit the key, it’s going to be gone for all eternity. What do you do? Freeze Frame! It takes an instant “snapshot” of your screen.

Dumps it to your printer, so you can file it for future reference. Other Works with It is the first totally transparent screen dump utility for Commodore computers. As if that weren’t enough, Freeze Freme atso gives you. Works on any printer or printer interface combination that emulates Commodore operation!

High- speed options are included for Epson – compatible and Old data -compatible printers. Circle on Reader ServltO card. That is, the interface relay must be held closed for a short time and then opened. This is accomplished by the use of a For. Next loop. Remember, you turned off all the output lines with the command, POKE , Well, you can use that same command to open the relay.

Line , below, is the subroutine for closing the relay, keeping ii closed lor the cycle of [tie projector, and then opening die relay. Final Steps To set up the system, connect all of the computer components together for normal operation. Then, push the interface board’s connector into the user port. The user port is on the left rear of the computer. At this poind you may wish to run the initialization program and the program to close and open the relay.

An ohmmcier or continuity tester can lie placed across the relay contacts to sec if the circuit is closing. If every- thing is working properly, conned [be projector advance cord [o the projector and start your program. All programs should include text that explains the operation of the slide projector. To make sure the images don’t get out of synchronization with the text, the number oft be slide dial is on the projection screen should appear on the computer screen in a second color.

This provides a quick reference that allows the operator to rapidly adjust the projector to the correct slide. Think of the possibilities of a trivia game l hat uses old movie stills or bubble gum cards.

The beauty of this system is that it is limited only by the programmer’s imagination. Other devices such as sound or videotape drives can be similarly interfaced, and For.

Next loops can be used to allow the tapes to run for specified periods. The ad- vantage of having interactive sound without die loss of memory is similar to the advantage of slide graphics. M Address till author correspondence to Daniel Morris, It! Frequent updates of 25 to 50 additional KEYS will be available no original disk return required for updates!

M’ll II ,’ l-i. ZB 4 CP. Being the bosl utility available today, it will even copy the other copy programs. Because of the Shadow’s unique abilities, we feel DOS protection is a thing of the past. Plus many more features included. Visa, MasterCard include card number and expiration date.

Add S3. CODs add S7. Other foreign orders add S1S. Distributors invited and supported. The Creative Computer This is one man’s story of how he used his Commodore creatively. Richard, who will always be lite first on die block to own anything new. He was as proud as a new papa whose offspring could read, write, walk and talk at the mo- ment of birth.

I was polite, but not impressed. Exactly where the right half of my brain was at that lime, I do not know. Let me explain. By the time I acquired the basic tools of my trade, funds had become very tight. My requests for new production equipment had to compete with re- quests for medical instruments. I lost. Making a Wish List Operating on a restricted budget, I could only fantasize about new ways and means to create videotapes thai could add interest and excitement to the process of learning.

My growing wish list included: 1. A television title generator. I’s- ing rub-on instant lettering took an eternity.

A graphics design computer, to create illustrations, graphs and charts — not only for video, but for 35mm slides as well. A speech synthesizer. After all, this is the computer age; why not jazz up the narration with an occasional comment by a computerized voice?

A word processor for writing and editing scripts. I’m a fast typist, but I make errors and have a short memory. So why spend itw minutes per mistake waiting for the correction lluid to dry and lose my next idea? A music synthesizer. Wouldn’t it be nice to create original theme and background music to edit into my videotapes?

In the world of industrial video, this is not a cheap wish list We’re talking thousands of dollars here. In spite of my original skepticism, I knew intu- itively that this machine would some- how get me out of my rut. I quickly dumped some of our ob- solete audiovisual equipment and raised the money for the VIC, know- ing that surely someone would have the software to enlarge the size of the computer’s screen text and allow me to use it as a title generator.

I was wrong on that count, but a few hundred bouts later I became both a programmer and the proud owner of the necessary titling software. To this day, the sturdy little VIC and its Datassctte companion sit at my editing console, ready to provide whatever titles I might need for my videotapes.

