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Among other things, the discussion will deliver a deep dive into the recently released survey tracking sentiment from more than CEOs. The survey was sponsored by Xometry in a joint effort with Forbes and powered supllies veteran polling firm John Перейти на страницу Strategies.

WHY: Although 90 percent of CEOs expect supply chain concerns canada day vancouver island 2048 xometry supplies stretch well intothe survey reveals resilience in the face of continued disruption.

The majority of CEOs — 80 percent — are planning capital investments, inclusive of talent, technology or other improvements.

A visualization of the survey читать далее is available here. Xometry IllumePR. Advanced search. Forgot password? Or log in with. Sign up. Email Registration. English USA. English UK. English Canada. Deutsch Deutschland. Deutsch Schweiz. Nederlands Nederland. Listed companies Analyst Reco. All Stock Picks Subscribe. Add to my canada vancouver islanders shoreline waikoloa vacation. ET On Friday, Vancouvre.

Financials USD. More Financials. Duration : Auto. Period : Day Week. Technical analysis. Income Canada day vancouver island 2048 xometry supplies Evolution. Please enable JavaScript in your browser’s settings to use dynamic charts.

EPS Revisions. More Estimates Revisions. Managers and Directors. More about the company. Sector and Competitors.

More Results. All rights reserved. Add to my list Report. Insider Sell: Xometry. Most relevant. Выходит commonly used helping verbs могу News.

Analyst Reco. Other languages. Press Xometty. Official Publications. Xomefry news. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. Xometry, Inc. Announces Executive Changes. More news. More recommendations. Financials USD Sales dy Full-screen chart. Sell Buy. Randolph Altschuler. James M. George Ronald Hornig.

Matt Leibel. Peter Goguen.



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Pierpont Communications, Houston, TX 1,, Inkhouse, Waltham, MA 1,, 4. Akrete, Evanston, IL 1,, 6. Lansons, New York, NY , Novitas Communications, Denver, CO , Paul, MN , Tunheim, Minneapolis, MN , Wordhampton PR, Inc. Kivvit, Chicago, IL 2,, 3. Franco, Detroit, MI , 7. Pierpont Communications, Houston, TX , 8.

Paul, MN 93, Brownstein Group, Philadelphia, PA 82, Novitas Communications, Denver, CO 64, Kivvit, Chicago, IL 3. Pierpont Communications, Houston, TX 7. Inkhouse, Waltham, MA 8. Kivvit, Chicago, IL 4.

Lambert, Grand Rapids, MI 5. Inkhouse, Waltham, MA 7. Jackson Spalding, Atlanta, GA 9. Pierpont Communications, Houston, TX Peppercomm, New York, NY Kivvit, Chicago, IL 5. Jackson Spalding, Atlanta, GA 7. Taylor, New York, NY 8.

Edelman, New York, NY 15,, 3. Davies, Santa Barbara, CA 11,, 4. Kivvit, Chicago, IL 2,, 7. Jackson Spalding, Atlanta, GA 1,, Petersburg, FL 23, Racepoint Global, Boston, MA 6. FrazierHeiby, Columbus, OH 9. Taylor, New York, NY 2. Edelman, New York, NY 6. Kivvit, Chicago, IL 7. Lambert, Grand Rapids, MI 4. Kivvit, Chicago, IL 8. Franco, Detroit, MI 9.

Racepoint Global, Boston, MA Petersburg, FL. RF Binder Partners, Inc. BLH Consulting, Inc. Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. The answers live in your Capital S Story, the one that stands above all others because it defines the character and essence of your organization. Let us help you uncover, develop and share the story that drives the best results: Yours. Brandware Group, Inc. Brown-Olmstead Associates, Ltd. Edelman, Chicago Financial Profiles, Inc. Boardroom Communications, Inc.

Motion Agency, Inc. Brownstein, Philadelphia Sahl Communications, Inc. We help dynamic entrepreneurs, franchises, and creative business leaders share their inspiring true stories through fully integrated marketing communications programs. Comsint, Boston fama PR, Inc. PReativity PR has always wanted creativity. But today it needs a whole creative department.

And we get more proactive, helping brands build their reputation through compelling storytelling and innovative video. And a more creative way to reach a world that no longer responds to the same old thing. Meet Feintuch Communications. Birnbach Communications Inc.

Pierpont Communications Inc. FleishmanHillard, St. Sahl Communications, Inc. Petersburg Point Taken Communications, Jacksonville. Louis Weber Shandwick, St. Professional Services continued Brandware Group, Inc. Our clients are changing the world. We make sure the world knows it. By transforming your news into high-impact narratives that resonate, we can help you deliver outsized exposure for global enterprises.

Padilla, Washington Rasky Partners, Inc. Your partner in transformation. Abernathy MacGregor is a leading strategic communications advisor particularly in pivotal times of change. Since , we have provided superior, customized communications strategies and an intensely collaborative and high-energy commitment to our clients.

Citizen Relations Inc. Story Partners. Racepoint Global Rasky Partners, Inc. Clarity Global, Inc. Rosen Group Rubenstein Public Relations. He is the author of The Practice of Public Relations, in its 13th edition, and co-author of Rethinking Reputation, published by Palgrave Macmillan in However, the key specify exactly what their work will achieve; in other words, variables in hiring and retaining a public relations agency their goals.

Make them commit to milestones along the way. It still makes great good Make them specify how much each element in the program sense for a potential public relations agency client to be will cost and what will be the anticipated results.

And set a time limit for when the program will conclude. As one who has been on both the corporate and agency sides Insisting on specifics and results keeps a consultant honest. Whenever possible, seek competitive bids.

Get references and interview them. Emphasize results. Negotiate down larger retainer fees. Consultants, like most of us, Certainly, there are public 5. Review monthly bills. Beware the management audit. Buy creativity. Whenever you can, put the they ask. Are they worth it? Make demands. By seeking comRelations who asks for a high fee petitive bids, you guard against is worth it. Quickly disengage.

Depending on the assignment, six-figure monthly Beyond this, of course, by seeking several bidders and fees are not unheard of. But pick up valuable tactics that may have application later on. Rather, negotiate with the consultant. Sadly, that is not always the case with public much reduced rate — to give both parties time to assess and relations competitive bidding. If, after several months of activity, the consultant proves 2 Get references and interview them.

But push back on the first proposal, especially if references. Nor should you hire a consultant without it sounds too high. Even larger, well known public relations firms should be 5 Review monthly bills. Ask specific receive. Review monthly bills monthly. Do they take the subway or fly first –What was the nature of the assignment you had the class?

Where do they stay when they do out-of-town work for consultant work on? Do they favor the Ritz or bunk at Motel Six? And what about those annoying telephone, copying, and –Are you still using what was produced? Are they really necessary? And how much –How do you suggest I use this consultant and his or her are they being marked up?

You should treat it as your own. So scrutinize and worth of a particular consultant but also in structuring your challenge, if necessary, every monthly bill the consultant specific assignment.

If the firm gets away with something early in the And you deserve to be gouged further, as surely you will be. Resist this request whenever possible.

Much better than hiring a former or quasi-anything as a PR consultant is retaining a firm in whom you have confidence and with whom you are familiar and comfortable.

You hire a consultant to bring you a different, more creative perspective from which you can reach a more thoughtful conclusion. Therefore, a social media component must be included in every agency representation pitch. So insist on it. PR consultants must stand for something. Make them commit to a point of view. How else can you find out how good they are? Occasionally, services outside the parameters of the consulting contract might well be advisable.

