PAPINEE WORLD takes kids and adults on interactive experiential storytelling adventures around the globe with the PAPINEE animals and PAPINEE gamified Passport.

“Travel with Owl King Strix from Buckingham Palace, London through Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Stonehenge to downtown Tokyo to visit Cat Empress Felis of Japan. Experience Ginza & Mount Fuji then to the Amazon Brazil with Podo the Turtle to learn about reptiles in their freshwater habitat and journey onwards to Maasai Mara Kenya, the Eiffel Tower and the Aztec Temples in Mexico with Monkey Vani-Zuma…”


WHIGZ™️ is PAPINEE’s proprietary pedagogy and its primary focus is to educate children in the area of the ‘humanities’ and connect imaginative reasoning to to help kids independently problem-solve. Learning today is transdisciplinary and WHIGZ™️ uses storytelling to mimic the experience of being in the real world.

WHIGZ™️ + Learn Laugh Love Storytelling (Compassion, Values & Principles) + STEAM is a solution to a well rounded education foundation for our future visionaries.


PAPINEE Storytelling Kits, products and tools help parents and teachers take kids all around the world. PAPINEE Learn, Laugh and Love Storytelling is for everyone so get your kits and take your kids on global journeys now!


PAPINEE is renowned for its collaborations and has been built on the ‘we can make the world better, together’ belief system. More than 150 partners from the private and public sector recognize PAPINEE as a socially responsible family edutainment company working towards world betterment.


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PAPINEE works to share storytelling inspire kits to the underprivileged and assists in storytelling outreaches to kids living in orphanages & children’s homes. PAPINEE’s vision of RESPECT all, CONNECT together and PROTECT the planet expands children’s horizons: getting them to look beyond the ‘me’, to appreciate the ‘we’, with a focus on building a better tomorrow.