This brand new capabil- ity kept me contented for at least two years. The remainder of my wish list, however, simply would not go away. And the hospital was still not buying me any expensive new toys. Granting Your Own Wishes I knew that to achieve my goals for my work, 1 would have to purchase my own equipment While this may sound unusually altruistic, it oc- curred to me that such an arrange- ment would permit me to work at home from lime to tittle and avoid ihe brutal commute.

Besides, it was aboui time a gadget lover like me acquired bis own computer. So that is exactly what I did. Within six months I had accumu- lated a complete C system plus the essential software to complete my wish list and add some pizzazz to my media productions. To create original artwork, such as cartoons and illustrations, 1 chose the KoalaPad with the KoalaPainter soft- ware.

This program allows me to display fonts of various sizes and, for charts ami graphs, to combine text wiih graphics. The next clay, the videotape is placed into ihe editing deck and integrated into the main production. If I need to prepare ’15mm slides, I simply pho- tograph the image directly off the computer’s monitor. For me, artifical speech is a novelty that may never wear off.

Even with- out my work projects in mind, I be- lieve that the cost of the computer could be justified by the potential of this amazing capability. The tech- nology still needs refinement, but, with enough patience and pho- nemes, I have learned to create quite acceptable recordings, which, like the illustrations, are taped and edited into the master videotape.

For this item on mv wish list, I selected Tro- nix’s S. Word processing turned out to be more tcrrilic than I had ever imag- ined. Ihe addition of a printer and software has made typing, an area that 1 previously left to others pos- sessing the patience to cope with cor- rection fluid and incessant revisions, much more pleasurable. Wars ago. I was taught that most musicians do not go through the trouble of scoring a mas- terpiece for me to copy and incor- porate into whatever training film I happen to be producing ai the time.

Like many folks, I can sort of “play by ear” and pound out an original melody, which can actually fool some of the people some of the time. Dur- ing my p re-con i]j uter years, I did ihis on a pair of Casio synthesizers in my office.

I am now looking into the various music. The possibility that Beethoven might shift slightly in his grave is not important here. What is important is that, for a relatively small investment in a home computer, I gained ihe abiliiv to do exactly what I wanted to do ai a frac- tion of the usual cost. Unleash Your Creative Spirit However, should the real point of this story be lost in ihe maze Of gad- gets ami gimmicks, lei me say thai what we are really talking about here is not what 1 do for a living, but, rather, the process of selling free I he inventive spirit that wanders aim- lessly along the back alleys of our minds.

One need not he an artist, musi- cian or writer o fulfill ihe fantasy of creation; I derived the mosi fun from using my speech synthesizer to send very strange audio tapes to my friends. What’s important is the shar- ing and sense of satisfaction and accomplishment For you and me, the borne com- puter — thai bucket of bits and bytes — can be the key thai unlocks the chains which restrict our thoughts and limit our achievements.

HI Address all author correspondence to Andrew M. Circle on Roador Sorvica card. Sensational Prices!

On Our Most Popular Items! Try our first quality, prime, SW diskettes no rejects, no seconds at these fantastic sate prices and save, save, SAVE!

Disks are packaged in boxes of 50; each box contains 5 shrink-wrapped packs that include diskettes in sleeves, labels, and write- protect tabs. All diskettes include hub reinforcement rings and write-protect notch.

All diskettes are double density and work in either single or double density drives. DO Diskettes, Box ol 50 S Imagine printing a lengthy document in seconds instead ol minutes. The U Buff 64 K printer buffer from Dig- ital Devices receives print data at rates up to cps and then sends it to the printer a! Comes complete with cables, power supply and compre- hensive instruction manual.

Our normal prices are already low, but to make sure you get the best deal you can, we will also meet most competitive prices in this publication when pieced on an equal basis Remember— vve don’t charge for use ol your credit card, impose excessive shipping tees, or use any other hidden extras 0 boost the price you pay. Due to the rapid Change in prices in the computer industry, we can only meet prices at the time you piece your order; we cannot adjust prices on items ordered or shipped on an earlier date.