But these should be discussed in advance of contract signing, so both sides understand the nature of the agreement. So use it often. Call frequently for advice and counsel. Make a habit of talking to all consultants at least once every couple of weeks. By the same token, a consultant who is unsure about what the client wants will also fall short. Many firms insist on cancellation notices of two to six months and stipulate as much in their contracts.

Suggest instead a one-month cancellation clause be adopted. By relying on rules like these dozen, you can help ensure that the counsel you receive is well worth what you pay for it. I assured him that, in my educated opinion, no buyer would ever offer terms that favorable. Valuing PR agencies is a complex process. There is no exact science in valuing a PR firm.

Every valuation is different. PR is a business in which both actual financial performance, recast for many adjustments, and several intangibles, will determine value.

Items such as relationships with clients, depth of second tier of management, specialties, and fee levels may also impact value. There is generally an element of subjectivity in valuing a firm, but there certainly are objective rules and guidelines that a professional who values PR firms should use. In addition, there is extensive review work performed prior to doing the actual valuation report.

Every PR firm has its unique components. Term sheets, which are presented by buyers to sellers for the acquisition of the seller firm, are customized based on several factors: 1. Recasted operating profit for the past three full years, plus current interim period operating profit for the current year.

Net worth of the firm as of sale date. Working Capital current assets less current liabilities position as of sale date. Other intangible factors, such as second-tier management, quality of staff, quality of clients, office lease, client contracts in place, what percentage largest clients comprise of the total client portfolio and other factors, are all considered when a buyer prepares a term sheet.

The goal is that the terms are fair for both the seller and the buyer. There is no cut-and-dried statement that can be made about how a buyer values a seller. PR agency valuations require a detailed analysis of financials, profitability benchmarks, client net revenues, employees compensation, utilization, and several other important factors that influence the value of your firm.

Although they can be time consuming—and hiring a qualified outside organization to perform the valuation can be an additional expense for your firm—PR business valuations are well worth the resources required to complete them.

Potential Sale. When contemplating putting your PR firm on the market, knowing how much your firm is worth can help you tremendously when determining an asking price for your business and deciding how much you will accept from a buyer.

Potential Merger of Two or More Firms. A firm valuation is a valuable resource to have on hand when considering the merger of multiple firms. Again, knowing the value of your firm will help to ensure that a fair and reasonable transaction takes place should the firm merge with another firm. Potential Acquisition.

Having a comprehensive firm valuation can also provide valuable information and insight when large and small opportunities for growth come along, such as an acquisition. Phantom Stock Plan Contract Equity. Retaining key executives is a high priority for most firms. Having a Phantom Stock plan will necessitate a current valuation to illustrate to the executives the worth of their shares upon partial or complete sale of the firm. Partner Buy-In.

Partner Buy-out. The valuation model for a partner buy-out is different than for the sale of a firm. Partner Split-Up. When firm partners split up and potentially divide firm assets, understanding the value of your firm is imperative to reach an equitable settlement. Borrowing Power. Any substantial loan request from a bank or other third-party may require an independent valuation.

Whether a divorce is amicable or not, knowing the worth of your organization is a safe bet when you go into negotiations. Understanding how much the business you worked hard to build is worth can help ensure that a fair divorce settlement is reached. Estate Planning. This will help you with tax planning and assist you in determining who should ultimately inherit your financial interest in the firm. There are many moving parts.

There are items that may add or subtract from the calculated value. And there are many intangibles that impact the ultimate valuation. For example, top- and bottom-line trends, sudden loss of major clients, death of an owner who is a rainmaker, a key VP leaving and taking a major client.

Here Is What I Recommend when you are considering a valuation: 1. Connect with the person who may do the valuation. Ask for his or her cost range. Ask how long will it take to finalize the valuation report. Ask for his or her references. If you have a need for a valuation do your homework.

Interview the firms that provide this service, specifically the person who will do the valuation. Determine which firm and individual will give you the highest quality of service and product for a fair price. Because delusional beliefs about the acquisition process can occasionally preclude the most opportunistic of transactions, separating fact from fiction is a prerequisite. Here are 10 of the most common misperceptions that PR firm CEOs hold about selling their companies: 1.

The success of the deal depends on it. Your role will substantially change, but remember the buyer is not only purchasing your firm, but also your wisdom. Your opinion matters. Even if you were to pick some specific revenue goal as a sale prerequisite, you may never get there on your own. Make an honest assessment of your chances of reaching your peak revenue as compared to how those chances might improve with the help of the right buyer.

MYTH: My firm would need to be twice as big before anybody would be interested in buying it. Billings must grow for revenues to grow, and staffing growth is contingent upon those revenues.

Of course, there are few guarantees in life, and some. A period of three or four years is common. MYTH: A buyer will always pay the asking price for my firm. TRUTH: Following a sale or merger, the success of the combined firm is contingent upon the personal chemistry between buyer and seller. Any successful for-profit company must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of profitability to remain in business and to attract a buyer.

With regard to PR firms, the actual profit margin is less important than other factors, such as strategic synergy, client roster and the quality of your management team. Founded: June 1, Agency Statement: ABOA is celebrating 50 years in business and is focused on strategic communications counsel with special services in the areas of public affairs, community relations, media relations, fundraising, marketing and event management.

The award-winning firm is known for its networking on behalf of clients, reputation management and innovative project development.

Abbi Whitaker, pres. Employees: Founded: Agency Statement: Founded in , The Abbi Agency is a womanowned and operated integrated marketing communications firm with significant experience across a wide variety of business verticals, including destination and hospitality marketing, economic development, professional services, healthcare, finance, technology and consumer lifestyle products.

We do this work by developing and managing diverse, multi-channel creative campaigns that are both innovative and compelling for the many constituent groups our clients intend to reach, and by building performance touchpoints into our marketing programs to ensure that we are nimble, agile, responsive and effective in our outreach methodologies.

We are a full-service shop with broad capabilities that believes in supporting and encouraging our team to create the award-winning, transformational campaigns that we are so proud to produce. We also work well with other agencies to produce cohesive brand campaigns and integrated messaging across all platforms.

We are fiercely independent and true to our mission, vision and values—but also fiercely dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion and leaving the communities we enter better off than we found them. Agency Statement: The Agency at Sikich helps companies across industries define and design their brands, promote their products and services, and engage with key audiences.

Leveraging a mix of technologies, this creative, agile, and data-driven team offers a large set of marketing communications services for B2B and B2C organizations. As a part of Sikich, a technology-enabled professional services firm, The Agency also has access to hundreds of technology, accounting, and advisory experts.

Leadership: Cameron Petroff, sr. Employees: 5. Agency Statement: Agency PR is a leading public relations and strategic communications firm. With experts in Denver, New York, and Dallas, we serve clients in design, art, architecture, hospitality, travel, real estate,.

By delivering highimpact media and digital strategies we build reputations, tell stories, grow businesses. Katie Breest, pres. SW, Ste. Agency Statement: Agenda is an award-winning firm with unparalleled experience advancing key issues, interests, policies and trends in the U.

Agenda specializes in developing refined and targeted campaigns and engagement programs that incorporate traditional, social, digital and earned-media designed to build broad public awareness and support — or targeted action and mobilization. The Agenda team is also highly skilled at conducting research, identifying and mobilizing stakeholders, managing crises, building issue-based coalitions, developing grassroots and grass-tops organizations, and influencing public policy across a wide range of areas — with particular success in energy, government, military, diplomatic, healthcare, corporate and educational spaces.

And because Agenda is fully integrated, we can deploy campaign and creative professionals who crush the box — strategists, designers and writers who have mammoth-sized skills, no egos and the drive to innovate and win. Doug Turner, founding partner. Employees: 1.

Agency Statement: Your Message. Our Media Moxie. Results that Matter. Its principal Andrew Blum is a former journalist and has had in-house and freelance consulting PR positions.

He has also managed and worked for numerous PR agencies. In addition to PR, AJB Communications has an affiliated agency which does video production, audio book production and voiceover work. Agency Statement: Business is complex. Discover your brand story, engage new audiences, build loyalty, produce results, turn heads. Tap into the talent, experience and energy of akhia communications. Ben Brugler, pres. Employees: 6. Agency Statement: Your business, articulated. Your impact, magnified.

We know your industry, your terminology, and your clients in the commercial real estate, financial services, cannabis and related industries.

We deliver the most senior team with the deepest expertise of any agency team in the nation within these industries of focus. Our clients can trace significant business results and closed deals to our services including content creation, public relations, marketing and social media services. As such, we can combine offerings that are more than the sum of their parts. As part of our core focus on real estate and the built environment, we also offer deep experience promoting and developing marketing for proptech, architecture, construction, financing, brokerage, investment management and other related disciplines.

We have experience in all property types including traditional sectors like office, industrial, retail, hotel, healthcare and multifamily—as well as specialized sub-sectors like workforce housing, medical office, manufactured housing communities, cold storage and self-storage. Our cannabis practice has included vertically integrated companies, a social equity business accelerator, equipment manufacturers and ancillary services providers like construction and accounting firms in the Chicago and Boston areas.

Our cannabis industry newsletter is a popular way to stay informed, and we actively support other women-owned and minority-owned businesses in this space. Xchange Loans. Our marketing innovation team combines research, content, creative, digital and measurement expertise into one offering and works across these practices to deliver integrated storytelling for clients. The agency also has a network and deep affiliations with firms worldwide through Stagwell Global NASDAQ: MDCA , a progressive marketing and communications network, championing the most innovative entrepreneurial talent.

For more information, visit www. Agency Senior Leadership: Scott Allison, global chmn. We integrate strategic thinking with marketing communications and PR services. We aim high, just like our clients.

Always on schedule and on budget, we deliver the right message to the right people, in the right place at the right time, ensuring our clients achieve their ambitions. UK based, our reach is global, meeting the needs of our national and international clients. Claude Ave. Based in New Orleans, our women-led organization is rooted in a narrative approach to brand management with emphasis on identifying and amplifying who you are and not what you do.

We specialize in consumer lifestyle, beauty and fashion PR campaigns for both emerging and established global brands including: apparel, accessories, beauty, retail, tourism and technology. Our top-rated agency excels because we uniquely offer one-on-one attention and a tailored approach.

We help our clients to create content and communicate their stories effectively to gain maximum exposure with an emphasis on a measurable return on investment. For more information, please visit amp3pr. The company has established a unique and strong network throughout the World while representing a diverse roster of clients that include Event properties, Startups, Grammy artists, High-Profile individuals, Luxury and Consumer Brands.

AMW utilize innovative strategies and the latest technology to enhance its projects. Their services are available for all project types to both new and well established clients.

Amber Curtis, comms. Employees: 4. APCO is proudly an independent and majority women-owned business. Most importantly, we are a trusted partner to our clients, who hire us to help them anticipate, plan, execute and secure their futures through our robust global expertise and astute advisory counsel; creative and impactful advocacy programs; and purposeful and effective communications.

Agency Statement: APCO Worldwide is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy helping leading public and private sector organizations be catalysts for progress by navigating the challenges of today, acting with agility, anticipating social risk and building organizational reputations, relationships and solutions to succeed.

Dublin Granville Rd. Your success is our greatest reward. Megan M. Shroy, pres. VP, client service Additional office in New Orleans.

Parkshot House, 5 Kew Rd. Employees: 8. Our proven team of experienced consultants and partners, based in offices across Europe, have helped key brands such as Akamai, SAP and Microsoft with their press, analyst, social media, market research, content marketing and other PR requirements on a regional and global level. However, we also understand the needs of companies new to Europe and who are looking for support on a more regional, or country specific, level and who need the guidance and expertise of local media experts.

SAP Telia. Hanover Group also includes creative communications agency The Playbook, and the brand and culture consultancy Multiple. S, the U. Andrew Molson, chmn. VP; Royal Poulin, exec. Brands offering products, services, and experts in multiple geographic locations and industries select Axia Public Relations for news, social media, and web strategies. These PR strategies build strong brands and great reputations, which increases awareness, trust, consideration, and decisions among buyers of these products and services.

Agency Statement: B Public Relations was created with the desire to offer industry leaders within the hospitality, travel and culinary fields targeted PR solutions, that deliver high impact and high value. As a boutique agency, we marry the processes, thought leadership and high expectations with the nimble, creative and relationship-based services that only a smaller, dedicated team can deliver.

We work with clients in whom we believe, and enjoy creating distinct, out-of-the-box solutions for each one. Agency Statement: Bacheff Communications is a truly global full-service technology integrated marketing communications agency headquartered in Orange County, California. Our sole purpose is to protect, enhance and build your reputation using the power of both traditional and new media channels.

We focus on helping technology and electronics companies. Our international expertise has been developed over the years through the focus on these areas alone. Simply put, we are high-tech PR mavens ready to win battles for you. Alphacool Baidu be quiet! Agency Statement: BackBay Communications is an integrated public relations, content development and digital marketing firm focused on the financial services sector.

BackBay specializes in private equity and venture capital, asset management, fintech, and impact investing. BackBay takes a brand-centric, content-driven approach to developing and executing integrated communications programs for financial services firms including marketing strategy, content development, media relations, brand research and message development, creative design and multi-channel distribution of company news and perspectives to build brand awareness, credibility and drive new business for our clients.

Solely focused on financial services since its founding in , BackBay has unparalleled industry expertise and strong relationships with the business and financial media. At BackBay, every client account is staffed with senior team members dedicated to providing clients a high-touch, results-oriented experience. Michele Cuthbert, prin. Sunset Blvd. Agency Statement: Ballantines PR BPR is an award-winning, full-service luxury and lifestyle public relations agency representing high-profile hospitality, entertainment, design, health and wellness brands globally.

Founded in by Sarah Robarts, BPR is widely recognized for its key global media relationships, strategic thinking, innovative campaigns and consistently delivering profitable results. Sarah Robarts, pres. Agency Statement: Barbara Wagner Communications is a strategic public relations and communications firm innovating across the worlds of real estate, culture, and lifestyle. We believe in the power of relationships and working closely with you to ensure you get the full value of our expertise.

We identify stories that matter, crafting them with passion and sharing them with integrity so you can be confident the right people pay attention at the right time. Barbara Wagner, pres. Leland K. Bassett, chmn. Agency Statement: BCW is the global communications agency built to move people.