Another plus for charge card customers— your charge card is billed at time of shipment only for the items shipped— no early billing, no long wait for the merchandise you already paid for.

ProVoice from Genesis The most sophisticated, easy- to-use speech synthesizer built lor the C64 p The PrrAfotcc allows the computer to speak in conversational, verbatim or character modes.

Package includes a special set ol translation rules, built-in amplifier and speaker, and a comprehensive user guide. Plugs Into expansion pet and is ROM based— no software to load! As you speak into the microphone lha machine captures a sampla of lha voice, compares it to a stored pre-recorded sample, and decides i! Stores up to 64 dihereni words for later recall. Requires disk drive. Compailble with C-T2B computer. Rttml 1hi compuKtf ifidepenctoriHiy d tm powor fiwilch Caifidgo ikfo aio vcr iical lor pasy accest— no blind fymb”mg behind The computer Cartridge Expander ‘ Top Deck is what you need!

Neatly catches and stacks output for virtually every printer with or without a srinter stand. Completely adjust- able and self-storing. Durable enough for of- fice use, but economical enough! From Your Friends At We gladly accept mail orders! Dumps high- resolution screens up to IB times faster. Prints all Com- modore characters. All cables and connectors included.

Pow’r Pak also supplies two additional surge protected outlets V lor monitor, disk drive, or other peripherals.

Fuse protection. Sturdy all-metal cas- ing is ventilated lor heat dissipation. Full 1 year warranty. We’ve combined a famous name printer with an outstanding graphics Interface to oiler a complete printer package lor your C at an unbeatable value!

Similar systems can cost S and up, ,. Printing is bi-directional and logic seeking. Both friction and tractor feed are standard— handles original plus two copies. Other features include graphics printing compatible with almost all popular graphics soft- ware programs , programmable line spacing, and morel Dimensions: 15,5″ W x 11″ D x 4″ H”.

Weight: Here’s another plus— the parallel, Centronics compatible printer can be used with any parallel output computer. The Commodore uses single sided disks. As you may have noticed, however, these disks actually have a magnetic media on both sides. With our Disk Doubler you can punch a new write protect notch on the op- posite side of the disk and use the “hidden” second side!

The Disk Doubler is easy to use, just slide the disk in, squeeze the button, and a perfectly located notch is punched in the disk jacket. This handy device will pay for itself Ihe first few times you use it.

X Powerhouse Now, wilh your Commodore 64 or computer, you Can program lights and appliances to turn on and off, control your thermostat, play your stereo, light up your bedroom, hallway and bathroom, start Ihe coffee, even warm up the curlers.

I But it’s smart enough not to wake you up on weekends. It even has a battery backup. You can also use this program for advertising and making special announcements. Most keys have two little pictures, or graphics, on them. To prim a key’s left-most graphic, hold down the Commodore logo key bottom left of keyboard and press the desired key.

To print a key’s right- most graphic, hold down the shift key and press the desired key. To change to color, hold down the CTRL key and press the color key upper row of your choice. For other colors, press the Commodore logo key and a color key. Key 1 is orange, 2 is brown, 3 is light red, 4 is dark gray, 5 is medium gray, b is light green, 7 is light blue and 8 is light gray. You can combine the little pictures to make drawings, borders and other things. You can also put text on the screen.

The very bottom right-hand corner is forbidden territory. If you print a character here, the screen will scroll up and you’ll lose the top line of your picture. When you run the program, the screen will clear. The keyboard graph- ics work as usual, except for the num- bers and some punctuation marks. The program will explain which char- acters are different when you run it Pressing any of these altered keys will put a moving character on the screen.