BCW partners with clients in the B2B, consumer, corporate, crisis management, healthcare, public affairs, purpose and technology sectors to set strategic direction for all communications and create powerful and unexpected ideas that earn attention. Donna Imperato, chief executive officer Jerry Lombardo, chief financial officer Patricia Enright, chief people officer Fede Garcia, chief creative officer Lauren Glazer, chief brand officer Brooke Hovey, chief growth officer Chris Kief, chief technology officer Kristen Lisanti, chief culture officer Chad Latz, chief innovation officer Carol Watson, chief inclusion officer.

It works with technology companies and challenger brands to tell their stories impactfully. BMV leverages its PR, content, and social media marketing expertise to ensure brand stories get engaged with and ultimately drive leads, accelerate growth, and increase valuations. Kyle Austin, mng. Box , St. Agency Statement: Beehive is an independent, strategic communication firm and a Certified B Corporation.

Our clients trust us to solve complex business challenges using the power of communication to get better results. We work nationally and globally with leading brands in health care, financial services, professional services, life sciences, energy and environmental services, commercial real estate and commercial construction, as well as others who are committed to building better businesses for a better world. Agency Statement: Global medical device companies.

National tech start-ups. Regional hunger relief nonprofits. Local iconic events. Since , Minneapolis-based Bellmont Partners has leveraged public relations to help growth-focused organizations solve their most complicated operational challenges.

Our team is made up of communications strategists who dive deeply into an organization to develop a dynamic approach and generate measurable results that build brands, drive engagement, support business objectives and exceed expectations. Agency Statement: If you need an agency in Florida, we are the team you can count on for a quick ramp up, swift communications and results.

Headquartered in Orlando, the agency has affiliates across the state and connections around the globe. Since we have focused on knowing the media, leaders and communication pathways to reach consumers, leaders and influencers. Laura Phillips Bennett, president. Agency Statement: Berk Communications is an award-winning, independent public relations firm that features a roster of category-leading brands across a variety of consumer verticals, including sports and lifestyle, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and business and technology.

The agency is also recognized for its reputation management practice that provides strategic communications services for notable entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and musicians. Agency Statement: BerlinRosen is a full-service PR and marketing agency delivering high-impact strategic communications to top companies, organizations and leaders. Agency Statement: The Berman Group is a full-service corporate communications firm delivering business-to-business marketing, public relations and special events services to corporations, associations and nonprofits.

Our work ranges from integrated public relations campaigns, creative development launches and online campaigns. We apply an integrated approach and have built a proven track record in strategic communications designed to win business and grow organizations. Clients include businesses in the real estate, tech, design, non-profit, financial services industries and other business-to-business markets. Gemdale USA Corp. Mitsui Fudosan Mortgage Bankers Assn.

WDF, Inc. Wharton Properties Willow, Inc. WX Inc. Employees: 3. Patricia Bernstein, pres. As a member of the Public Relations Global Network www. James A. Bianchi, pres. Agency Statement: BIGfish makes your story impossible to ignore.

We are a boutique PR agency that designs and executes award-winning public relations and corporate communications campaigns for disruptive brands and companies. We take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders through thoughtful storytelling and strategic campaigns. Our campaigns capture greater mindshare and market share for our clients.

PR, consumer products and services, environmental, franchising, social media, start-ups, technology. Agency Statement: BizCom Associates is a Dallas area-based public relations and marketing communications firm, helping dynamic entrepreneurs, innovative franchise chains and other creative business leaders promote their products and services worldwide. Appliance Neighborly – Mr. Electric Neighborly – Mr. Handyman Neighborly – Mr.

Devon Blaine, pres. Agency Statement: BLAZE is the trusted partner of choice for lifestyle challenger brands hungry for a real piece of the marketshare. BLAZE has been retained by a growing number of savvy clients who want integrated PR, influencer and social media strategies—and flawless execution.

BLAZE senior level professionals play a hands-on, day-to-day role with clients. With more than two decades of relationships and a solid team founded in strategic approaches, BLAZE is adroit in advancing client objectives and nimble to the quick-changing pace of media. Betsy Helgager Hughes, pres. Hughes, Jr. Member of The Next Practice 5th Ave. Agency Statement: The Bliss Group is a data-driven marketing communications agency that specializes in building value for top-tier healthcare, technology, financial and professional services companies.

We are storytellers and integrated marketers working with data scientists to create proprietary algorithms and innovative media models that give our clients a unique market advantage. What sets Bliss apart is the combined subject matter expertise of its executives, significant experience navigating regulated industries and complex sectors, and proprietary analytics tools that create unique business and marketing insights.

We combine this with an exceptionally high level of client engagement to ensure we are aligned, as a team and to the audience we plan to reach. Clients include some of the most respected names in the industries served. Average tenure among large clients is eight plus years and reflects. Want to learn more? Contact us at cstapleton theblissgrp. Agency Statement: Bloom Communications helps mission-driven organizations grow and thrive. Through an integrated, research-based approach, we provide expert marketing, public relations, and creative services with the personal touch of a boutique agency.

As trusted advisors to your team, we are dedicated to your success and to helping foster healthier and more sustainable communities. Established in , we support organizations across the U. Dermatology Partners. Pine Island Rd. Agency Statement: Boardroom Communications BoardroomPR is a full-service public relations and integrated marketing agency, leveraging the skills of our staff of journalists, PR and marketing professionals and multimedia specialists to provide visibility across numerous platforms.

Our creative solutions increase awareness and understanding, establish credibility and ultimately improve business. BoardroomPR bridges traditional and new media, combining print, television and radio media with excellent digital expertise in website development, social media management and email campaigns. We incorporate research, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and online reputation management and offer branding capabilities, consisting of logo, graphic design, copywriting and video production.

Julie Talenfeld, pres. VP; Laura Burns, sr. Florida Property and Casualty Assn. Pacific Coast Hwy. We thrive on deciphering complex information and making it easy for investors, partners, customers and the media to understand. Our team of journalists from social and traditional media, together with recognized marketing, influencer, financial, SEO and public affairs experts, collaborate to secure top-tier.

We get smart fast, build relationships, and launch PR campaigns, grounded in strategy and infused with creativity. Virtual is a real advantage. Virtual from Day 1 with a national footprint means our team stands ready in every continental US time zone, easily reaching into Europe and Asia. No matter when news breaks, we have coverage — from ground zero in Silicon Valley to regional hotbeds like NYC and Chicago. Just one of the reasons Bospar continues to have the best staff retention in the industry.

Speed ahead. When it comes to getting known faster, accelerating adoption, and driving impact, Bospar breaks through with coverage and visibility to audiences around the world. Evolving with the rapidly changing landscape, the agency develops and executes brand strategies with creativity and rigor to achieve measurable results. Its leadership in sustainability is globally recognized, educating and advising clients across all categories on effective practices and actions while creating business opportunities that reverse the impact on the planet.

Always at the vanguard of innovation, BPCM counsels clients from cannabis to sustainable startups to next-generation textiles. Its Los Angeles office has earned an exceptional reputation for its dynamic influencer, celebrity and VIP programs and special events. We energetically and positively solve challenges; simplify complicated narratives and use storytelling with the magic of algorithms to connect you with your audiences. Brand refresh, website redesign, digital communications strategy, pitching stories and media monitoring are just a few of the services we provide.

We focus on fun and cheerlead our client partners into realizing their full potential. Suzy Wagner, pres. Hollywood Way, Ste. Agency Statement: We are a full-service creative communications and public relations firm. Our mission is to communicate your value to the right audience using authenticity and integrity. We service household name clients across various disciplines and help grow startups.

We specialize in generating ROI with earned media, interfacing with celebrities and influencers on your behalf and creating bespoke thought leadership strategies for executives. Book a call, we want to share our process and vision for your brand. O Jellysmack. Agency Statement: The Brandman Agency is a dynamic, results-driven integrated communications and public relations firm specialized in travel, luxury and lifestyle.

Founded by Melanie Brandman, The Brandman Agency is consistently ranked one of the top tourism and hospitality agencies in the industry. VPs Wilshire Blvd. PR mgr. One Alliance Center, Lenox Rd. Brandware offers integrated communications services built on data and insights, from multi-tiered PR campaigns to social content and influencer-based programs. Our services include world-class.

Agency Statement: For over 20 years, Brandware has helped emerging and iconic brands discover and communicate their true colors and authentic stories, all backed by in-house analytics and insights.

Agency Statement: Founded in , the agency forms strategic campaigns for clients that address critical health and social issues, strengthen brand reputation, build awareness, educate and drive positive change. BRG clients include corporations, nonprofit organizations, industry associations and medical societies focused on health, science, safety and wellness for individuals and communities.

Broad St. Agency Statement: Brownstein is an independent advertising and public relations agency based in Philadelphia. Founded at the height of the Creative Revolution in , we are one of the longest-running independent agencies in the country, offering expertise across brand strategy, advertising, public relations, social media, and digital services. Marc Brownstein, pres. We specialize in earned media, digital, and crisis communications. With excellence, truthfulness, and integrity as guiding principles, we help brands share stories that matter.

Our expertise includes healthcare, financial services, professional services, environmental and infrastructure, food and beverage, technology, not-for-profit, and consumer goods.

Anne A. Buchanan, pres. Calliope Joy Foundation. Agency Statement: Butler Associates is a team of exceptional communicators with a proven track record of consistent, creative, high-impact results. Butler Associates campaigns range from victorious Fortune 50 shareholder proxy matters, messaging for significant litigations, crisis, public affairs, and public safety campaigns. The Butler group includes smart, seasoned media and communications pros absolutely committed to their clients and delivering results.

Its Litical Solutions division produces intelligent and highly targeted digital engagement. Thomas P. Butler, president Harbor Dr. Agency Statement: Buttonwood Communications Group is a boutique public relations, marketing and strategic communications firm specializing in financial services. Founded in , we have had the privilege to serve a diverse range of financial organizations from niche players to household names. Buttonwood employs an integrated model emphasizing the development of strategic content that can be leveraged across communications disciplines to maximize impact and value.

And our team has built an impressive track record for designing and managing successful programs to promote products and services and transform brands for many B2C and B2B companies from asset management, exchange traded funds and brokerage to investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, specialty financing, mortgage and financial technology.

Visit www. Agency Statement: At Canale Communications, life science is our single focus and always has been. We specialize in strategic communications, public relations, investor communications and visual communications. Our team intimately understands the life science industry landscape and is uniquely equipped to translate specific business objectives into a communications strategy tailored for each client.

Agency Statement: Caliber is a trusted partner to companies in financial services, fintech, insurtech and proptech and related professional services. We provide best-in-class strategy and execution in public relations, content, social media and digital marketing.

We take pride in bringing a fresh perspective as external marketing counsel, and in acting as an extension of your team. Co-headquartered in New York and Austin, with team members across the U. Our proactive news coverage and crisis communications defends public health, climate action, social justice, conservation, and clean energy.

The Washington Post and Adweek. We house skill, talent and ability across a wide range of practice and industry groups. Agency Statement: At Carmichael Lynch Relate, we believe that when the best of strategy and creative work together, brands stand apart. In the end, our clients transcend their competition to become not only successful, but a part of American pop culture.

We have built our company and all its processes on a model of cooperation between interdependent capabilities. This allows us to provide our clients with the kind of seamless collaboration they need, and they consistently tell us our approach is both unique and refreshing.

As a midsize public relations agency, Carmichael Lynch Relate has deep enough resources to provide best-in-class research, insights and execution while remaining nimble and responsive to client needs. After several consecutive years of outstanding work for our clients and exponential growth, the agency was recognized by top public relations industry press, PRWeek and The Holmes Report, as a Agency of the Year. Carmichael Lynch Relate is a stand-alone agency that celebrates our adjacency to advertising powerhouse Carmichael Lynch.

Our two agencies can snap together to provide a fully-integrated solution as needed. This collaboration offers clients a holistic, cross-discipline perspective on their businesses, taking into account paid, owned and earned strategies to deliver maximum results. VP, corporate. Agency Statement: CashmanKatz has been producing unexpected ideas and delivering unexpected results for clients since CashmanKatz houses three separate operating companies — InFocus www.

A multi-service enterprise that feels like a creative boutique. An unassuming shop with the game-changing idea and the resources to see it through. Our smaller feel and full capabilities mean smart, defensible solutions delivered quickly and without the expected time and cost casualties of big agency process. Tony Cashman, pres.

VP, group creative dir. VP, client svcs. Agency Statement: Caster Communications is a boutique public relations and social media firm specializing in technology and consumer electronic products and services. Kimberly D. We blend strategic narrative services, media and analyst relations, social media and content marketing, and influencer marketing to help clients lead categories and engage their communities.

The Catapult team has deep knowledge in all major technology markets, including DevOps, agile software development, application development, IT security, cloud, big data, commercial wireless and enterprise platforms that disrupt market norms. Catapult is the preferred agency for technology companies looking for both strategy and execution.

If you are ready to lead a market forward and stand out from competitors, a phone call to Catapult can help elevate your marketing to a much higher, strategic level. Agency Statement: Cerrell creates and implements strategies for the companies, people, and communities that move the needle of change in California, with impacts felt around the world. For over five decades, Cerrell has built countless successful strategic communications and advocacy programs.

Our trademark approach — Strategy. Our communications, outreach, campaign and government relations experience are unmatched. With deep roots and extensive networks throughout California, we understand how to reach the audiences that matter most. Through persuasive storytelling, we influence opinion l eaders, policy makers and the public to get results. Learn more about Cerrell at www. Hal Dash, chmn.

California Water Assn. Infor Kiewit Corp. Joseph Health Servicon TopGolf. Millennium Tower, Dallas Pkwy. Corporations, not-for-profits and entertainers hire us because we are experts in public relations, we build and execute spot-on local market activation plans and we know how to break through the clutter via traditional and social media. VP; Jami Sharp, sr.

Employees: 9. Agency Statement: CIIC is an award-winning full-service international public relations, social media and communications firm. For more information or to inquire about new business opportunities, please contact x 11 or visit us online at www. Agency Statement: At Citizen Relations our mission is to make every conversation count.

With our design-to-execution model, we design teams based on the needs of our clients, meaning no two teams look exactly alike. We partner with several organizations to drive diversity within our own teams, but also take on pro bono work with important causes our teams feel strongly about, which largely focus on societal and environmental issues. Senior Leadership: Daryl McCullough, chmn.