These characters can be combined with letters and normal keyboard graphics to produce striking pictures. I won’t describe which key does what, since that would ruin the fun of discov- ery and experimentation. I lere’s something to try. Hold down any number key to make a row of moving images. Press the return key to move the cursor to the left margin a. Type your name and press the return key again. Now use another number key lo make a bottom row to highlight your name.

The English pound key stops the pro- gram. To save a screen, press the f! Any name will work, provided there isn’t another picture of the same name on the disk. The disk drive’s red light will come on, and the screen will stop pulsing. When the pulsing starts again, the screen will be saved. Loading a picture from disk is al- most like saving one, except you use the 1’7 key instead of fl.

When saving or loading, you’ll lose the character in the upper left-hand corner when the cursor returns lo the home position alter disk access. How the Program Works The program demonstrates a novel use of custom characters. The com- puter docs almost a million things a second, but none of those things amounts lo much. Also, in human terms, the computer does tilings du- llard way. For example, to put the letter A on the screen, it has to look up how to make an A.

After doing that and drawing the A, the computer forgets what it just did and lias lo go through the whole process again if you warn another A. Custom characters are made by de- signing a character and telling the computer to look at it, rather than at a letter. So, hough the computer thinks it’s getting the instructions to draw the letter A, it’s really getting instructions to draw, say, a tiny alien, or whatever you designed.

Since a com- plete character set lakes up 2K of memory, there’s room for eight com- plete sets. However, since I’ve used low memory in this program, there’s room for only six sels, since a lot of the Basic operating system and the screen take up the first 4K. I’ve al- lotted the next 4K to my program, leaving the last 8K to hold my four character sets. Like the frames in an animated cartoon, each character is a little different from i he- last, to achieve the illusion of move- ment The noncustom characters are the same in each set.

The change itself is controlled by telling memory lo- cation which set to use. After doing this, it Pokes the custom characters into the RAM char- acter sets. This is a demonstration program, so I’ve used only 20 custom charac- ters. You could use far more. The advantage to character switching is that you gel a lot of animation for very little work. Note that most of the program is taken up by data to make the 20 characters. More of it is taken up with the synthetic cursor.

In a game featuring a maze with electric walls don’t touch! The resulting animation would add greatly to the appeal of the program. If you want to make your own pro- gram using my sets, you’ll he limited to -IK of Basic memory. Sprites can be put in higher memory. The essen- tials of my program are reserving memory by Poking locations 52,32 and 5b, 32, putting the custom char- acters into the reserved memory and switching character sets.

X cycles through 8, 10, 12, 14, 8, 10, 12, To make your own program, modify my program so it only Pokes the data statements into the right places. Run my program, then enter NEW.

The program will he gone, but the charac- ter sets will remain in place, You’ll then be able to write your own program in the empty 4K of memory, lie sure that the first line of your program reserves memory. When you cycle values at the magic address , your pictures will pulse. If you don’t want to use my custom characters, you can make your own. Programmable characters are cov- ered in the Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference Guide. Pulsing Pictures program.

With Swiftax, Timeworks’ easy-to-operate, menu- driven program, you’ll complete your Federal income tax returns quickly and pain- lessly. And, our easy-to- use manual provides the information you’ll need to keep your returns accurate and up-to-date. Features: Guides you through every step of the tax preparation process with full user prompts, and instructs you on which forms you must complete.

Automatically checks your tax alternatives, such as income averaging, etc. Sets up a unique Taxpayer File, enabling you to make changes to your completed tax return, at a later date. Prints your tax information directly onto tax forms as well as blank paper. Prints itemized lists of dividends, interest, etc. Prints amortization schedules, summarizing yearly principal and interest payments.

A new program disc and manual can be ob- tained for one additional year at a nominal charge. One more powerful productivity tool from Timeworks to help you keep your business and your life in order.

Now at your favorite dealer. Professional quality defines new B. Manuals are illustrated, readable and easy to understand. Menus arc clear and concise. Yet this is very sophisticated ;”” software, easily capable of becoming si the indispensible management tool. A whole new use for your home computer. Plus the on screen tuning indicators mean you never have to take your eyes off the video for perfect tuning.