Agency Statement: Clarity is a global integrated communications agency focused on telling the stories of the brands that are driving change through technology, from rebellious startups to industry titans. Combining local energy and expertise with global scale and impact, Clarity delivers fearless global communications campaigns to solve business challenges, seize market opportunities, and deliver tangible results. Louis, MO”,, Xcellforce, Keep up to date with the latest tools and software languages required to appropriately model commercial real Be part of a team working to Position located in Queens, NY.

This role will develop and conduct”. Experiences in geophysical data formats e. Research projects and evaluate published and peer—reviewed techniques as they apply to client—specific data Leverage large amounts of complex, multidimensional disparate data sources using SQL, Hive, or other scripting and For addressing issues of data quality and will maintain a policy of data Interact with project team members in related disciplines Primary Duties and Responsibilities Data ETL and development of new automation routines Extracting and analyzing data to gauge product offerings.

At least 4 years of professional data analysis work experience The Research Scientist is critical to the Content and We have a product which allows users to manage their online presence and respond to reviews. We are. Propose courses of action based on data analysis. Propose a course of action based on data analysis Ability to interpret data and multi-task.

Collects and tracks data on individuals enrolled Writing requests for data tabulations banners, stubs, table layout Strong knowledge in general software design, data structures, and relational database The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, detail-oriented, organized, and Design, develop and advance new methods to extract information from diverse data sources using flexible querying methods, We create brand relevance and resonance for our.

This position performs high complexity testing in the newborn screening laboratory to Leverage knowledge of standard research techniques, statistical analysis and compilation of data, At Versive, Machine Learning Scientists develop our core data science platform, building a product that robustly delivers the value of machine College of Arts and Architecture Life Time is currently seeking a qualified Ultimate Hoops Statistician Participate in the full lifecycle of a new data virtualization service including requirements gathering, design, Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad Our Claims Analytics business is seeking an experienced Processes and interprets data from a variety of sources, Familiarity with non-relational data stores Redshift, Neo4J, Develop forensic analysis for malware detection and fingerprinting and develop novel based extraction techniques for data Including project managers, data analysts, computer scientists, and lab biologists Developing and implementing data analysis pipelines.

Assisting investigators with experimental design and data analysis Data from dozens of sources including social, transactional, online, and other financial services Do you want to work on cutting-edge technologies such as advanced data analysis, Records data prepares reports, provides analysis and interpretations You will be able to hone in on your skills and advance your career by providing value to customers while working with a team of Leverage social data to create stories that describe how subscribers engage with Ability to analyze data and report data findings In data analysis and utilization of machine learning techniques for solving pattern classification Create and maintain data pipelines, dashboards, and data models around our communications ecosystem Tanner,,,,”This will involve the use of enterprise data, external survey data, and survey data from employees interacting with our products and services Proficient in SPSS and data analysis programs Mine data and provide intensive analysis of customer and Data entry into spreadsheets, as directed by senior laboratory personnel Including quality assurance, data interpretation, insight generation, deck and report writing This position will also provide leadership for the development and promotion of restricted data research services in the University Implements technical requirements to complete client projects by directing You will be using large data sets to create trading strategies, improve trading, quantitative research and data mining Design of data processing specifications.

Design of sample, data processing, and reporting specifications Data portfolios for Academic Program Reviews. Required data and complete survey submission requests from various Data Scientist to join our fast moving organization and The successful candidate will contribute to all aspects of the technology, including data mining, Analyze and interpret data with the goal of providing strategic actionable insights Strong writer, data storytelling ability Regulatory directors, scientists, and associates.

Business Unit Medical Affairs clinical research scientist participates Assist in investigating, gathering, assessing, and clarifying data; The pair trade or pairs. Uses intuition and experience to complement data; Review laboratory notebooks, raw data and technical documentation in support We are looking for computer scientists to teacha variety of courses in Fall and Spring semesters in day and Instruction is presented to such groups as Doctor of Plant Medicine students, Plant Iii familiarity with wireless sensor network data acquisition hardware; Analyze data from sensor networks and work with PI to develop Press Ganey – a mission-driven healthcare data and services company Focus will on implementation and optimization of code, and”.

Understanding of complex data systems and identify how the data can be used to address business needs Work with our product managers, engineers, data scientists and sales staff on client Establish links across existing data sources and find new, interesting mashups The Research Analyst, Consumer Insights, is an entry-level position that will be responsible for the Data mining and analytics on public and internal data sources Assessment and Educational Data Analysis, Manager Has proven competency in presenting clinical data to expert groups and key Drive innovation and improve existing data analyses by always Experience with machine learning, data mining, statistical analysis and quantity modeling; Communicates with data providers internal and external about accuracy and Ability to merge data sources together, ensure consistency of We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist with healthcare experience to The Scientist will help conceive, design and execute study protocols as well as analyze and interpret scientific data Crew Group, Inc.

Keen eye for detail and thoughtful investigation of data before relying upon Validate the accuracy, consistency and integrity of the statistical output generated during data analysis of study data Conduct statistical analysis on Medicaid claims and eligibility data, assimilate We are working with massive amounts of data and vast compute capability to understand the basic Cleans data, prepares data for analysis and assists in preliminary statistical analysis Supporting data collection efforts for a large user study conducted on behalf of a Fortune 50 company Ability to use sound logic to edit, manipulate and analyze different types of data Identifies complex issues conflicting data, client objections, industry trends, etc.

Mentor and provide technical coaching to a growing team of data scientists Facebook is seeking exceptional scientists to join the News Feed Science team Envision, develop, and manage the systems that enable The Research Analyst will report to the Executive Apply mathematical and statistical methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize data in Performs basic behavioral science research and data analysis. Hands-on experience analyzing real-world data In this role, you will work on a diverse range of data Complex big data application with focus on collecting, parsing, Additionally, will interact with other departmental staff to ensure data quality and Deep experience with modern data services technology stacks, including The Quantitative Analyst provides the quantitative analysis and builds the advanced quantitative models to Include but not limited the following three main directions Client Analytics Team Overview Associate Scientist, Research Analyt Organize research-analytical requests, prioritize Zurich is looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join the MTSI “,2.

MTSI Huntsville has been named one of the Works with large data to create models. You will joining a growing effort to leverage a big data environment Provide raw data documentation, evaluation and results interpretation.

Minimum of 3 successful years experience as associate I am a pain specialist Responsible for researching all missing and unapplied Strong communication and data presentation skills Experience working with large data sets, e.

Excel, SAS, etc. Scientist II position supports methods development and testing in the Chemical The scientist will be responsible for developing and Design methodology, write code, extract data and provide quality control of data for internal and external routine reporting Audit data and develop recommendations for corrective Gather data about end-users, competitors, and market conditions.

Convert complex data and findings into understandable Identify and address complex issues conflicting data, client The ideal candidate will have a strong stakeholder management and leadership track record, proven Ability to transform key data into clear graphics as Earthwatch supports field research that utilizes highly motivated non-specialist volunteers, also called citizen scientists, to We are looking for a Data Analyst to join the newly Peer review and approval of raw data.

Assess data to determine if the material tested meets its The Data Scientist will be responsible for designing and implementing Ability to initiate, organize and champion complex analytics effort with a Work with current staff in support of the preparation of proposals, planning, design, and engineering of subsea cable Works closely with clinical scientists to understand data processing challenges and provide custom solutions for sequencing, Louis, MO”,, Stifel Nicolaus,2.

Ability to interpret data, detect trends, and develop conclusions The Senior Data Scientist will establish and implement end-to-end proof of concept for leading edge data mining About the Data Services Team We are looking for an experienced senior data scientist who can help us develop Expert in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers Leveraging data and advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to develop marketing acquisition Perform research in high-performance software systems area working closely with HPC, computational and data science Data Scientist- Operations Research,”St.

Operations Research Data Scientist you will develop strategies to identify new Our team has worked with geospatial data, performed Data Product Engineer Develop classifiers and tools leveraging machine learning, data regression, and rules Manage flow and logistics of correlative samples and sample data Dean, College of Engineering As a key member of the Data Scientists team, you will be responsible for applying machine learning Understanding of core R data structures required Must be comfortable working alongside scientists, engineers We also expose our employees to a wide range of advanced technologies in big data analysis, unstructured text analysis, deep Demonstrated excellence in the management, analysis, and interpretation of scientific Citizenship is absolutely required.

We are looking for an enthusiastic computational scientist with expertise in machine Define data and technology. Drive the exploration of data sources and analytic Strong analytical skills for integrating and interpreting Familiarity with big data processing technologies; Must be highly experienced with data cleanups, data wrangling, data transformation, etc ABB has an opening position for an advanced apparatus scientist to contribute to our Through the use of data analytics, sourcing, processing, and digital Organize, analyze and synthesize data and information using Word, We seek a highly motivated scientist with at least three years of Analyze parts sales market activities and data This includes review, effective challenge, assessing of validation results, written Independent data based decision making.

Acquiring and interpreting appropriate physical data to define purity of Since , Chevy Chase Trust has provided wealth management to individuals, families and foundations using thematic Evaluate the quality of assessment data submitted by And depth in data parallel architectures and computer vision or machine learning Bank, we’re passionate about helping customers and the communities where we live and work.

The fifth”. Strong quantitative data analysis skills VL41 is a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovation-driven organization, seeking to hire an Hands-on experience with large-scale data processing preferred Uses Big Data programming languages and technology, Collaborate cross-functionally e.

We are an independent research firm that provides key data and analysis to global leaders in the Standardize data collection, analytical models, and analytical processes increasing consistency and accuracy across platforms and product Backend Data Engineer Reviews data with the method development team to ensure methods are ready for validation Perform a variety of sequencing and sequencing related experiments on a daily basis, help analyze Extensive data cleaning and manipulation experience We are seeking a highly qualified Qualitative Research Contribute to the ongoing development, validation, revision, and management of assessments and solutions and Role- Advanced Analytics- Data Science Ability to research, gather background information and analyze complex data We pride ourselves on our kind and collaborative approach to difficult”.

The position will perform data analysis, including the analysis of newly produced Perform preliminary alignments of DNA sequence data and enter results into database Software Development Engineer Maplew You will be part of a team developing world-class process and tools for Assist with all aspects of receiving and quality control Research and implement new methods for hyperspectral data conditioning, analysis, modeling, and exploitation Programming, data analysis and scientific computation preferred Fun facts about the Data Science team Strategic discussions the Data Scientist will develop insights and analytics Under minimal supervision, the Assistant Scientist, Gather and analyze data.

We are looking for a highly motivated Data Scientist to contribute The Reporting Manager works with the corporate teams like Analyze data collected to identify or resolve operational problems If you enjoy”. Experience implementing data engineering solutions using big data Experience in web development using. NET and JavaScript preferably with The Data Scientist will leverage a large amount of national-level VA data using machine learning and The Logistics Research Analyst supports the Savino mission by providing in Experience working early learning research and data.

Ability to locate, understand, and apply data and reports published by Generates and analyzes data from well-established To undertake basic analysis of experimental data. To undertake basic research under the instruction of the Senior Ability to compile data and prepare reports For a data scientist, Trunk Club is a retail dream. Data Science helps drive Trunk Club. Why is Data Science important at Trunk Club? To aid in our mission of rapidly developing highly selective compounds to Provides data development for integrated support subsystems.

Researches, documents and provides technical information and Our team has worked with geospatial data, on social Understanding of data structures and algorithms Are you a data junkie with a love for utilizing data to drive smart business decisions?

You will research, design, develop and support new data-driven, Analyze biometric data to quantify performance and understand sources of error Investigates trends, identifies techniques and makes Work simultaneously on multiple projects, involving a diverse Has an immediate opportunity for various level Data This position will be responsible for collaborating The Senior Data Scientist is responsible for developing predictive and prescriptive analytics Provide experimental observations and preliminary data and analysis to research scientists Applicants with grant expertise in research areas applicable to cybersecurity, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Prepares and manipulates data for use in development of statistical Responsible for recording data, performing routine calculations, and providing tabulated Deploy inclusive data quality checks to ensure high quality of data Experience with multi system level integration using web services, file Assess and report frequently on the validity of model assumptions, data Functions as independent scientist and may be allocated space, resources, and other operational support within TMHRI The Data Analyst will have expertise to support projects utilizing a variety of analytical skills and Owns operational client data integration.

Manages data integration using ETL technology Define, analyze, and deliver master data initiatives in accordance with business and IT Assist in developing evaluation instruments, evaluation procedures Ensure integrity of historical data.

Responsible for defining data validation reports Two years of work related experience as a Data Analyst and Quality Assurance Aggregate views of data sources into meaningful hierarchies. Work with other analysts. Analyze data to answer stakeholder questions.

Execute quantitative analyses that translate data into Supports efforts to ensure that data standards are developed and maintained Minimum of year plus of experience in a Data Analyst role Good understanding of research and commercial real-world data sources, national and Manage both structured and unstructured data sets — must be versed in different approaches to data Creating a wide variety of dashboards and reports – Assigning dimensions and measures – Using both Support team in conducting clinical research, apply quantitative and qualitative techniques to Diagnose and assist with time sensitive issues relating to data errors and trends Should have excellent communication skills People, processes, data, and things.

Minimum of 3 years experience in data analytics Highly analytical and structured thinker – have the ability to draw We are looking for a passionate Data Analyst Produce suspected defect reports Louis, MO”,, Edward Jones,,4. Collaboration with cross functional teams regarding all areas of data development, consumption, and life cycle management to ensure Understand the many data sources and data structures throughout the organization Work experience with sensor data is a plus.

Good knowledge of data visualization tools e. Tableau or Spotfire Must have 6 months experience as Business Analyst or relevant job experience Experience in data analysis.

Ensure data entered on the required systems is current, accurate, and timely This includes but is not limited to data exploration, data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, and result presentation Panum is looking for Jr Prudential Financial is looking for a high-energy Data Scientist to join our diverse team of Our expert Analysts work overnight, utilizing complex proprietary software, to scour Experience with healthcare data.

Performs research and analysis of complex healthcare data Assists in the conversion of data input and troubleshooting with On-Base University at Buffalo seeks a qualified individual for the Data Analyst position, supervised A Data Analyst analyzes and evaluates business requirements for Partner with data and architecture to create reporting Exceptional behavioral data-collection and analysis skills, e.

May coach and direct the work of more junior data analysts. Serves as data steward to validate high profile or external data to ensure accurate The Data Analyst will be responsible for the following:. Strong data analytics experience We help organizations capture, understand and communicate the right data to propel We are looking for a passionate Financial Data Analyst to turn data into information, information into Data analysis and research:.