Unshift on space, word wrap jrlrf? It’s not a toy program or a simple random code gen- erator. Originally developed jointly by Microiog and several government agencies experienced in Morse in- struction. Four years of extensive service prove it’s the quickest way to Morse proficiency. The method works! You start from absolutely no knowledge of Morse, progress through the alphanumeric symbols, and on to any speed desired.

The “alphabet” part of the program introduces new characters and plots the progress on a bar-chart. As a bonus, it also boosts typing skill. You’ve never seen any tape or program do that! In fact, there’s never been a system so thorough, so efficient and so effective as the Microiog Morse Coach. Flight Simulator II includes full flight instrumentation and avionics, and provides a full-color out-the- window view.

Instruments are arranged in the format standard to modern aircraft. All the radios needed for IFR flight are included. Front, rear, left, right, and diagonal views let you look in any direction.

Program features are clearly documented in a page Pilot’s Operat- ing Handbook. For training in proper flight techniques. Flight Simulator II includes another page instruction manual, compiled by two professional flight instructors with over 8, hours flight time and 12, hours of aviation teaching experience. You’ll learn correct FAA- rocommended flight procedures, from basic aircraft control through instrument approaches.

To reward your accomplishments, the manual even includes a section on aerobatic maneuvers. High-speed graphic drivers provide an animated out-the-window view in either day, dusk, or night flying modes. Apple and Atari versions will be released soon. Each disk covers a geographical region of the country in detail, and is very reasonably priced. This game sends you on a bombing run over heavily-defended enemy territory. Six enemy fighters will attempt to engage you in combat as soon as war is declared.

Your aircraft can carry five bombs, and your machine guns are loaded with rounds of ammunition. See Your Dealer. A complete Western U. For additional product or ordering information, call The amounts of information available today and the large number of people seeking information for daily needs have led us to a [joint where information exchange has be- come a necessary component of our vocations and even our personal lives. We need information in order to make decisions, plan, write re- ports, and otherwise to be “in die know,” and we need it last.

For several reasons, telecommu- nications is contributing to rapid growth in this type of consumerism. The on-line information networks can hold massive amounts of varied in formal ion in one central location. We don’l have to physically move from library to library or wail for inter-library loans to come through.

This centralization of information is compounded with another aspect of telecommunications — speed. Us- ing an online network thai has so- phisticated search features, yoti can now accomplish in a few hours what used to lake up to four or five days to research. Or maybe you haven’t researched that article or report as thoroughly as you could have.

These two bibliographic on-line services offer a vast source of information, without a lot of legwork or book-toting. On-line databases that provide specialized information normally found in libraries and professional research facilities are known as bib liographic services.

These services can provide full-text versions of ar- ticles from a variety of sources; ab stracts summaries of books, maga zinc articles, conference reports case rulings, etc. There arc hundreds of these da- tabases available to you if you have a computer and a modem. Some of them are directed towards universi- ties, businesses and large professional applications.

There arc also smaller biblio- graphic networks tailored for the less frequent user, such as the home or professional user, the small-business- person or student. Hooks in Print and many oth- ers. The service is called “After Dark” because of” the hours during which you can search. BRS — without the “After Dark” — is available during the day, but at about triple the price.

To use this service, you need only your computer, any S or baud modem and modem software. I use the West ridge modem and soft- ware for my C I also recommend a printer, so you can save your in- formation on pages. Most databases run around SSI5 per hour.

You’re charged by the minute, not by the whole hour, and even a novice can whip through a search in faster than 00 minutes. Searches are easy to perform — von can be a first-timer and handle this system. No fancy courses are re- quired to break mysterious codes — everything is very up-front.

And BRS also provides a toll-free customer ser- vice number. To ac- cess BRS, you’ll dial a local phone number, then type in your pass- words. BRS will ask you for your com- puter screen’s line length and width length I use 40 and 25 for my C and then show you the menu.