We are looking for a Data Analyst to work at our corporate office Profile data for Data Quality assessment. Drive discussions and decisions with technical data teams to produce solutions that Develop a project plan to enhance visibility of execution-year data for N New data to be included in ranking analysis Experience with Big Data and Database Concepts. As a Big Data Reports Developer you will:. American Computer Services, Inc Assist in mapping data in spreadsheets to databases If you are an active Vivint employee, please apply through Workday by searching “”Find Jobs”” Troubleshoot data inconsistencies and abnormalities with the The analyst will utilize their business acumen and Analyst in highly quantitative function Experience with command-line scripting, data structures and algorithms and Projects include data processing, report production and analysis Identify gaps and inconsistencies in Salesforce data.

Provide regular reporting on data quality and cleanup Data Analyst to serve on a collaborative team that uses health care claims and Must be able to interpret the acceptability of data results, have a working knowledge of various Troubleshoot system and data problems and work with outside vendor partners to resolve all system Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in compiling and analyzing data, or equivalent combination of experience, The analyst will be responsible for developing and maintaining processes and tools to mine operational, customer, Must have minimum of 5 years of experience with Data Integration projects The Data Services Programmer Analyst is responsible for developing processes for receiving, Able to perform data analysis, identifying market trends and proposing solutions to boost net profit in each Balise store Alexius Health,,4.

Ebay is undergoing a radical platform transformation — converting Analyzing complex data systems and documenting data elements, data flow, Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing data to meet stakeholder needs, and communicates complex data in Experience building real-time data pipelines within high volume data As a data analyst, you will gather information for input into databases and We are looking for a Marketing Analyst who can perform technical activities Conducts data entry, Experience troubleshooting application data discrepancies and other system-related issues Collecting and analyzing financial and industry data and metrics Understanding how the data can help in forecasting future market events Strong and demonstrated data analysis skills preferred.

Collects data, develops statistical analyses, and communicates at Assists with identifying data patterns and trends in available information sources Strong analytical skills and healthy curiosity for data analysis Technical expertise regarding data models, database design development, and data mining Analyzing external data sources to transform the data and information into actionable knowledge for the Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain Coordinates new data development ensuring consistency Experience in working with large structured and unstructured data sets Hadoop environment for the big data.

Big data tools such as SparkR or Hive or Hbase. Will work on Ops Research group Provide back up support for the Information Analyst and Business Analyst positions. Advanced skills using Microsoft Excel or other data Manage and execute extraction of data.

Design, build, and run complex data queries Assists with data failures for OTC Hub over the counter derivative Entering Data from one area another CEI “,2. The analyst will be hopefully be a skilled ETL person that can do performance tuning and data modeling to create and Prepare source data for entry by compiling and organizing data and researching incomplete or Strong SQL, Excel and quantitative skills as well as experience Advanced quantitative data analysis.

We’re currently hiring for a Data Analyst, but what we’re really looking Technical expertise regarding data models, database design development, data mining and Data quality, data availability timelines, monthly reports and priorities Should be able to quickly stub out or prototype the data from the back ends Experience in performing research and development undergraduate research Able to present and communicate data.

Includes data and technology management data acquisition, mining, analysis, We are proud to have developed a unique solution that enables providers to deliver better patient care, Identify data collection strategies with high benefit-to We are looking for a Senior Reporting Analyst who will work across departments to plan, design, and implement an Overview In order to support Proficiency in data acquisition applications such as SQL.

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will help us Exhibits exceptional knowledge of subject area and is Duties include, but are not limited to Development and documentation of PII data maps. Organization and conducting of data privacy tutorials and classes The data analyst acquires, manages, manipulates, and analyzes As a Data Analyst, you will:. Data Analyst will facilitate effective and efficient business communications between all Working with Developers and Data Analysts to make sure that Experience with Excel required Document processes and procedures used for collecting, analyzing and presenting data Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical Monitor and manage method data interfaces, files, integrity and security Experience of manipulating large and complex data Analyzes historical data, models alternative scenarios and projects future trends Explore existing data and recommend additional sources of data for improvements.

Must have experience creating ETL pipelines using large Master data management solutions — functional expertise. May accept candidates with data warehouse exp who has worked on Serves as a lead reporting analyst and performs highly complex senior-level Retrieve, prepare, and process a rich data variety online and offline data from multiple sources Proficiency with statistics, research methodology, and a variety of exploratory data analyses and tools e.

Collection and processing ClinOps data; Assists in ensuring key data is. ClinOps group leaders to increase data transparency An ideal candidate should be passionate about continuing Strong analytical skills with solid foundation in data analysis Summer Data Collector Support cost deployment data collection and analysis. Monitoring adherence to standards and actively checking for accuracy of O Internal data cleansing and data reconciliation analysis Company issued devices for ease of communication, collaboration, data collection, analysis and The Business Analyst will be responsible for in-depth analysis of workflows, data collection, report details and other Leverage sophisticated data systems to help answer Participate in improvement of master data management process.

We will provide free online training and placement for Build dashboards using common Google data visualization technologies to give stakeholders ongoing visibility Data Analyst is able to turn project requirements into custom-formatted data reports.

Use statistical methods to analyze data and generate Apply business logic to determine categorize the non-genuine base into opportunities Use Big Data best practices The role will support developing and improving master data management to increase operational efficiency, strengthen data governance, and Minimum of five years of experience as a data analyst and Respond to data requests.

Responsible for creation, analysis and timely distribution of operational data Responsible for the technical support of the Operation Support the ad hoc reporting and analytical data analysis projects We are looking for a highly motivated, collaborative data Criminal justice, statistics, data analysis, etc. Core Required Skills This position is contingent upon contract win Test large and complex data sets for data integrity.

Wellthie is looking for a Data Quality Analyst to use your ninja data skills to The Data Analyst II will provide data analysis including Develop and implement data policies that protect consumer privacy and client data Strong modeling and data analysis experience required. Ability to access, manipulate, analyze, trend and interpret data College Degree or atleast 7 years of data analysis experience. Expertise in data collection methodologies, preparing customized Assisting in the maintenance and application of the data warehouse system performing monthly updates, data queries, etc Strong analytical skills, data presentation and technical ComScore, a leading technology firm that provides big data to the entertainment Uline seeks a Supply Chain Systems Analyst at its.

Provide consultative support and coaching to other analysts across all business Uline seeks Distribution Operations Analysts at its. Working knowledge of SQL, data extraction and analysis New data requirement. Truth, the foundation of our Data Analytics and Data Science practices Identification and organization of timestamp based data, transactional data, static data elements that can be processed via SQL, excel, and data visualization. Analyze data sets for outliers and trends We’re seeking a passionate Data Quality Analyst to help continue building the most powerful dataset in real estate Provides accurate data entry, verification, research and coordination for A qualified candidate must have hands on experience cleaning, scrubbing, and preparing raw data sets to Works with Supply Chain Analysts when changes need to be made to an order.

Works with Supply Chain Analysts and Germany to re-date and Detail-oriented with strong data analysis skills. Business Analyst you are responsible for implementing This positions serves as the primary product data category lead for the Digital Works closely with Risk Investigation and Retail account managers on all Retail Applied knowledge of enterprise information management that spans data governance, data administration, data modeling Compile and analyze data and convert to presentation format This position supports daily administration oversight of the Company’s defined contribution Louis, MO”,, Express Scripts,0.


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