You can also learn about new additions or change your password, if you so desire. Next, you’re asked which category you’d like to search. If you’ve opted for “business,” then you’re given another menu.

That code word is INFO. The com- puter then asks if you’d like prompts for the code words. If you’re a begin- ner, you’ll want to see these prompts, since they explain that “S” is for “Search,” “P” is for “Print,” “M” is for “Menu,” etc. You will also be asked if you’d like a description of the database. If you do, you’ll receive a short description of who provides the service, what they cover, cost, and so on.

You really should plan your search before ever turning on the computer. Time is money! Performing a search entails typing in a series of keywords. The computer searches its database for these keywords, and, within sec- onds, reports back on how many places it found your subject covered.

Obviously, if you come up with some huge number of documents, you’ll want to narrow your search. Then I used ” and computers” and received hits. Still too many. Applied spectroscopy. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. Asia-Pacific journal of public health.

ASN neuro. Assay and drug development technologies. The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry. Autism : the international journal of research and practice. Behavior modification.

Beneficial microbes. Big data. Biochemistry insights. Bioelectronics in medicine. Biographical memoirs of fellows of the Royal Society. Royal Society Great Britain. Bioinformatics and biology insights.

Biological research for nursing. Biology letters. Biomarker insights. Biomarkers in cancer. Biomarkers in medicine. Biomedical engineering and computational biology. Biomedical informatics insights.

Biopreservation and biobanking. BioResearch open access. Biosecurity and bioterrorism : biodefense strategy, practice, and science. Bone and tissue regeneration insights. Brain and neuroscience advances. Brain connectivity. Breast cancer : basic and clinical research.

Breast cancer management. Breastfeeding medicine : the official journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. British journal of community nursing. British journal of hospital medicine London, England : British journal of nursing Mark Allen Publishing.

The British journal of occupational therapy. British journal of pain. The British journal of radiology. The British journal of visual impairment. The Bulletin of the atomic scientists. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic. Business and society. Canadian journal of chemistry. Canadian journal of kidney health and disease. Canadian journal of microbiology. Canadian journal of occupational therapy.

Revue canadienne d’ergotherapie. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology. Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie. Canadian journal of school psychology. Cancer control : journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Cancer growth and metastasis. Cancer informatics. Cannabis and cannabinoid research. Cardiovascular and thoracic open. Case reports in pancreatic cancer. CBE life sciences education. Cell medicine. Cell transplantation. Cellular reprogramming.

Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache. Cephalalgia reports. Child maltreatment. Child neurology open. Childhood Copenhagen, Denmark. Childhood obesity Print. Chinese journal of sociology. Chronic illness. Chronic respiratory disease.

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But how exhilarating! One of the most amazing adventures I had on my Vancouver Island road trip was a beginner surfing lesson I had in Tofino. I had never surfed before, so why not throw myself into the rough, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean in Tofino? The ocean here is not one to mess around with. There was a high wind warning for the area, making the waves extra powerful, but everyone at the surf shop was chill about it, so I let myself relax.

There are so many surf shops in Tofino that you can have your pick with which one will fit you best. After researching thoroughly, I chose Surf Sister for my first time surfing adventure.

She wanted to have a shop that helped female surfers make their mark in Tofino. And get this — she succeeded. Surf Sister is a popular shop in Tofino, and their instructors are absolutely incredible and specialize in making a comfortable environment for beginners.

I see why people love it here. Tofino is a small coastal town at the western edge of Vancouver Island. While the trek to the Tonquin Beach is only metres, the whole loop is 3km of boardwalk and gravel trail. The island is only accessible by a Once you get off on the dock, the Hot Springs Cove is located at the end of a 2km boardwalk hike that includes quite a few stairs. Victoria is a gorgeous city, aptly named the Garden City, and is an excellent stop for a Vancouver Island road trip.

The trek to Victoria from Tofino takes just over four hours since you have to drive all the way back to Nanaimo before heading south.

There are many places you could stop along the way, but I suggest straight-shooting it all the way there to give yourself as much time in Victoria as you can. Joking, obviously. But, seriously, why pass up an opportunity to see whales in the wild in one of the most populous whale areas? Seeing these beautiful marine mammals in the wild is an incredible experience. There are many whale watching tour operators in Victoria and Vancouver. Still, I chose Eagle Wing Whale and Wildlife Watching Tours due to their commitment to the environment and strict whale interaction procedures.

Whale watching tours are fantastic. Not only will you likely see orcas, since there are quite a few in the area, but you may also get a chance to see blue whales, humpbacks whales, seals, sea lions, and more. On my trip, I decided to stay as cheaply as possible, taking a bed at Hostel International in the city, especially since I splurged for the yurt at Wya Point.

Day five of a Vancouver Island road trip is your final day, explore Victoria, grabbing a bite to eat at one of its excellent restaurants, and stop at the Butchart Gardens before heading back to the mainland.

I find that Victoria is more charming than the metropolis of Vancouver. Not only does Victoria have more beautiful architecture, but it still has this small city vibe to it, which the giant city of Vancouver does not.

One of the places you have to see in Victoria includes the Fairmont Empress, one of the oldest hotels in Canada. They have amazing scones and an impressive selection of tea at a much more reasonable price. The sprawling gardens are dotted with statues and totem poles. See if you can find the statue of Queen Victoria, for whom the city was named.

Chinatown needs to be on your list too. Chinese immigrants have a long, rich and, many times, heartbreaking relationship to the growth of Victoria, BC. The district stands out with its red and gold colours and unique architecture. Take a look at the several shops and restaurants, but make sure to stop by the Gate of Harmonious Interest, the infamous Fan Tan Alley, and the lesser-known Dragon Alley. Lastly, the trendy fashion district of Market Square and open pedestrian shopping district of Bastion Square are two stops you have to make before leaving Victoria.

For over years, these gardens are a treat to the eyes with a wide range of flowers and plants. So, depending on your departure, you might have time to check out a few more places along the way.

There really is so much to see on the island. Olivia Rutt is the travel writer and photographer behind My Wandering Voyage, a travel website helping working millennials find time to travel. She shares insight in trip planning, travel inspiration and photography tips. Olivia hails from southern Ontario, Canada where she works in the media industry between travels. Follow Olivia on Instagram where she shares her travel photos, or catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter. May 13, Table of Contents.

About Author Olivia Rutt Olivia Rutt is the travel writer and photographer behind My Wandering Voyage, a travel website helping working millennials find time to travel. Further Reading Nearly 4, Canadian Armed Forces members, families waiting for military housing. Sex workers arguing in court legislation fosters stigma, invites violence and removes safe consent. Critics say many low-income families are less likely to file tax returns. Group wants province to come up with a new accountability report for Climate changed: Fiona demonstrated wild hurricane future, and need to adapt Fossil fuel emissions likely increasing the intensity of tropical storms from southern Atlantic by The Canadian Press 4 hours ago.

Daily heat records tumble again in B. North and West Vancouver also have lots of festivities for everyone. Come and enjoy them all. In the evening, an unforgettable pyrotechnic show takes place. The sky lights up by means of two fireworks barges, which are located in Coal Harbour and Dundarave. Sign In. Best time to go to Vancouver. Last updated: June 20, Dates July 1. Canada Day Featured in Canada Vancouver.

Practical info Ask a question. Find hotels and airbnbs near Canada Day Map Vancouver. Celebration of Light. New Year’s Eve at Bayfront Park. Art en Ciel: International Fireworks Competition. Summer Fireworks at Navy Pier. Cavalcade of Lights.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival. Hogmanay New Year’s Eve.


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RIGHT USING SINCE DAY HIGH EPISODE ROAD ISLAND OBTAINED Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from NNFL NLP Lab 2.

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